Astyrian Regional Culture & Heritage Organisation
FormationNovember 11, 1111; 909 years ago (1111-11-11)
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The Astyrian Regional Culture & Heritage Organisation (ARCHO) is an organisation in Astyria dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the region's distinct cultures and heritage.


ARCHO maintains two separate registries of inscribed heritage. The older and better known is the Registry of Cultural and Heritage Sites, which inventories sites deemed to be of particular significance in the development of a culture and/or historic and heritage landmarks that exemplify features of that culture. ARCHO was originally established to supervise this inventory and lobby national and regional authorities for their conservation. The inscription of sites on this registry is at the discretion of ARCHO, which maintains strict standards on the status and management of sites. The more recent registry, inaugurated in 2001 following the Millennium Conversation on the Historic Future of Astyria, is the Registry of Intangible Cultural Heritage (RICH). The RICH documents traditional practices and concepts characteristic of indigenous cultures. These include techniques of boat-building and fishing, traditional instruments and music and methods of producing food and drink. The definitions employed by the administrators of the RICH have not been without their controversy, and the registry has struggled to gain the traction that the ARCHO sites list enjoys, in part by dint of the greater visibility associated with dramatic landmarks as compared to idiosyncratic cultural practices.


For administrative and funding reasons, ARCHO sites are grouped into geographical categories called regions. An ARCHO region generally comprises a number of countries which are relatively close together and often share cultural affinities and tightly interwoven histories. A handful of countries are divided among two or more regions; for example, ViZion, which has territory in both Lorecia and Teudallum.

Location Region Territories Number of sites
ARCHO Ahéri-Ethlorek States.png Ahéri-Ethlorek States Arimathea, Cadenza, Étlaurlande (Haguenau), Hysera, Kur'zhet, Trellin, Velar 24,153,464
ARCHO Central Teudallum.png Central Teudallum Bhormakaro, Dungeyland, Sycoon (Kylarnatia), ViZion 7
ARCHO Mederano Peninsula.png Mederano Peninsula Berique, Khyragus, Nikolia, Slovertia 2
ARCHO Southwest Teudallum.png Southwest Teudallum Andamonia, Aztec National League, Cassonne, Heideland, Monsa, Morroseta, Txekrikar 12
ARCHO Southeast Teudallum.png Southeast Teudallum Al-Raha (Riysa), Cape Feldman (Dungeyland), Caranad, Equinoxiale, Kamalbia, Terre Azure 14
ARCHO Northwest Isles.png Northwest Isles Great Nortend, Romberg, Serretes, Woodstead 141,453
ARCHO Western Isles.png Western Isles Jarridia, Kelonna, Kobolis, Torim Viqalka (Cadenza), Valle Crucis 7
ARCHO Mare Ferum Islands.png Mare Ferum Islands Arabona, Cape Town (Aquitayne), Insulas Epiphanias (Blackhelm Confederacy), Khayr Var (Aurora Confederacy), Kyashi, New Pangus, Osaka, Sandown Islands (Aswick), Scottopian Isles, Stretta, Symphonia, Varrockia (Dungeyland) 87
ARCHO Northwest Lorecia.png Northern Lorecia Aurora Confederacy, Caledonia, Nynorsk Ostlijord, Valkea, Western Tundra Example
ARCHO Central Lorecia.png Central Lorecia Fyngaria, Haguenau, Mizialand, Nidwalden, Noordenstaat, Scanonia Example
ARCHO Southern Lorecia.png Southern Lorecia Earent, ViZion Example
ARCHO Eastern Lorecia.png Eastern Lorecia Aquitayne, Arstotska, Aswick, Belka, Plätteisen Adler Example
ARCHO Northern Sythith.png Northern Sythith Example
ARCHO Southwest Sythith.png Southwest Sythith Bankampar, Hindia Belanda, Kuwazavkavan, Maqtajer, Riysa Example
ARCHO Central Sythith.png Central Sythith Consular Example
ARCHO Western Hesperidesia.png Western Hesperidesia Blackhelm Confederacy, Polarus Example
ARCHO Eastern Hesperidesia.png Eastern Hesperidesia Bungussi, Colchester Landing, Cote d'Cuivre, Jafala, Kwalawi, Red River Free State Example
ARCHO Northern Ixalia.png Northern Ixalia Caprica, Mesoland, Nova Deseret, San Joaquin Valley Example
ARCHO Southern Ixalia.png Southern Ixalia Zitru Example

†: Nations with territory in more than one ARCHO region.
Items in italics are non-sovereign dependencies of other nations.