WorldVision Song Contest 88

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WorldVision Song Contest 88
Worldvision 88 Logo.png
Venue Eastin Millenium Arena
Host City Flavezztowland City, Rhim Flavezztowland
Host Broadcaster Metromusic Networks
Presenters Derek Bennett, Erica Gomez, Marilyn Chang
Participants 34 (42 initial)
Debuting Countries tba
Returning Countries tba
Withdrawing Countries tba
Winning Country Izmedu
Winning Song Sine maj
Winning Artist Walk With Me

Worldvision Song Contest 88 is the 88th edition of the Worldvision Song Contest. It was held in Flavezztowland City, Rhim Flavezztowland after a voting process.

Host Bidding

This edition, three countries sent their bid in order to earn the rights to host the contest. Those countries are Saviera, Carrelie, and Rhim Flavezztowland. Rhim Flavezztowland won the bidding process.

City Points
Flavezztowland City, Rhim Flavezztowland 158
Mont-Depelier, Carrelie 128
Kajoyo, Saviera 126

Host Details

Flavezztowland City is the capital of Rhim Flavezztowland with rich location, history, and economy. The city is host of a world-class airport, Flavezztowland City Airport. The city has 15 boroughs, with Midchester being the city center which hosts its governmental complex. The city is well known for its urban green space, robust metro system, and unique cuisine - in fact, the origin of the dish of Nortender lasagna (a dish of lasagna made with Flavezztowlander cheese - a cheese made with almond milk, garam masala, and parsley - as well as a special sauce and potatoes) is this very city.

According to the host package prepared by Flavezztowland City, the competition will be held in the Eastin Millenium Arena should they win. The Arena has 40.000 seats capacity with a strategic location wth easy access to an arterial road and to Eastin Bridge station of the city's metro system. The arena opened on March 29, 2000, and has hosted a lot of concerts ever since. In addition, it's the current home arena of the Flavezztowland City 19ers - a basketball team that practices at the arena every day - and is the host of the Flavezztowlander Basketball League (FBL) Nortend Cup that takes place every July.

Participating Countries and Results

No. Country Singer Song Place Points
01 British Alberta Martins van Schalwyk Give Us Freedom DSQ DSQ
02 Polkopia An Na Over You 6 165
03 Placely Placington Placely Placington All-Stars We're Placingtoned! 29 31
04 Scotatrova Cathrina Levafe Empty Truths 4 173
05 Faraby Zehra Kaya Riding on Your Love 21 117
06 Achaean Republic Moquillos Embarazados Adam 16 142
07 Waisnor Verba Paren' do svidaniya 24 102
08 Saviera Sofia Liszm New Day 27 50
09 Beepee Teddy Behr The Spell 7 156
10 Hafamarimët The Hangovers ft. Vnëgmëh Nučajam Internet Is Fake 19 121
11 Izmedu Walk With Me Sine maj 1 273
12 United States of Gondor dnf dnf dnf dnf
13 South Alezia Duo Yay! Hoe je een cake bakt 26 52
14 Kalosia Sons of Thunder Lonely Symphony 14 143
15 Oqmet čnaajidi yömağavye End 25 65
16 North Alezia Unique Times Four Enjoy Life, Love Yourself 15 143
17 Talvezout The Crystalettes Hope DSQ DSQ
18 Nachlomo The Music Group What Could Have Been DSQ DSQ
19 Axuva withdrew withdrew dnf dnf
20 Rusmailica dnf dnf dnf dnf
21 Belgaam Sariula Toxic 23 103
22 Koniglich Wasserstein Thomas Larßaka Ever Changing, Never Changing 17 142
23 Nekoni withdrew 'withdrew dnf dnf
24 Britonisea Rosie Rakas Come What May 2 211
25 Antahbrantahstan Caitrina Rikardi Dealing With Love 20 120
26 Malta Comino Gozo Simeon The Beast 5 168
27 Carrelie Mille & Éren Don't Be So Uptight 8 153
28 Pemecutan Mitha Kemala Cerita Cinta 12 145
29 Ertzei Kishim Tanya Benisti I'm Alive 3 179
30 Elejamie Kyandii Lotus 9 149
31 Crustyland Tony Turdison and Mandy Bigooty Don't Feed the Fishes 30 29
32 Rhim Flavezztowland Red Pearl Lost in Fromulya 10 148
33 Christarnea dnf dnf dnf dnf
34 Greater Korean Juche Republic Kim Yong-Ae and the People's Navy Electronic Troupe Our Leader Can Fly 28 39
35 Kyritakia withdrew 'withdrew dnf dnf
36 Alta Remnants Alfred Hindenler I'm Myself 31 19
37 Caryton Sarah Parker Contributing Love 13 143
38 Syrche Lana Lewis Thinking About You 18 127
39 Tödlichebujoku REME1 Freedom 11 146
40 Zeganas withdrew 'withdrew dnf dnf
41 Estogium Joel Kingstone Apologise 22 106
42 Kasanovakoratica N/A Hello 32 9