WorldVision Song Contest 67

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WorldVision Song Contest 67
Make Your Story
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Final8th September 2018
VenueAnÿme Community Venue
Anÿme, Darkmania
Presenter(s)Märÿa Hüster & Rëbeccä Rÿstamirn
Directed byDänÿel Fërstarger
Executive producerKrÿster Hülamäl
Host broadcasterDaTV
Opening actTBA
Interval actTBA.
Number of entries29
Debuting countries-TBA-
Returning countriesAchaean Republic, Britonisea, Darkmania, Faraby, Lagoa, Nekoni
Non-returning countriesAlinghi FDR, Estogium, Ethane, Greater Korean Juche Republic, Hafamarimёt, Kergle, Not Auphelia, South Batoko, Syrche
Voting systemEach country awards one set of 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs.
Winning songNekoni

The WorldVision Song Contest 67 was the 67th edition of the Worldvision Song Contest. It was held in the capital city of Darkmania, Örkendrem at the Dëritee Ärenä. This was the first time Worldvision was held on darkmanian soil and was won by Adab.

The Bidding Process

Candidate Cities

During the bidding process, three nations had submitted their intention to host the competition, in with only Mister X having hosted the show before.


Bid Number of Votes (10)
Örkemdrem, Darkmania 6
Alyard, Indo States 2
Thatcher City, Mister X 2

The rights were granted to Darkmania, a first for the nation.


Örkendrem is the capital of Darkmania, and the biggest city by far with 12 million inhabitans. With roots from 900's its also known as one of the oldest hapitated places in Darkmania, and would be declared the capital in 1023 by king Gälama II. The city is known for its old town, the location of many major political agencies on a federal level and its nigthlife, often called the city that never sleeps at night. The city is also claimed to be the biggest city in Novapax, a claim unproven.

Opening and Interval Acts

Participating Nations

List of Participating Nations

Running Order and Results

Draw Nation Artist Song Language(s) Place Points
1 Izmedu Gorana Sever Zaplešimo Izmeduan 5 81
2 Nekoni Alex Verdegrand I Won't Forget That Song English 17 55
3 Axuva Michaela Eizano Great Mistake (Heartbreaker) English 30 19
4 Togonistan DJ Himona Dirty Dancing English 10 63
5 Vartugia A bunch of cats and kittens So This Is Why Vartugia Has a Poor Reputation Meowing 20 37
6 Normandy & Picardy Michelle Ferisse Under The Moonlight English 6 80
7 Estogium Jakob Fletcher Underestimated English 11 63
9 Christarnea Tygrys-Eufrat Wężownik Polish DNQ DNQ
10 Proluvia Tranquilo Squad The Narcissist English 16 56
11 Kishrael Elissa Dahan Stranger English, Hebrew DNQ DNQ
12 Scottish Socialists Katie McIlvenny and Keith Fulmer Love You Nice English 22 36
13 Rusmailica Dymitrov Polowanie na Niedźwiedzie English, Polish DNQ DNQ
14 Hlhata States Jerome Brown I’ll Fight Back English 25 28
15 Antahbrantahstan Stafford Decody Forgive Me English 7 77
16 Polkopia MJM Like Me English,Polkopian 15 56
17 Kalosia Ǧiana Got Me Dreaming English 9 64
18 Darkmania MAnGA Redd Oss! Norwegian 3 93
19 Llalta Pingu ft. The Choir of Llalta & Evergreen Nööt Nööt Nööt (Don’t Stop Dreaming) Pinguish, English 23 36
20 Adab Selia Goral Turn Away English 1 108
21 Ceyesca Ariana dél'Éste Satisfied English 21 36
22 Gaciadia MOMA Breathe It Out English 13 62
23 Mister X Owen Roberts Go English 4 92
24 Britonisea Alyxhia Willis You've Wanted Me English 2 96
25 Wazekia Errik Haslek Awakening English 19 42
26 Main Nation Ministry Sergeant Stavro Mazur, Armed Forces Technician Eduino Sachs and the fine soldiers from Main Nation Ministry's Armed Forces Fifty More Soldiers English 24 34
27 Tödlichebujoku Salamu & Sorya Ueno Let Go Polish 12 62
28 Lactatia Latisha Von Titteh In My Vagina English 28 26
29 Saviera Rosa Luxembourg Summer (I Wanna) English 27 26
30 Andalusin Yasmin Yasfa The Rose of Pyrenees English DNQ DNQ
31 Mercedini Daniel Alishkaerni & Alienna Heart's Desire English 8 72
32 Missus X Rick Leg Corn On The Cob (featuring The Conveyor Belt) English 18 48
33 These American States Bradley Taylor I'm Always Down English 26 26
34 Hinenaes Pira Pira Can't Miss English 31 7
35 Krytenia Stephen Morton and Dinah Russell Three Little Words English 14 57
36 SquareDisc City Steffan & Celia Strawberry Creams English 29 24


N. Contestant Nation(s) giving 12 points
3 Britonisea Scottish Socialists, Darkmania, Ceyesca
Adab Polkopia, Wazekia, Kalosia
Darkmania Llalta, Estogium, Izmedu
Antahbrantahstan Hinenaes, Togonistan, Todlichebujoku
2 Izmedu Normandy & Picardy, Nekoni
Wazekia SquareDisc City, Mister X
Normandy & Picardy Krytenia, Adab
SquareDisc City The Hlhata States, Saviera
Scottish Socialists Axuva, Mercedini
Vartugia Lactatia, These American States
1 These American States Vartugia
Kishrael Proluvia
Llalta Britonisea
Proluvia Missus X
Nekoni Main Nation Ministry
Mercedini Gaciadia
Rusmailica Antahbrantahstan

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