WorldVision Song Contest 82

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WorldVision Song Contest 82
Worldvision 82 Logo.png
Motto Find Your Frequency
Host City Tiferet, Ertzei Kishim
Host Broadcaster HARESHET
Participant 35
Winning Country Llalta
Winning Song "Fate"
Winning Artist Esther Winterbourne

Worldvision Song Contest 82 is the 82nd edition of the annual Worldvision Song Contest. It was held in Tiferet, Ertzei Kishim. In this edition, North Alezia debuted in the Worldvision Song Contest. HARESHET handles the broadcasting and hosting for this competition. In this edition, Llalta's Esther Winterbourne won the contest with the song "Fate" with 284 points (jury and televote combined) which was the current record holder for the most points in the new system until Worldvision 100 where Todlichebujoku won with 493 points.

Host Bid

Bidding City Country Result
Tiferet Ertzei Kishim Unanimous

As usual as every edition, in order to choose the host of the Worldvision Song Contest, each country that has interest in hosting must present their bids to the world and each country choose the best of all bids. The country with the most bids then earn the right of hosting the Worldvision Song Contest. In this edition, only HARESHET brought up their bid, and thus they automatically earn the right for hosting the 82nd edition of the contest.

The contest was broadcasted live around the world from Zirah Leumit.


This edition, the contest got an addition to the voting method. Other than the usual method where each country present their points from their local juries, a method called "Televoting" is added where for the first time, the public got the chance to vote on their favorite songs where each country provide various ways to vote to the public.

Participating Countries and Results

No. Country Singer Song Place Points
01 Izmedu Prudencija N. Chaos 2 257
02 Zeganas Blackstarr ft. Gage Kage Nightlife in the Big City 25 17
03 Flag of Waisnor.png Waisnor Renat & Plato Dusha Kak Lyod 22 61
04 Scotatrova Rafael Rubio Nel Danx Zen The 11 149
05 Beepee Birthe Right All In Your Mind 9 165
06 Titaniumland Joelle Equality 12 147
07 Ekoz -none- -none- DNF DNF
08 Missus X -none -none- DNF DNF
09 Rsz 11flag 1.png North Alezia Imara Syafani You Are 17 117
10 Britonisea Kristiana Totem Prominence 3 255
11 Mister X The Doctor Don't be Afraid (Unless it's a Dalek) 29 8
12 Elejamie Aurora Cassidy Since I Lost Him 5 227
13 Malta Comino Gozo Glen Ferguson and Kartha Gewart Serenity 6 220
14 Flag of Llalta.png Llalta Esther Winterbourne Fate 1 284
15 Polkopia Rokzana Route 99 8 172
16 Antahbrantahstan Ruslan Miroslavovic Guilt 23 53
17 Saviera Andrea Christian Me and My World 21 62
18 Estogium Elias Nordin Promise Me 13 138
19 Ertzei Kishim Kafeh Shahor Habibi 7 182
20 Achaean Republic MC Yesca Amansa Guapo 16 123
21 Placey Placington E Oe Euaoue 27 12
22 Kalosia Max Calder and Bella Verano Beyond The Stars 10 160
23 Axuva Ekspeditsiya For You 20 73
24 Talvezout Laura Sensual Work 18 90
25 Nachlomo Massey Massie Once in Love 30 7
26 Bayilan 211 I Need You 26 15
27 Amuaplye -none- -none- DNF DNF
28 Nekoni Cafe Bleu Useless Games 14 127
29 Vartugia (Blank) Dancing in Teh Dakr 28 12
30 Besen Mimi Lamire Breathing 15 124
31 Lochario Erik Van Douuger ft. DJ Kolli Blazers 31 1
32 Proluvia -none- -none- DNF DNF
33 Normandy and Picardy Seance Chez Moi Moodboard 19 82
34 Hafamarimet Inuh Pmilgint Come To Me 24 18
35 Todlichebujoku Noravas ft. Alvrutta Matsuvoka Feel Alive 4 238