Love, Nature, Democracy (Gylias)

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Love, Nature, Democracy
Political positionLeft-wing
Colours  Pink

Love, Nature, Democracy (French reformed: Amour, nature, démocratie), abbreviated LND (AND), is a Gylian political party, part of the Non-inscrits bloc.

Established in 1989, it is a famous satirical party that mainly promotes free love and sexarchism.


LND was founded in 1989, as the wretched decade was ending. Founding members included Moana Pozzi and Ilona Stahler, earning it the nickname "the pornography party". It was conceived as a satirical anarchist organisation similar to the LSD Party, but focused on free love rather than drugs.

The party benefited from the Non-inscrits' federal breakthrough in the 1990s, becoming the second-largest non-inscrit party in the 1990 federal election. It joined the Mathilde Vieira government during the 1990s, with Moana serving as minister without portfolio with responsibility for sexual hygiene, followed by Ilona.

Moana's sudden death in 1994 caused a significant sympathy vote for the party in the 1995 federal and presidential elections. She was succeeded by Ilona as foresitter. During the 2000s, the party's initial popularity receded somewhat, making it a mid-sized non-inscrit party, albeit continuing to benefit from a high media profile.

It exited the federal coalition in 2008, but lent outside support to the Kaori Kawashima government and Toni Vallas govrnment.


LND is a satirical party mainly centred around promotion of free love. Notable platform elements include support for LGBT rights, regulated sex work, championing gender diversity, and pornography as a tool of social and political liberation.

It enjoys close relations with similarly leftist parties with light-hearted images, such as its sister party the LSD Party, Pirate Party, and People's Party for a Flourishing Nightlife.


LND uses a light shade of pink as its official colour.

Popular support

LND's support is mainly urban, concentrated among university students, sex workers, and various sexual subcultures. It also notably benefits from second and later preferences received from supporters of more "mainstream" leftist parties such as the Progressive Alliance.

Regions where the party is notably successful include Mişeyáke, Nezyál, and Herlan (mainly in Narsiad, home to Anca Déuréy University).

In popular culture

LND has enjoyed high visibility since its formation, both in Gylias and abroad. Its success has followed the model pioneered by the LSD Party, and has established it as a leading representative of Gylias' colourful political culture.

It has been frequently covered and parodied on The Havomar Report, with Moana being a regular guest on the show during her ministerial tenure.