WorldVision Song Contest 73

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Worldvision Song Contest 73
Venue The Crystal Ball
Host City The Estograd, Estogium
Host Broadcaster RWC
Presenters Riko Wilson and Israael Kashtkar
Participants Originally: 28, Result: 26
Debuting Countries (4) Amuaplye, Libumelland, New Activia, Not Belgaam
Returning Countries TBA
Withdrawing Countries (2) Ekoz, Natanya
Winning Country Britonisea
Winning Song Want You Home
Winning Artist Alyxhia Willis

The Worldvision Song Contest 73 was the 73rd edition of the Worldvision Song Contest. It was hosted in The Estograd, Estogium, in The Crystal Ball venue, and it was hosted by national broadcaster RWC (Rwhitton Vefecosoin Cairkovoin). Britonisea ended up with their fifth win with Alyxhia Willis, and her song Want You Home.


The Estograd, the host city is home to 924,000 people. The arena that the contest was hosted in, The Crystal Ball, was able to hold up to a total of 19,000 people making it one of the largest arenas in the whole of Estogium. The Crystal Ball had opened it's doors for the first time in 2017, making it a relatively new arena at the time, and very much capable to host such an event such as the WorldVision Song Contest. The area surrounding The Crystal Ball is home to multiple different shops such as ELEGAMMENT (who were our official sponsors for this bid).

Participating Countries and Results

No. Country Singer Song Place Points
01 Nekoni Parejas Suicidas Best Days Of Our Lives 8 70
02 Talvezout Sunny Bang Bang Bang 10 69
03 Main Nation Ministry The Masked Singer Shark Gliding On Velvet Air 17 40
04 Amuaplye Love And War The Amuaplyean Powder Keg 20 27
05 Polkopia Nikol Graveyard 4 90
06 Izmedu IzaRa Jukim-Jugre 2 123
07 Axuva Cora Jeong No Life To Live 15 42
08 Antahbrantahstan RECTOVERSO Temptation 13 52
09 Tödlichebujoku Esvieta Torres Kenteemsi 7 79
10 Libumelland Team T.I.M.E. Tables Turned 26 17
11 Belgaam XALIMIÑA ÞIL'O TÁŻRNA 19 29
12 Ekoz Falling Jorge Jonsson - DSQ
14 New Activia 21 27
15 Venkatanaros Imharajuvaripieta Rdraskska Slaine Etritch I'm Still Here 12 58
16 Vdara NÅ ft. Inno¢ Wanna Die 23 20
17 Vartugia Däryana Sadovic ft. The Izmeduan Liberation Choir Stripped Dreams 14 49
18 Merecendi GEISHA GOAL ft. JEAMS BODN caps KILL ME NOW (Neurotic) 25 17
19 Estogium Palladium SOS 9 70
20 Kishrael Sigal Barda Ten Lo Laredet Aleykha 5 86
21 Natanya Zhennie Bored of it already - DSQ
22 Missus X Rick Leg [CENSORED] 22 22
23 Scotatrova Daydream What We Both Know 6 85
24 Besen Leona Butterfly 3 101
25 Britonisea Alyxhia Willis Want You Home 1 132
26 Llalta Penny Tration & Cass Tration Transdimensional Meat Popsicle in A Minor" 11 63
27 Mister X Tracy Manson Love You All 16 40
28 Kalosia G.luxx Endless Summer 18 34
  1. New Activia's entry literally did not have a artist name, nor a title name.
  2. Missus X's song title was originally consisted of innapropriate words, that lead to moderation ruling, and was then forced to change the title.
  3. And yes, Missus X's entry, being entry number 22, scored 22 points in the end, putting them in 22nd place. Incredible.