WorldVision Song Contest 69

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Motto Discover a Hidden Passion!
Host City Tampon Bay, Lactatia
Host Broadcaster LacTV
Participants 36
Winning Country Antahbrantahstan
Winning Song "Wigless"
Winning Artist Yuliana Vergina Citra

The WorldVision Song Contest 69 (or WV69, WVSC69, SCP-069, The one where everyone stopped caring) was the 69th and arguably most meaningless iteration of NationStates' longest running music competision show, WorldVision. It took place for the first time in Lactatia, following its winning bid for the competition and a hefty bag of banknotes in a carrier bag emblazoned with the logo of the Lactatian Milk Council.

LacTV were responsible for the broadcasting and hosting for this competition, and was sponsored by The Organic Protein Company - Human Breast Milk Protein.

In this edition, Antahbrantahstan's Yuliana Vergina Citra won the contest with the song "Wigless" with 120 points.

Host Bid

Place City Country Votes
06 Gërlërtyrasërälövüränmersën/Sërna Vartugia 0
06 Glescae Scottish Socialists 0
03 Pen Island The Hlhata States 1 (10%)
01 Tampon Bay Lactatia 4 (40%)
03 Kayojo Saviera 1 (10%)
06 Crazybloxia Crazybloxian Empire 0
03 Faren South Batoko 1 (10%)
02 Effin Missus X 3 (30%)
06 Rotlichtčiku Tödlichebujoku 0
06 Cidarah Kuala Lumpia 0

As usual in every edition, in order to choose the host of the Worldvision Song Contest, each country that has interest in hosting must present their bids to the world and each country choose the best of all bids. The country with the most votes for their bid then earn the right of hosting the Worldvision Song Contest.

In this edition, ten hosting bids were received, all of them where terrible.

The contest was broadcasted live around the world from the the Ramsey Arena.


This edition, national juries provided points to their favourite songs with12 points to the favourite, 10 to the second, then 8, 7, 6 and so on down to a single point for their 10th favourite entrant. 

Participating Countries and Results

No. Country Singer Song Place Points
01 Axuva Juanita Jones featuring Juanitas Cooking Class Bake It 11 61
02 Main Nation Ministry Jessica Madden Purgatory 27 32
03 Ardoki Alistair Killian Moriarty Phoenix 17 52
04 Fatiman Federation (Indo States) Sidrovich Destrilliyev Poor Independent Fatimania DSQ DSQ
05 Kalmarlund DJ Sinneschlössen Bra 29 28
06 Scottish Socialists Andy Wright Born and Bred 13 59
07 Vartugia Kevin And The Shitposters Give Us Calcium! 25 35
08 Western Edeltia   Liliana Nicola Deneszki Nosze Tastralin Moszczek (Bizarre Love Triangle) DSQ DSQ
09 Darkmania Ändrea Sëdtÿrme Enkle Toner (Simple Notes) 2 109
10 Nekoni Gropey Dave and the Right-Arm Shufflers Dont Put Deep Heat Down There 15 54
11 Missus X Rick Leg Sexy 32 15
12 Mister X Will Carter Twerk 9 68
13 Wolfrenia James Borle My Land 31 18
14 Polkopia Yulia Vegovna and the Vegovites We Don't Want Fatiman 12 61
15 Proluvia -None- -None- DSQ DSQ
16 Electrum Janet Snakehole Touch Me 10 64
17 Mercedini Gimme D G.I.M.M.E. D. 4 103
18 Electrum Diplomatic Offices Gertrude Pullman Boycott 28 30
19 Talvezout The YLFA War Choir Featuring YLFA Philharmonic Prelude No. 5 in A Minor 26 34
20 Pambudia Lutvi Right Way DSQ DSQ
21 Izemdu Hrzenjak & Planeta Zona Opasnosti 6 85
22 Normandy and Picardy Andrew and the Normies Sexy Cup of Tea: A Masturbatea Production 3 107
23 Wazekia Duama Norslak Good Decking 22 40
24 Antahbrantahstan Yuliana Vergina Citra Wigless 1 120
25 Tödlichebujoku Anja Krajacic & Kiraya Finger (F*ck It) 8 68
26 Adab Rafa Farrakh and Roman Albag Birdie 24 36
27 Kalosia Shalissa In the City 14 58
28 Lactatia Doris (all)Day(longonthiscock) and Co. It's Time to Lactate 18 49
29 Postman Sayoc Postman Sayoc Postman Sayoc 23 40
30 Aloquirbe Tizzy Ricochet Turn it Up 21 42
31 Saviera Izmedzuli Snijega Fire and Furry 30 27
32 1zmedu Prudencija Nikolic Shine 20 44
33 Togonistan Son Kiddy Heads Up 16 53
34 Libereco kaj Paco -Unknown- Kion ĝi signifas? 7 74
35 SquareDisc City Dorothy Titun Ivor Won't You Wax Your Crack 19 46
36 Llalta Esther Winterbourne Like Memories 5 98