WorldVision Song Contest 89

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WorldVision Song Contest 89
Worldvision 89 Logo.png
Venue Äuszer Ametsuči Dome
Host City Äuszer , Tödlichebujoku
Host Broadcaster TÖBUK
Presenters Ensio Aasili, MÜRKÜLLINEN
Participants 37
Debuting Countries Auphelia, Norrp, Saint-Miron, Sapenteria, New Zealandic South West Saint Martin
Returning Countries Adab
Withdrawing Countries tba
Winning Country Malta Comino Gozo
Winning Song Summer Nights
Winning Artist 5IVE

Worldvision Song Contest 89 was the 89th edition of the Worldvision Song Contest. It was held in Äuszer, Tödlichebujoku after it received the most votes in the host bidding. Malta Comino Gozo won the contest marking their second win in the song contest.

Host Bidding

This edition, three cities from three nations attempted to host the competition. Other than the eventual winner Auszer, A notable bidder is Rakaphy, Ertzei Kishim. This is due to their suggestion of adding a new semifinal system should they won the right to host.

City Points
Äuszer, Tödlichebujoku 158
Rakaphy, Ertzei Kishim 148
Banksia, Beepee 144

Host Details

A city with rich cuisine and beautiful skyscraper and unique creatures, Äuszer might look like a smaller contender to Todlichebujoku's biggest city, which is Sterblichengokai, but it's still a big city on itself with a massive airport and beautiful nature of the sacred Alamaailman Savupiippu summit in autumn and the Äuszer city flower, the perhonenkukka. The city is also well known for its beaches, gardens, and a big shopping district called the Satavuotiskatu shopping district, and a racing circuit.

Participating Countries and Results

No. Country Singer Song Place Points
01 Carrelie Mary O'Enpont Alone 17 141
02 New Zealandic South West Saint Martin Beans & Co. Posedata de abeloj (Owned by Bees) 32 37
03 Norrp Sniper Under Subcultures Ibiza 28 60
04 Beepee Jolie Beaujaube Only Love 8 185
05 Estogium Felix Thompson Feral 18 129
06 Scotatrova Iago Valthes Comon U Sonie 10 175
07 Malta Comino Gozo 5ive Summer Nights 1 235
08 Adab Ninki Jalil Running Through the Grass 2 224
09 Britonisea Shaughna Lucero nobody wants her. 11 166
10 Elejamie Patricio Esposito (ft. Aribella) I've Been Waiting 14 149
11 North Alezia North Alezia Arlianna Safarudiyyah Paramedical 5 195
12 Ertzei Kishim Sderot Rothschild Mahari Na 7 187
13 Faraby Bea Altun Under the Bridge 19 126
14 Belgaam ŻIRAÑAI THE TRUTH 25 71
15 Polkopia Inita Gold People 3 211
16 Axuva Leila Hwang Elevated 20 117
17 Kalosia Mercyradio What a Shame 15 149
18 South Alezia Mike(aella) Rouffone Dear Me! 31 39
19 Ethane Lachlan Take A Stand 24 87
20 Pemecutan Poleng Sujatine 21 100
21 Antahbrantahstan MAYSA Shine A Light 6 194
22 Placely Placington Seriously, Dave, What Are These Guys Called? You Hired Them To Sing For Us, Surely They Gave You Their Name Or Something Interval Act 33 26
23 Fatimania Elena Marie Cuseta Love Letter 27 66
24 Nihilitia ASUBA Makomarmu (Our Destiny) 29 55
25 Waisnor Virgin Marina Poteryala ya sebya 16 144
26 Greater Korean Juche Republic Park Yong Ae Let's All Stand Strong 26 66
27 Vartugia Mr Peanut Cut Last Place Entry 34 25
28 These American States U4 (We're Like Super) Sorry 36 17
29 Tödlichebujoku MXB Lüö Mua 4 204
30 Crustyland Lattsa Aileren Blubber 13 150
31 Achaean Republic Fantasmagoria Tu Verdad 9 182
32 Auphelia The Doyennes The Wailing of the Mothers 22 98
33 Spiritual Republic of Caryton The Streetlights The Dog For You And Me 23 93
34 Zamboodle General Doukno Daewae Prince of Zamboodle 35 22
35 Saviera Stoic Dotté Heaven in Mind 37 15
36 Saperetia Sienna Logan Never give up 30 50
37 Saint Miron Nyoka Parvati Rumors 12 157