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Site Alpha

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Site Alpha
Site Alpha.jpg
The only known photograph of Site Alpha, the VREOMG's de facto headquarters.
General information
LocationTirnikt, Neragon
Threat levelMild
Magical classEkonopai
Area52 acres (21 ha)
Construction15 Pulungana 1754–23 Enero 1760
Founded14 Pulungana 1754
Founder(s)Evans Nott
DirectorEvans Nott
Head of SecurityEdwyn Breckon
Head of ResearchAnna James
Other information

Site Alpha also known simply as Alpha is a containment site for the Union of Realms Organisation for the Containment of Magical Anomalies located at an undisclosed part of Tirnikt, Neragon. Since its founding in 1754, it has served as the de facto headquarters for VROEMG and houses the Anomalous Containment Assembly (GEZ) in its negative levels.

Constructed from 1754 to 1760, it was founded by Evans Nott, first Kanzlex (Chief Director) of VROEMG as well as its founder. Throughout its 3 centuries of history, Site Alpha has accumulated a total of 315 anomalous entities most of which are classified as Safe or Mild. Following the Anti-Anomalous League's merging into the Union of Realms in 1952, Site Alpha underwent a massive renovation project under the orders of Chief Director Levin Soloire of which its purpose is still unknown to this day.

Since Site Alpha's founding, it has been led by Evans Nott who had resigned from his post as Kanzlex on the 4 Okjatab 1796 in favour of focusing on his role as Director of Site Alpha. Other leaders include Edwyn Breckon as the Head of Security as well as Anna James, the Head of Research. Additionally, Site Alpha employs 539 guards as well as 1,293 researchers.