Tavlar (dark green) in the Isles of Velar (light green)
Tavlar (dark green) in the Isles of Velar (light green)
NationIsles of Velar
CapitalRú Qoh
 • Total1,041.55 km2 (402.14 sq mi)
 • Total58,663
 • Density56/km2 (150/sq mi)

Tavlar (pronounced /ˈtævlɑːr/), officially the County of Tavlar (Urbont: Kemon Tavlarkon), is a county of the Isles of Velar. At just 1,040 square kilometres, it is the smallest Velaran county and the smallest province in the Trellinese Empire as a whole. Tavlar is an island county, sharing no borders with other territories. Its administrative seat is Rú Qoh, the largest settlement on the county's main island (also called Tavlar).

Tavlar has a population of 58,663. Despite its small size, Tavlar has long held both military and cultural prestige within the Velaran world. It was the birthplace of the playwright Malinos, widely regarded as one of the great Velaran writers, and his hometown of Paroxa is an ARCHO heritage site. During the War of the Velaran Succession, Rú Qoh was attacked by a Trellinese armada, which was successfully repulsed.