WorldVision Song Contest 79

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Motto Get the Party Roaring!
Host City Phoda, Talvezout
Host Broadcaster TRT
Participants 26
Winning Country Tödlichebujoku
Winning Song "Padostakaa"
Winning Artist Kaapo Séélinen ft. DUYVIYÁ

Worldvision Song Contest 79 is the 79th edition of the annual Worldvision Song Contest. It was held in Phoda, Talvezout.

In this edition, Beepee and the Non-Fatimanian Federation debuted in the Worldvision Song Contest.

TVT were responsible for the broadcasting and hosting for this competition.

In this edition, Tödlichebujoku's Kaapo Séélinen ft. DUYVIYÁ won the contest with the song "Padostakaa" (Surrender) with 115 points.

Host Bid

Place City Country Votes
-- Sërna Vartugia Unknown
-- Muse Scotatrova Unknown
01 Phoda Talvezout 67%

As usual in every edition, in order to choose the host of the Worldvision Song Contest, each country that has interest in hosting must present their bids to the world and each country choose the best of all bids. The country with the most bids then earn the right of hosting the Worldvision Song Contest.

In this edition, three hosting bids were received.

The contest was broadcasted live around the world from the Campo B football stadium, located in the Pavilhão Neighborhood of Northeastern Phoda.


This edition, national juries provided points to their favourite songs with12 points to the favourite, 10 to the second, then 8, 7, 6 and so on down to a single point for their 10th favourite entrant. 

Participating Countries and Results

No. Country Singer Song Place Points
01 Nahlcomo Nina Gina Tödlichebujoku Boys 17 35
02 Scotatrova Miranda Cortes Just Like the First Time DSQ   DSQ
03 Amuaplye Angela Payton Forgive Me 13 51
04 The Commonwealth of Saint Bernards Carter Martinet (and Instruments) Paradise on Earth 20 23
05 Beepee Ida Slapter Send Me Somebody to Love 22 16
06 Fatiman Federation (Indo States) Liliana Adamczyk Ręt (War) 15 43
07 Vartugia Iama Stan Libertike (Liberty) 11 57
08 Not Fatimanian Federation   A Muppet Nadito na si Alice Desnilla 23 10
09 Elejamie Shirley Be a Star 7 76
10 Axuva Sarai Park All of Mine 18 31
11 Mister X Tracy Manson Through the Night 12 53
12 Missus X Rick Leg TBA 19 27
13 Polkopia Stefan ft. Alexandra Drink to That 4 102
14 Proluvia Timberwolves ¡No pasarán! DSQ DSQ
15 Achaean Republic P.P. Galore Sabrosa 6 77
16 Ertzei Kishim Camila Benjaminez & Naobi Energy 9 67
17 Nekoni Donkkaseau Wonderful Night 14 50
18 Talvezout Lorenzo Alright 3 106
19 Fauntenheddo Humble Autarchs Agreed DSQ DSQ
20 Malta Comino Gozo Pallix ft Clin Can We Tempt You 10 58
21 Wazekia Alina Hesig Loving You 16 42
22 The Hlhata States Pentanotits I <3 Thick Thighs 21 17
23 Estogium Kenzie Eléen Final Chance 5 92
24 Tödlichebujoku Kaapo Séélinen ft. DUYVIYÁ Padostakaa (Surrender) 1 115
25 Izmedu  Dijana Jurina No Air 2 109
26 Kalosia C-Gull Glow 8 76