WorldVision Song Contest 61

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Motto Broaden Your Horizon
Host City Hwoarang, Togonistan
Host Broadcaster TNTV
Participants 26
Winning Country Izmedu
Winning Song "A Way Out"
Winning Artist Luka Brekalo & Tatjana

Worldvision Song Contest 61 is the 61st edition of the annual Worldvision Song Contest. It was held in Hwoarang, Togonistan.

In this edition, Filindostan debuted in Worldvision Song Contest.

TNTV were responsible for the broadcasting and hosting for this competition.

In this edition, Izemdu's Luka Brekalo & Tatjana won the contest with the song "A Way Out" with 101 points.

Host Bid

Place City Country Votes
1 Hwoarang Togonistan 4
1 New Sarum Ethane 4
3 Sërna Vartugia 0
3 Qaleraan Mercedini 0

As usual in every edition, in order to choose the host of the Worldvision Song Contest, each country that has interest in hosting must present their bids to the world and each country choose the best of all bids. The country with the most bids then earn the right of hosting the Worldvision Song Contest.

In this edition, four hosting bids were received.  After the nomination process both Hwoarang (Togonistan) and New Sarum, (Ethane) were tied with 4 votes each.  In the case of a tie it is up to the committee to make a final decision on the host.  The Worldvision Committee declared Hwoarang as the host city.

The contest was broadcasted live around the world from the Hwan ConcertArena.


This edition, national juries provided points to their favourite songs with12 points to the favourite, 10 to the second, then 8, 7, 6 and so on down to a single point for their 10th favourite entrant. 

Participating Countries and Results

No. Country Singer Song Place Points
01 Missus X Rick Leg Have Yourself a Sweary Little Christmas 18 34
02 Dreamplanet Vasvo Henrique Never Right 14 51
03 Estogium Tiara Wicks Je Peux Le Sentir (I Can Feel It) 3 98
04 Natanya Hayleen Muribakl Smile DSQ DSQ
05 Izmedu Luka Brekalo & Tatjana A Way Out 01 101
06 Silvacometopia Rosalie Hickey Unlimited DSQ DSQ
07 Adab Kinan al-Salaman The Message 15 42
08 Polkopia Martina Ilya Flying Free 10 59
09 Libereco kaj Paco --- --- DSQ DSQ
10 Talvezout Isobella Bachelor Within Me 12 56
11 Vartugia FILLER-MAN- ft. Dick Arms Gonna Make Your Pant Moist 19 34
12 Cleaca Jason Tarudo Band Oblivion 17 40
13 Norjihan Fyrnas Odanæ Stolen Voices 2 100
14 Electrum Diplomatic Offices Gertrude Pullman Rise From The Ashes 16 42
15 Antahbrantahstan Amariliis Kõiv and Raymond Võigemast Heartbreak 11 57
16 Togonistan Stacy Lekker ft. Troublesome Enough 4 92
17 Britonisea Mathias Bexley-Durand The Pink Mist 9 60
18 Kalosia Max Caler On My Way 7 79
19 Electrum Evita Country Roads 20 30
20 Mister X Jack Baxter Reach For It 6 83
21 Ardoki Alistair Killian Moriarty You're Voting My Way 21 27
22 Filindostan 7Seven Gang Seven Ball 22 22
23 Saviera Otto Björnman Lover 13 53
24 Arioslavia Vadim Khabibulin Izvini 5 84
25 Balkvla Islands  Adam Wiles Fever Dream 23 17
26 Tödlichebujoku Venla Almeida & Mortiz Kneller A Mayfly's Life 8 73