WorldVision Song Contest 84

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WorldVision Song Contest 84
Worldvision 84 Logo.png
Motto #BetterTogether
Host City Milano, Besen
Host Broadcaster BAEN
Participant 33
Winning Country Malta Comino Gozo
Winning Song Force
Winning Artist Aris Mooe

Worldvision Song Contest 84 is the 84th edition of the international song competition called the Worldvision Song Contest. This edition was held in Milano, Besen after a huge bidding process. Malta Comino Gozo won their first title in the Worldvision Song Contest on this edition with Aris Mooe and the song " Force " sweeping through both the Jury and the Public. Normandy and Picardy and Beepee completes the top 3 podium.


This edition, four countries placed their bid on hosting the Worldvision Song Contest. Those countries are Besen, Malta Comino Gozo, North Alezia, and Main Nation Ministry where each showed their best abilities on hosting. Both Zafizamarrah and Valetta were bidding again after missing out the chance of hosting the 83rd Contest.

Last contest, there was a tie between Zafizamarrah and St. Christopher. And such, in order to avoid such situations from happening again, the committee decided that each country must vote by ranking all bids and giving each bids 8, 10, and 12 points to each of their favorites. With this procedure and with the final result, Milano won the rights of hosting the Worldvision Song Contest.

Place City Country Points
01 Milano Besen 132
02 Valletta Malta Comino Gozo 114
03 Zafizamarrah North Alezia 90
04 Main Nation Ministry Main Nation Ministry 54

Participating Countries and Results

No. Country Singer Song Place Points
1 Estana And Thaos -none- -none- DNF DNF
2 Fautenheddo Weakback Cookie 24 29
3 Estogium Marco Pavic If You Wanna 19 87
4 North Alezia Mina Al-Diyyah Antahiyat 11 135
5 Caryton Jake Miko Day by Day 20 80
6 South Alezia W.W.W (We Want Win) We All Wanna Trophy 26 16
7 Beepee Selma Soul From The Sky 3 177
8 Nekoni -none- -none- DNF DNF
9 Minskiev Czarstruck Rum DSQ DSQ
10 Scotatrova Alfredo Moruga Lagrimos 16 114
11 Placey Placington Jim the Grindcore Guy Bloke Ek is lief vir jou 25 24
12 Waisnor Levitskaya and Company Plachu pod tekhno 15 115
13 Talvezout Lady Kim Image of You 12 132
14 Nachlomo Massey Massie No Hope 27 8
15 Cokoland -none -none- DNF DNF
16 Northern Beepee Jigay (The Deepest Shade of) Blue 21 79
17 Polkopia An Na ft. Draako Puls' Serdtsa 4 174
18 Ertzei Kishim Eitan Carreira Melody 8 141
19 Main Nation Ministry Marcus Doctorow Big Brother 22 79
20 Malta Comino Gozo Aris Mooe Force 1 236
21 Achaean Republic Lara Amanda Esta Lloviendo 5 169
22 Pemecutan Mitha Kemala Main Hati 23 70
23 Britonisea Meghan Jorgensen Glow 9 139
24 Antahbrantahstan Haidar Ribeiro Candlelight 6 169
25 Elejamie Dave Owens In The End 7 161
26 Normandy and Picardy Les Pompadours La Chute 2 179
27 Mister X Filius Deorum Slipstream 10 136
28 Saviera Tom F.O.O'Leary Rivals 13 126
29 Amuaplye -none- -none- DNF DNF
30 Antenovaria -none- -none- DNF DNF
31 Izmedu Gordan Glavas Ratnicka Prica 17 108
32 Kalosia Maria Guteres Not The End 14 124
33 Todlichebujoku Eslaaja Partanen Parempaa 18 108