WorldVision Song Contest 57

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WorldVision Song Contest 57
Host Information
Date10th July 2017
VenueThe Gyrode Arena
PresentersHannah Baker
Directed byFabio McAlpine
Executive SupervisorsWorldVision Committee
Executive ProducersUnknown
Host BroadcasterBVC
Opening Act"From Us, With Love" Machievelihe Orchestra of Sound ft Former WV Stars.
Interval Act"Reality" WorldVision 56 Winner, Justs Prazeres
Final number of Entries25
Debuting NationsSocialist Skeletons,Manaime
Returning NationsWazekia,Polkopia,Lons,Titaniumland,Estogium,Electrum,Electrum Diplomatic Offices
Non-returning NationsGregoryisgodistan,Besini,Ethane,Mercedini,Aloquirbe,Arioslavia,Free Republics,Yttibia
Voting systemEach nation awards their top 10 points, from 12, 10, 8-1.
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The 57th WorldVision Song Contest (also referred to as WorldVision 57, Machievelihe '57 or WV57) is being held in Machievelihe, Britonisea. This is the third successful Britonish bid, and the tenth bid sent by BVC. This is the fourth time that the Ultimaverse region is hosting the contest in the past ten editions, having previously done so for the WorldVision 47, WorldVision 51 and WorldVision 54. While it is expected that 25 nations will participate in the 57th WorldVision Song Contest, which would be a slight decrease in the amount which participated in WorldVision 56 in Besini (27 nations in the Grand Final), 26 nations are to compete in the Grand Final of the 57th WorldVision Song Contest.

The Contest

  • Polkopia, the nations with the most WorldVision wins, returns to the contest, after sanctions were held against the nation for allegedly intentionally disrupting the Britonish broadcast of their WorldVision Song in WorldVision 54.
  • Titaniumland is returning after taking a long break from the contest.

Yuri Wilkinson spoke about the postcard design during the Grand Final. Here is a transcript;

Well, I have been working the Britonish Delegation quite a lot recently, and we tried to execute an idea with the 56th WorldVision Bid, but this bid was unsuccessful in the end, and instead we went to Besini, who put on a great show. However, we tried again and we became successful. I wanted each postcard to be unique. In previous contests, you know, the postcards usually follow a base, Song, Artist, Writers/Composers etc. However, we felt that we wanted to include more of a personal touch in our postcards. If you rewind the clock and go to WorldVision 41, when we first hosted, that was personal to each nation because we did an artistic design per nation, and they even got their own little slogan for each nation, which each delegation liked and worked with. When we hosted in WorldVision 51, each nation got their own quote, so we thought we should work with the pattern we have as hosts, and pick out a line we thought stood out.


Order Country Artist(s) Song Name Place Points
01 Izmedu Tamara K Don't Let This Moment Fade 11 59
02 Lons 26 13
03 Normandy and Picardy The Indigo Project Carry On 9 60
04 Polkopia Elizaveta Loncar Once Upon A Time 8 61
05 Kalosia Name TBU Yes I Can 5 86
06 Titaniumland Alicia Sumner Pieces 14 56
07 Manaime Mariella Orellio D'Calla and Jer'mi Feglender "Gri Ha'c Pol son D'i 25 23
08 Goluta Sajofi Win 10 60
09 Ekoz Finn SuperSonic DNF DNF
10 Togonistan Tremendous My Life 1 135
11 Adab Kinan Al-Salaman I've Loved You 21 34
12 Socialist Skeletons Sofia and Chloe Bone Red Skull in The Sky! 19 45
13 Todlichebujoku Asuka Virtanen Scars 3 101
14 Mister X Filius Deorum Pandora's Box 4 87
15 Electrum Diplomatic Offices Gertrude Pullman and The Gertrude Pullman Band Join My Church 23 29
16 Electrum Pelissa Pisera Subliminal 20 41
17 Estogium Reis Malik Yes or No 12 59
18 Wazekia Dauma Norslak Dream 7 68
19 Missus X Rick Leg Help Me 13 59
20 Kwadai Lila Zaman Frames 6 78
21 Balkvla Islands Gaeilige Woman Refuge Of Faith, Refuge Of Distress 17 46
22 Britonisea Mello Cinde Vindication 2 105
23 Antahbrantahstan Tike Prihastiwi 15 55
24 Arioslavia XX XX DNF DNF
25 Saviera 4in This Green Brownie 24 23
26 Monaeroglisseurest Pleindanguillese Étienne Delacroix Come and Play 22 33
27 Merecendi Chaste D Imma Dabbin 18 45
28 Corrvale Ela SAM ft. Ivosev Seksi 16 47

Broadcasters Per Nation

  1. Britonisea - BVC, Zeke Lemondey and Rigas Jengiz (Grand Final, BVC 1)
  2. Mister X - MRX
  3. Normandy and Picardy - NNN