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Union of Realms Organisation for the Containment of Magical Anomalies

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Union of Realms Organisation for the Containment of Magical Anomalies
Vereunisroyaumes Organisation égan der Enthèltmung onn Magikel Gëntrachets (Neragese)
VREOMG logo.png
Logo of VROEMG
Site Alpha.jpg
The only known photograph of Site Alpha, the VREOMG's de facto headquarters.
MottoFutura humanitatis facimus
PredecessorAnti-Anomalous League
Merged intoUnion of Realms
Formation14 Pulungana 1754 (Anti-Anomalous League)
1 Phupu 1952 (merged into VR and renamed)
FounderEvans Nott
Founded atDaughton, Neragon
TypeUnion of Realms autonomous organisation
Legal statusActive
PurposeContainment of paranormal and supernatural anomalies for the preservation of humanity.
HeadquartersSite Alpha (de facto)
Emilio Hugel-Nott
Smarada Westlich
Parent organization
Union of Realms
$29.38 billion (2000)
Formerly called
Union of Realms League of Anti-Anomalies

The Union of Realms Organisation for the Containment of Magical Anomalies (Neragese: Vereunisroyaumes Organisation égan der Enthèltmung onn Magikel Gëntrachets; VROEMG) is an autonomous organisation of the Union of Realms (VR) aiming for the containment and protection of paranormal, supernatural and other phenomenas unexplainable by mainstream science and magic for the preservation of humanity. It operates in all VR members as well as associate members. VROEMG's de facto headquarters is Site Alpha which is situated in an undisclosed region of Neragon.

The VROEMG, then known as the Anti-Anomalous League merged into the Union of Realms in 1952. The first meeting of the Anomalous Containment Assembly (GEZ), the organisation's governing body, took place on 5 Phupu of that year. The VROEMG's mandate seeks and includes: working worldwide to contain paranormal, supernatural and other phenomenas, keeping Gentu safe, and serve the vulnerable. It provides technical assistance to countries, and protects people from unexplainable and mysterious anomalous entities. The current chief director is Emilio Hugel-Nott, a descendant of Evans Nott, the founder of the Anti-Anomalous League; and the current junior director is Smarada Westlich.

The VROEMG relies on contributions from member states (both assessed and voluntary) and private donors for funding. Its total approved budget for 2000 is over $29 billion, of which the majority comes from voluntary contributions from member states. Contributions are assessed by a formula that includes GDP per capita. Among the largest contributors are Neragon, X, and X.



At the height of paranormal and magical activity in Neragon in 1749. The neccessity for an organisation for the control of such things were expressed by the people of Neragon. In Pusper of 1750, the Estavan Conference led by the Neragese Head of the Council of Magic Evans Nott began meeting in X, Neragon, lasting until 13 Pulungana 1754 with the signing of the Betrun Charter resulting in the official founding of the Anti-Anomalous League on the 14 with Evans Nott as the Kanzlex (Chief Director).



Governing body

Chief Director

As of 2000, there have been 17 Chief Directors (then called Kanzlex) of VROEMG since its founding in 1754, and 6 Chief Directors since the VROEMG merged into the VR in 1952.

The list of the Chief Directors of VROEMG since its establishment in 1754 is as follows:

Name Took office Left office Notes
Evans Nott
14 Pulungana 1754 4 Okjatab 1796 Founder and first Kanzlex
Adeltraud Fraunam
5 Okjatab 1796 17 Marto 1809 -
Rabenus Nott
21 Marto 1809 8 Kunnen 1813 Died in office
Isthon Pourprée
8 Kunnen 1813 26 Disemba 1813 Acting Kanzlex
Ambrose Figulus
26 Disemba 1813 2 Enero 1826 -
Iacobas Schmidt
4 Enero 1826 14 Pulungana 1842 Resigned
George Steinschloss
23 Pulungana 1842 9 Enero 1847 Assassinated in Wilding
Meliar Vogel
10 Enero 1847 3 Gunyana 1869 Acting Kanzlex
Roos Nott
4 Gunyana 1869 28 Pulungana 1874 Resigned
Violet Türsteher
28 Pulungana 1874 13 Kunnen 1901 -
Ingens Lundae
17 Kunnen 1901 14 Pulungana 1908 Resigned
Nörd Westmach
17 Pulungana 1908 13 Okjatab 1918 Resigned
Morari Nott
17 Okjatab 1918 30 Tebax 1948 -
Kruez Contor
30 Tebax 1948 4 Gunyana 1948 Shortest reigning Kanzlex, died in office
Levin Soloire
7 Gunyana 1948 1 Phupu 1967 merged into the VR and renamed during his reign
Amélia Hugel-Nott
1 Phupu 1967 21 Hunyo 1986 -
Emilio Hugel-Nott
22 Hunyo 1986 Incumbent -

Junior Director


Anomalous Containment Assembly

The Anomalous Containment Assembly (GEZ) formerly the Containment Council is the governing body of the Union of Realms Organisation for the Containment of Magical Anomalies overseen by the Junior Director. Since the founding of VROEMG, the assembly has convened annually (246 times) only skipping 1918 which happened to be the year of the outbreak of the Great War. As of 2000, the assembly consists of 156 members including representatives from each VROEMG Site as well as from nations such as Neragon, Qiuhua, Cavala etc.

While the powers of the GEZ have changed depending on the rulings of the Chief Director, the few authorities that remain constant is the power to pose questions of confidence to the Chief and Junior Directors. Additionally, all new policies and directors must be voted or sworn in by the GEZ themselves.


Oranland and Alabon


Hesterath and Trimeshia






North Domica


South Domica



The VROEMG's current priorities is to contain, and if needed, exterminate paranormal, supernatural and phenomenal entities, objects, and phenomenas unexplainable by mainstream science and magic in order to keep humanity safe from them. As of 2000, the VROEMG has 42 sites containing a total of 1442 entities, objects, and phenomenas with anomalous properties.


Map of all 47 VROEMG sites from across Gentu.

Site Alpha


Site Beta


Site Gamma


Site Delta


Other sites

Other sites include Site Epsilon, Site Zeta, Site Eta, Site Theta, Site Iota, Site Kappa, Site Lambada, Site Mu, Site Nu, Site Xi, Site Omicron, Site Pi, Site Rho, Site Sigma, Site Tau, Site Upsilon, Site Phi, Site Chi, Site Psi, Site Omega, Site Digamma, Site San, Site Qoppa, Site Sampi, Site Fehu, Site Uruz, Site Thurisaz, Site Ansuz, Site Raido, Site Kaunan, Site Wunjo, Site Hagalaz, Site Naudiz, Site Jera, Site Ihwaz, Site Perth, Site Algiz, and Site Sowilo.