WorldVision Song Contest 103

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WorldVision Song Contest 103
Host Information
DateNovember 2022
VenueRichmond Pavillion
Richmond, StrayaRoos
Mat Jak
Directed byTBC
Executive SupervisorsWorldVision Committee
Executive ProducersAdam Seqar
Host BroadcasterRadio Television StrayaRoos
Opening ActLucky x Αλρηα-Space
Interval Act
  • Roosian WorldVision Medley
* K/K & Reatala - Tomorrows
WebsiteWorldVision 103: Richmond,StrayaRoos
Final number of Entries26
Debuting NationsTummylandia and Susistan
Returning NationsCarrelie, Northern Beepee, Plangainer, S.R. Caryton, Kalosia
Non-returning NationsStrayaRoos Barrier Islands, Robloxian Robloxia, Metras, Britonisea, Missus X, Makko Oko, Yvesia, Cakranegara, Antenovaria
Voting systemEach national jury awards their top 10 points, from 12, 10, 8-1. A proportional televote is then given out amounting to the same total as the jury.
Winning songAlezian unionxspng.png Alezian Union
"Little Bit Insane"
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WorldVision Song Contest 103 was the 103rd edition of the WorldVision Song Contest hosted in Richmond, StrayaRoos. The contest was organised by the International Broadcasting Alliance (IBA), alongside the host broadcaster Radio Television StrayaRoos (RTS).

Alezian Union won the contest with 230 points, giving them their second win in the contest. Waisnor achieved their best result so far in the competition coming in second place. Malta Comino Gozo placed third followed by Aenglide earning fourth and the Spiritual Republic of Caryton acquired their best result to date by coming fifth overall. Further notable ones were Plangainer and Norrp, who both respectively earned new highest positions since their debut in the contest.


Bidding phase

Two countries submitted bids to host the 103rd edition of the WorldVision Song Contest, respectively from Richmond, StrayaRoos and Sibuayo, Yvesia.

Yvesia's bid was originally in collaboration with Axuva. Yvesia's bid comprised of a venue known as COEX Artium, also known as "The Pearl" while the stage was designed by an Axuvan-based designer. Their bid also stated that Tatiana Kang and Yongsin Kukrit would host this event.

On November 14th, 2022, StrayaRoos had been announced as the winner to bid the contest in Richmond, making the it the country's third overall bid and first bid to successfully win with 100 points. Sibuayo, Yvesia came short at a two point difference and ended up second in the results with 98 points.

Key:  †  Host City

City Nation Place Points
Richmond StrayaRoos 1 100
Sibuayo Yvesia 2 98

Participating Nations

R/O Nation Artist Song Place Points
01 Vartugia I Forgot to name this one lol So I can have a title that is in fact longer than the current entry and no one is stopping us for doing the exact thing that we are doing by having a long title that no one asked for and its just normal for a joke-nation to do so with a long title that just wastes time? 26 ▼ 9
02 Carrelie Élodie End of Our Strife 7 171
03 Northern Beepee Alpine Group Like A Volcano 21 64
04 South Batoko elly true 22 52
05 Crustyland Kaleb Johannessen You Remind Me 17 82
06 Illdonya Queen Izzo and Dara Seop Double O 19 72
07 Feudal Italia Chiano This is Byzantium DSQ DSQ
08 Terra Zealandia Lily Marsden Shine 16 112
09 Pemecutan Gus Pandu & Diana Eka Jangan Sesali 12 144
10 Fatimanian Federation Sofia Lészydécsillág Élrá! 23 40
11 Aenglide Mia Knarvik Deep Inside 4 175
12 Robloxian Robloxia Draca BOIZZ WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
13 Tummylandia and Susistan Paul Leskowitz and His Army of Lunatics Fiesta in Tummylandia 24 17
14 Waisnor Kim Na Obeshchayu 2 190
15 StrayaRoos Altos & Goldi Higher 18 77
16 Malta Comino Gozo Paloma Fennech & Elija MiĊelli The Broken Mirror 3 186
17 Alezian Union Liz Dannounavais Little Bit Insane 1 230
19 Placely Placington Dave the Hobo and One of the Akuji Summoners from WV89 Song Title 25 14
20 Spiritual Republic of Caryton Maribelle Simmons Love To Grow 5 175
21 Jencilland Mayahán Vaßei ft. Geor Gia Saeratonnhívha (Seratonin) 20 67
22 Flusia Bad Thoughts Once Upon a Time 15 114
23 Britonisea Ben Nikolai Camouflage WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
24 Antahbrantahstan - - WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
25 Achaean Republic Marco Tolentino Quise Hacerte Feliz 8 157
27 Norrp Julian Grandeur 11 144
28 Nativist Australia - Annabel DSQ DSQ
29 Beepee Norma Deen Rumours 10 144
30 Spring Ukraine - - DSQ DSQ
31 Plangainer Melanii Give A Try 6 175
32 Mister X Lauren Never Leave You Alone 14 122
33 Kalosia Klaravalë No 9 147
34 Hlhata States Akari Gawadake RESET 13 134

Detailed Voting Results

Voting Grid

12 Points

N. Contestant Nation(s) giving 12 points
4 Aenglide StrayaRoos, Placely Placington, Mister X, The Hlhata States
3 Achaean Republic Tummylandia and Susistan, Alezian Union, Beepee
Terra Zealandia S.R. Caryton, Flusia, Achaean Republic
2 Alezian Union Carrelie, Terra Zealandia
Beepee Illdonya, Waisnor
Mister X Crustyland, Pemecutan
1 Carrelie Plangainer
Illdonya Jencilland
Jencilland Norrp
Kalosia South Batoko
Norrp Kalosia
Pemecutan Malta Comino Gozo
S.R. Caryton Northern Beepee
The Hlhata States Aenglide
Tummylandia & Susistan Vartugia
Waisnor Fatimanian Federation