WorldVision Song Contest 104

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WorldVision Song Contest 104
WV104 Logo.png
Host Information
DateDecember 2022
VenuePàrc Olympién
Mariensbourg, Carrelie
PresentersSylvia Knudsen
Ròsëmonde Fénélis
Executive SupervisorsWorldVision Committee
Host BroadcasterService de Téléradio Carrelie (STC)
Opening Act"Come Right at Me" - Monica
Interval Act"Cyclone" - Annemarie Königsmann
Final number of Entries27
Debuting NationsAerágny, Controlist Ferwerter Union
Returning NationsMakko Oko, Nihilitia, New Zealandic South West Saint Martin
Non-returning NationsFeudal Italia, Flusia, Hlhata States, Jencilland, Northern Beepee, Pemecutan, Norrp
Voting systemEach national jury awards their top 10 points, from 12, 10, 8-1. A proportional televote is then given out amounting to the same total as the jury.
Winning song Carrelie
"Karreliske drøm"
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WorldVision Song Contest 104 was the 104th edition of the WorldVision Song Contest hosted in Mariensbourg, Carrelie. The contest was organized by the International Broadcasting Alliance (IBA), alongside the host broadcaster Service de Téléradio Carrelie (STC). The contest was won by carrelie, their first win! The Alezian Union placed second and Plangainer finished third.


Bidding phase

Vartugia bid once again with their host city of choice being Sërna, Vartugia's largest city in terms of both area and in population, making this Sërna's fifth host bid. Buaka, South Batoko bid for the fourth time this edition. Mariensbourg, Carrelie won the bidding with a total of 114 points, followed by Buaka, South Batoko in second place with 98 points and Sërna, Vartugia earning third place with 88 points.

Key:  †  Host City

City Nation Place Points
Mariensbourg Carrelie 1st 114
Buaka South Batoko 2nd 98
Sërna Vartugia 3rd 88

Participating Nations

R/O Nation Artist Song Place Points
2 Kalush Yurik потужність (Power) WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
3 Tummylandia & Susistan Guillermo Torres One Week in Tummytown 23 22
4 S.R. Caryton Myrtle Roosevelt In Fortitude 14 102
5 Fatimanian Fed. Carmela Quintos Will I be? 20 46
6 Waisnor Maria Shunto Kto ya 11 146
7 Britonisea Ben Nikolai Camouflage 4 191
8 Plangainer Aurelia Wei & Harrison Osborne Atbusti 3 204
9 South Batoko MURAL SLAY 18 64
10 New Zealandic S.W. Saint Martin Marnie McOsrap ft Marron Verts Chocolate WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
11 Makko Oko Dean Cochran Satan's Embrace 21 41
12 Crustyland Cedric McGerban & Juliana Montain Look Away 15 97
13 Carrelie Marie Albrechtsen Karreliske Drøm 1 216
14 The Controlist Ferwerter Union Landlief Patriot My Beacon 19 51
15 StrayaRoos Alan Hytaua Our Time 24 21
16 Malta Comino Gozo Fradel & Spies Vibes 5 188
17 Besen Obelus Lucid Dreaming DISQUALIFIED DISQUALIFIED
18 Placely Placington A Couple of Daves We Love Rapping 25 13
19 Achaean Republic Milkah Glassy 13 131
20 Erie-Arcadia Rose Hammond Marigold 10 149
21 Alezian Union Alin Yuri Dead and Buried 2 214
22 Terra Zealandia Mount Pukenui Louder 16 92
23 Illdonya Nina Aratta Watching You 8 156
25 Nihiltia Sahaquiel - WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
27 Aenglide AnÿmeHouse Upside-Down World 7 166
28 Antahbrantahstan - - WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
29 Mister X Gemina Stephanus Where Do We Go? 12 136
30 Vartugia The Banneables Vartugia! 26 ▼ 12
32 Beepee Shona Tihtz Calling In The Dark 6 185
33 Saviera Sean Louis Christmastide 22 28
34 Flusia Luka Ivanov ft. Suzan Krowe Hate Me, Date Me WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
34 Kalosia $tefa I Can Never Be Him 9 152
35 Aerágny Hustoner Chiemen ft. Sefora Vouljec Hiry 17 74

Detailed Voting Results

Voting Grid

12 Points

N. Contestant Nation(s) giving 12 points
4 Achaean Republic Alezian Union, Kalosia, South Batoko, Waisnor
Beepee Aenglide, Britonisea, Illdonya, Mister X
3 Carrelie Controlist Ferwerter, Fatiman Federation, Plangainer
Spiritual Rep of Caryton Carrelie, Makko Oko, Terra Zealandia
2 Britonisea Achaean Republic, Beepee
Illdonya Aerágny, Spiritual Rep Caryton
1 Aenglide StrayaRoos
Aerágny Saviera
Alezian Union Waisnor
Controlist Ferwerter Vartugia
Malta Comino Gozo Erie Arcadia
Mister X Placely Placington
Saviera Crustyland
South Batoko Erie-Arcadia
Spiritual Republic of Caryton Carrelie
Waisnor Malta Comino Gozo