WorldVision Song Contest 102

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WorldVision Song Contest 102
Host Information
DateOctober 2022
VenueJohnson Arena
Thatcher City, Mister X
PresentersRobert Baxter
Sam Smith
Directed byTBA
Executive SupervisorsWorldVision Committee
Executive ProducersTBA
Host BroadcasterMRX Television
Opening ActRobert Baxter and Sam Smith - "Forever Love - The Official Song of WorldVision 102"
Interval ActFilius Deorum - "The Harder We Try"
WebsiteWorldVision 102: Thatcher City, Mister X
Final number of Entries30
Debuting NationsRobloxian Robloxia, Jencilland, Terra Zealandia
Returning NationsIlldonya, StrayaRoos Barrier Islands, Crustyland, Missus X, Metras, Adab, Norrp
Non-returning NationsPolkopia, Erie Arcadia, Nativist Australia, Britonisea, Nekoni, Kyritakia, Hafamarimët, Carrelie, Erie-Arcadia & Westanglia, Iqq NWBTHT, Tescoland, Besen, Estana and Thanos, Todlichebujoku, Ertzei Kishim, Scotatrova, Llalta, Estogium
Voting systemEach national jury awards their top 10 points, from 12, 10, 8-1. A proportional televote is then given out amounting to the same total as the jury.
Winning songMalta comino gozo Xs.png Malta Comino Gozo
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The 102nd WorldVision Song Contest took place in Thatcher City, the capital city of Mister X. The contest was organized by the International Broadcasting Alliance, and was hosted by the national broadcaster MRX Television. The winner was Malta Comino Gozo, their sixth win in the contest. Host nation Mister X came in second and The Hlhata States and Yvesia got their best-ever results third and fourth respectively. Similarly, Illdonya achieved their best ever score in 5th therefore completing the top five.


There were a total of five cities that had bid to host the 102nd WorldVision Song Contest. In alphabetical order, these cities were: Aghras, Metras; Buaka, South Batoko; Duomji, StrayaRoos Barrier Islands; Feker Libi, Illdonya; and Thatcher City, Mister X. Buaka, South Batoko bidded for the second time in a row after being unsuccessful in the 101st edition of WorldVision. Thatcher City won the host bid with 92 points, making it the country's fourth WorldVision hosting, and the city's third hosting. (Thatcher City hosted WV32 and WV59, as well as Majorium, Mister X's second-largest city, which hosted WV77.)

City Country Place Points
Aghras Metras 02 82
Buaka South Batoko 03 79
Duomji StrayaRoos Barrier Islands 05 51
Feker Libi Illdonya 04 77
Thatcher City Mister X 01 92


The selected venue for WorldVision 102 was the Johnson Arena, in Thatcher City, Mister X.

Participants and Results

R/O Country Singer Song Place Points
01 StrayaRoos Barrier Islands Glorius Emu (ft. Emu Choir) Give That Emu A Country 30 ▼ 18
02 Robloxian Robloxia Plz No H8 Please Stop Hating 26 48
03 Missus X Rick Leg Filthy Pants 29 19
04 Beepee XS.png Beepee Sheila Blige I'll Be Your Queen 13 115
05 Alezian unionxspng.png Alezian Union Muhammad Azlouvewijk Wie ik Ben? 6 199
06 Polkopiasmall.png Polkopia - - WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
07 Terra Zealandia Ember Reflections That Summer Evening 21 85
08 Achaean republic xsio299916.png Achaean Republic Daymi & Kris Koral Tigueraje 16 112
09 Flag-Yemen.png Adab Cassandra Alexopoulos Liability 20 96
10 Waisnor XS.jpg Waisnor Mark_is Ne vernut' 10 126
11 Pemecutan XS 337617.jpg Pemecutan Putri Nandini Aku Masih Cinta 9 132
12 Strayaroos 802933 (1).png StrayaRoos Reatala Today 23 68
13 Metras Marsalin O-Tomas Áragh Aunbh 25 49
15 Hafamarimët 932451.png Hafamarimet - - WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
16 South batoko xs .png South Batoko Jiro Left to Die 8 148
17 Placely placingtonxs.png Placely Placington Jim the Grindcore Guy Bloke 'n Liedjie vir Placely Placington 28 21
18 Malta comino gozo Xs.png Malta Comino Gozo Nika Xerri Insane 1 267
19 AxuvaXS.png Axuva Txyx Aniyo 17 110
20 Norrp.png Norrp DJ Mixtape ft. Alex Party Kayla 22 74
21 Aenglide XS.png Aenglide Den Vókteren Harrowing Streets 12 120
22 Cakranegara Lae Bujang Gunjing 11 123
23 Kyritania Maxi Drachen - WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
24 Mister X Tracy Manson Destiny 2 221
26 Jencilland Lambda Fangwilï Ōau Csentáih Obräuñwïll 19 97
27 Vartugia They don’t have a name LOL uosɐǝɹ ǝɯos ɹoɟ pǝddᴉlɟ sᴉ ǝlʇᴉʇ sᴉɥ┴ 24 50
28 Illdonya 940041.png Illdonya Lady Sunshine Do Anything 5 213
29 Crustyland.png Crustyland Cinnanym Rolls Sweet Tooth 15 113
30 The hlhata states XS pic.png The Hlhata States Juniar LOVE ME 4 ME 3 218
31 Erie-arcadia of wombats 273576.png Erie-Arcadia - - WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
32 Makko Oko Candace Karr Be Great Together 14 114
33 Fatimanian Federation Patok Jeepney Brothers Danse de łą Jéunessé 18 97
34 Antahbrantahstan Rayyana Qatrunnada Terlambat 7 179
35 Antenovaria Luiza Correira Leave Me Lonely 27 35
36 Yvesia Malisa Chalor Tonight 4 214

Non-Participating Countries

Withdrawing Countries

The following countries originally intended to participate in the contest but later withdrew: Polkopia, Britonisea, Nekoni, Kyritakia, Hafamarimët, Carrelie, Nativist Australia, Westanglia.

  • Nativist Australia withdrew from the competition due to the lack of preparedness. The broadcaster stated that they will broadcast the event to "gain information about the event". Nativist Australia was set to debut.
  •  Carrelie withdrew from the competition after the unexpected death of Johan V of Sorechlandt, with the funeral set to be held on the day of the contest.
  • Polkopia, Britonisea, Nekoni, Kyritakia, Hafamarimët, Erie-Arcadia & Westanglia did not cite any reason for their withdrawal and did not provide any relevant information.


  1. Vartugia's title for WorldVision Song Contest 102 is upside down. The title in the correct way is "This title is flipped for some reason".