WorldVision Song Contest 87

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WorldVision Song Contest 87
Worldvision 87 Logo.png
Venue Stadion Hanisova
Host City Peeto, Polkopia
Host Broadcaster PNB
Presenters Tatiyana Mašpin, Lana Vernova, and Dima Bogdanović
Participants 47
Debuting Countries Tohotokai
Returning Countries Belgaam , Christarnea

, Electrum , Electrum Diplomatic Offices , Estogium , Normandy and Picardy , Northern Beepee , Oqmet, Saintrabina , Talvezout , Zeganas

Withdrawing Countries Amuaplye, Axuva

, Highly Ranked , Mercedini , Nightom , Scotatrova

Winning Country Britonisea
Winning Song Let Me Down Gently
Winning Artist Charlotte Davies

Worldvision Song Contest 87 is the 87th edition of annually held Worldvision Song Contest, which is a Song Competition with competitors from around the world. The contest was held in Peeto, Polkopia and was won by Britonisea.

Bidding Process

This edition, three countries competed for the hosting position. Polkopia, Scotatrova, and Placely Placington where each shows a bid package that can be used to convince voters to vote for one of them. Rumours circulated around North Alezia that the country itself has secretly created preparations for bidding, and it was rumoured that the country pulled out of the bid due to budget issues, however, this rumour has been shot down directly by the ABA, while immediately announcing that North Alezia is interested on bidding for the 88th competition. In this bidding process, Polkopia won the rights to host the competition for an unprecedented sixth time after a voting session with each voter ranking all bids and sort them by 8, 10, and 12 points.

Place City Country Points
01 Peeto Polkopia 206
02 Engium Scotatrova  192
03 Cityburgh Placely Placington 156


According to the Polkopian Bid Package, Peeto stands out above the rest for a number of reasons. For one, Peeto is the second largest Polkopian city and boasts a bustling public transit network. In addition to an extensive heavy and light rail network, Peeto is home to Polkopia's first monorail system with full service between all of Polkopia's main destinations. Regarding arrival to Peeto, the city is home to Polkopia's busiest international airport - Verekovo Airport, as well as Nulvik' Airport and Čestovo Airport who also service international airlines. Polkopia boasts an incredibly efficient passenger railway network, spanning across the entire nation with select destinations in neighboring countries as well. Being a port city, Peeto's maritime transportation is as bustling as ever. With 101 commercial ports, Peeto sports Polkopia's largest and busiest port and takes great pride in its maritime activity. Polkopia is also the home of a very extensive railway system.

Besides being one of the oldest cities in the nation and boasting some beautiful, historical sights, the city is the unofficial capital of Polkopia's thriving music scene. Polkopian Worldvision legends like Sergey Borisčev, Anna Viktoreevna, and Anna Petravona (to name a few) all got their lucky break whilst in Peeto and their impact on the city's culture can still be felt today. Worldvision fans are able to visit the 'Worldvision Museum' located in the Arts District, where original drafts, recordings, and interviews from previous Polkopian participants are all available to the public.

The history of the city is as complex as the history of Polkopia itself and that can be seen through a simple walk through any of the downtown districts. The land that Peeto now sits upon was first built upon in 1422, when the Muscovites built a fortress that stood until the early 16th century, when the fortress was demolished and a city was built in its place. That city would later become known as Peeto and would be the center of revolution, innovation, and civilization in the region for the centuries to come. The city was partially destroyed a number of times throughout the years and this can all be seen while walking down Nulvikiy Prospekt, one of the main avenues downtown, where buildings on the side of the road can date back all the way back to 1543. Historically speaking, Peetovnitsy, or citizens from Peeto, were always able to rebuild their city quickly after disaster struck their beloved hometown. For instance, by the time the first Polkopian Civil War had ended, many of the older, historical homes downtown had been destroyed. Instead of replicating some of these structures, the Peetovnitsy worked tirelessly to rebuild their city with a more modern flare. This can be seen toward the end of Nulvikiy Prospekt, where one can spot a 20th century Khrushchyovka right next-door to a 17th century flat on the corner of Bol'šaya Street.

