WorldVision Song Contest 77

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Motto License to Thrill!
Host City Majorium, Mister X
Host Broadcaster MRX Television
Participants 27
Winning Country Tödlichebujoku
Winning Song "Mürsküstá"
Winning Artist Mürákkáán

Worldvision Song Contest 77 is the 77th edition of the annual Worldvision Song Contest. It was held in Majorium, Mister X.

In this edition, Nahlcomo debuted in Worldvision Song Contest.

MRX Television were responsible for the broadcasting and hosting for this competition.

In this edition, Tödlichebujoku's Mürákkáán won the contest with the song "Mürsküstá" with 111 points.

Host Bid

Place City Country Votes
01 Majorium Mister X Unknown
-- Sydney Amuaplye Unknown
-- Fük Vartugia Unknown

As usual in every edition, in order to choose the host of the Worldvision Song Contest, each country that has interest in hosting must present their bids to the world and each country choose the best of all bids. The country with the most bids then earn the right of hosting the Worldvision Song Contest.

In this edition, three hosting bids were received.  After the nomination process the Worldvision Committee confirmed Majorium as the host city with 77% of the vote.

The contest was broadcasted live around the world from the May Arena.


This edition, national juries provided points to their favourite songs with12 points to the favourite, 10 to the second, then 8, 7, 6 and so on down to a single point for their 10th favourite entrant. 

Participating Countries and Results

No. Country Singer Song Place Points
01 Ruritane Une Grenouille Ruritane Greatest Country 20 30
02 Main Nation Ministry Charlotte "Charlie" Huxley Haunted Lover's Lane 17 39
03 Axuva --- --- DSQ DSQ
04 Talvezout Felicidat Ramírez For You 13 47
05 Nahlcomo Massie Massey I Love You 22 15
06 Spiritual Republic of Caryton Latanya Anderson (ft. North Georgine Soul Ensemble) Heart Full of Passion 11 60
07 Greater Korean Juche Republic Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble featuring Park Hyeon-Il. Loyalty to Home 19 36
08 Scotatrova Marcos Reçiona Change 5 78
09 Ertzei Kishim SambuCCa Nine Lives 8 73
10 Malta Comino Gozo Erba Sekondi ta Sajf Don't Listen 6 75
11 Bayilan --- --- DSQ DSQ
12 Elejamie Eterna Goodbye 2 102
13 Ekoz Alliana Carlsson Free Fall DSQ DSQ
14 Achaean Republic Anamaría Tierno 3 99
15 Polkopia --- --- DSQ DSQ
16 Mercedini Milo Sibernic & Mia Rina Lenzuoli (Bedsheets) 16 42
17 Antahbrantahstan Safina Grant Dangdut 14 46
18 Vartugia Lil` Generic Rapper, but with less autotune and no talent This Rap is Just.... No 23 7
19 Mister X Merlin Cook Call Me 12 52
20 Merecendi Izzy in the Middle p!skip 21 29
21 Tödlichebujoku Mürákkáán Mürsküstá 1 111
22 Estogium Mae Heart Don't Leave Me 9 70
23 Voxija Voxa el-Rashid I am Here 15 46
24 Normandy and Picardy Vroum! Don't Let Me Feel Like I'm Living 10 69
25 Saviera  Lyubov Blinova Keep It Up 18 38
26 Kalosia Mercyradio Black or White 4 95
27 Ethane Jamie Walker A Dangerous Game 7 75