The postcard for this edition shows each participating country's sillouette of the skyline of a capital city or other various places inside a circle, with the outer rim packed with Polkopian traditional art, the colour for each postcard is adjusted with the flag colour of each participating country. The 87th contest saw many past nations including Zeganas and Saintabrina to name a few, returning after a long absence. .

Participating Countries and Results

No. Country Singer Song Place Points
1 Spiritual Republic of Caryton Granny Janine Strawberry Cake 29 77
2 Carrelie Les Quatre Chanteuses Let's Go! 28 79
3 Elejamie South Working Funk Band All Day, All Night 12 155
4 South Alezia Kay Wattefs ft. DJ Duck and His Family Queen World 35 22
5 Scotatrova Rafael Rubio Xiocam Gom Emor dnf dnf
6 Tödlichebujoku Vimma To Their Knees 13 145
7 Rhim Flavveztowland Gloria-N-Kylie Dreams in My Pocket 30 68
8 Crabaia withdrawn withdrawn dnf dnf
9 Tohotokai Hamasaki Tsukusa 幸せISM ~Let's愛します~ (ShiawaseISM ~Let's Aishimasu~) 33 42
10 Polkopia Rena Lorak Temperatura 10 159
11 Oqmet Tëqana Mëlšahrë Huğubek 21 107
12 Axuva dnf dnf dnf dnf
13 Antahbrantahstan Claudia/Jasmine Things Takes Time 18 115
14 Antenovaria dnf dnf dnf dnf
15 Britonisea Charlotte Davies Let Me Down Gently 1 242
16 Belgaam Ñozania Trielzi Promises 20 108
17 North Alezia Kelsi Meshzan No 8 160
18 Placely Placington Test and the Subjects Vote for Placely! 34 25
19 Estogium Ronen Bellegarde Deliver 15 120
20 Beepee The Goolies Marry Me 23 106
21 Pemecutan Agustinus Setiawan Apakah Ini Cinta? 27 85
22 Talvezout Lorenzo Never 19 112
23 Waisnor Svetlana Mikhalkova Sorvat' maski 14 140
24 Malta Comino Gozo Adam Borg I Became Everything to You 6 175
25 Kalosia DAZHURI Lost My Mind 4 194
26 Nekoni Kids With Guns Don't Give It Up 22 108
27 Electrum Dhuba Yolnge Band Everywhen 24 102
28 Electrum Diplomatic Offices Gertrude Pullman The Gertrude Eats Tonight 36 11
29 Northern Beepee Miriam Goodbye 16 116
30 Crustyland Joanne Coften Abstract Waves 32 42
31 Kyritakia Plastic Planet Coming Up dnf dnf
32 Ertzei Kishim Dikla Romanova This One's For You 3 216
33 Normandy and Picardy ENF3R Tic-Tac 7 170
34 Achaean Republic BREAKNESS Fire 5 188
35 Zeganas Sarkovona Philosophy 31 42
36 Shorestead Talon Boy Next Door dnf dnf
37 Indusse Ramesh Chandra Buxar Jaya Desha Paramparam dnf dnf
38 Ekoz Misha Sjelmsgor In Time dnf dnf
39 Hafamarimët Samëči Vajedjëm 9 160
40 Saintabrina Yanka Bloomtime 11 158
41 Rosmana Bando Fodder Beta but still all male dnf dnf
42 Christarnea Pirov Watermark 25 97
43 Saviera Jorts Sirmemes They 26 94
44 Mister X Martin Trundle Single Jingle dsq dsq
45 Llalta Himiko Arden ft. National Orchestra of Llalta Forevermore 2 217
46 Missus X Rick Leg Love Meets A Lion dsq dsq
47 Ethane Adriana Jameson Racing Heart 17 115