WorldVision Song Contest 90

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Worldvision Song Contest 90
Worldvision 90 Logo.png
Venue Riverside Arena
Host City Avon , Elejamie
Presenters Nick J. Holland, Andrea Pérez, Yoni Maenilon
Participants 35
Debuting Countries Alezian Union, New Douria, Not Auphelia, Volstranistania
Returning Countries Antenovaria, Eljida, Hafamarimet, Llalta, Mister X, Natanya, Nekoni, Northern Beepee, Syrche, Teesdexxia
Withdrawing Countries Belgaam, Carrelie, Ertzei Kishim, Estogium, Ethane, Indo States, Nihilitia, New Zealandic South West Saint Martin, North Alezia, Polkopia, Saint-Miron, Saperetia, South Alezia, These American States, Zamboodle
Winning Country Malta Comino Gozo
Winning Song Don't Come Close
Winning Artist Brooke Galea

Worldvision Song Contest 90 was the 90th edition of the Worldvision Song Contest. It was held in Avon, Elejamie after they received the most votes in the host bidding. Malta Comino Gozo won the contest, marking their first consecutive wins after winning the 89th edition. This now means they have 3 wins. This edition is also the first time that the Alezian Union is participating as a unified country, after participating separately under North and South Alezia in previous editions.

Host Bidding

This edition, only two countries sent out their bids: Elejamie and Carrelie. After a thorough voting process, it was decided that Elejamie, specifically Avon, will host the competition.

No. City Points
01 Avon, Elejamie 170
02 Haufenburg, Carrelie 160

Host City

Avon is a city of culture and, indeed, was the first Elejamian City of Culture back in 2013. The Goldenderry district in the heart of downtown is unofficially referred to as the “Museum District" and for a good reason, as it’s home to the National Museum of Art, the Avon Museum of Modern Art (or AMMA for short) that’s just a stone’s throw away and the National Transport Museum. There’s also the Avon Botanical Gardens located on the outskirts of the city should downtown not satisfy your cravings. For a show, there’s the Bristol district which hosts a number of performing arts centres such as the Broadenchurch Theatre, the Bristolian Centre and the Cochrane; there’s the Avon Operahaus which not only is one of two main opera houses in the Aventry area but is also home to the Avon Philharmonia; and there’s the StarLand Cinema, which is the largest cinema in the nation and nestled snugly on the edge of the Avon CBD. And, for those who wish to take part in any religious services during their stay, there are a number of churches, mosques, the odd synagogue and other religious buildings dotted round the city, as well as the Avon Cathedral which also functions as a museum when services aren’t in session.

Avon is also pretty well known for its sports capabilities, being the host of the Avon Stars in the ENIHL, as well as its female counterpart in the Avon Thunder of the ENWIHL. There’s the Avon Saints of the EPBL. There’s the Avon Knights in the ERC, the University of Avon Cats in the University League, the Avon Warriors in the HBRL (soon to be renamed EERL) and the Avon Sphinx in the EWRC. There are a handful of bowls venues dotted around the entire Aventry metro area, including on the Pembroke Golf Course just on the edge of Avon which has weekly competitions open to anyone. There’s a myriad of soccer teams, with Avon FC being the main team but smaller sides such as Avon Egremont FC, Avon LFC and Efontari Iyilim FT calling the city home. And, of course, there’s the Battle of the Bridge, a series of rivalries between sports teams from Avon and sports teams from their cross-river rivals Coventry, all of which tend to sell out very quickly and get good ratings, so expect a tense but ultimately thrilling atmosphere should anyone catch a game between the Stars and the Puffins, the Knights and the Wyverns, the Warriors and the Saviours, the Saints and the Nets and many more.

The contest will be hosted in the Riverside Arena, located on the banks of the Garpu River. Originally planned to be completed in time for the new Millennium, construction was finally finished in March 2000 due to a myriad of problems that saw construction get delayed. The arena is home to a number of sports teams such as the Avon Stars ice hockey team, Avon Saints basketball team and the national basketball team, among other teams. It also hosted the second edition of the rebooted ElejamieVision, which determined who would represent the nation at the 86th and 87th WorldVision Song Contests. Normally it has a capacity of 16,250 people with a potential to expand it to 17,000, although due to parts being tarped off and social distancing measures being enforced the number’s expected to be much lower. Fortunately, there’ll be a number of suites for those who are willing to dish out extra for them, a number of commentary booths for each broadcaster with all the necessary extras and a green room that not only conforms to social distancing measures but also has a free bar

Participating Countries and Results

No. Country Singer Song Place Points
01 Nekoni Red/Black City Lights 7 167
02 Faraby Altan Ohyar The Mercy Chair 23 90
03 Adab Alina Shawqi Speeding Car 13 141
04 Norrp Tropical Chocolate I Won't Change 27 80
05 Axuva D-IAMOND Too Good (For You Now) 24 82
06 Scotatrova Analina Thocas 22 92
07 Eljida Hatima Nazerova Көксaл oт 12 149
08 Malta Comino Gozo Brooke Galea Don't Come Close 1 242
09 Todlichebujoku Rei Pavro Se Sattuu 25 81
10 New Douria Jade Cadwalada Prophecy 15 126
11 Elejamie Manoy Underbelly 5 173
12 Crustyland Elisa Paola The Addiction 16 124
13 Alezian Union Quarter Again If I Can Repeat The Past 10 158
14 Mister X Lauren Set Me On Fire 6 167
15 Natanya Nah-Ah Flowers Will Bloom Among Debris 18 113
16 Saviera Water, The Forgotten Element September 29 70
17 Antenovaria Asoilette Costa Feel You 35 0 (DSQ)
18 Achaean Republic Awhwhamarine Patriarchy 9 163
19 Waisnor Vitaly Chudetsky Nu A Poka 8 163
20 Kalosia Katrinë Malto Angelu 17 118
21 Pemecutan Baladewa ft. Ayu Lasmi Nada Cinta 3 211
22 Britonisea Aaliyah Banques Promise Me 2 228
23 Placely Placington Wynan Schitt Chad Is A Huge Jerk >:( 32 19
24 Vartugia Blaintant Propaganda Vartugia Greatest Nation 34 6
25 Spiritual Republic of Caryton The Shirleyton Trio Neigborly Love 20 96
26 Llalta Lacey Constellations 4 190
27 Greater Korean Juche Republic Ri Pyong Chon, Hang Song-Il, and The Pyeongyang Choir Blood Of Martyrdom 31 42
28 Syrche Varoha Salona ft. Peer Nostalgia Before You Go 30 63
29 Northern Beepee Magnolia Follow 19 102
30 Beepee Mary Zaho Won't You Fall In Love 11 152
31 Not Auphelia The Hoyden Triplets Bittersweet Sorrow 21 96
32 Auphelia The Divine Chorus of the Palace of Hard Earth The Rebirth of The Goddess 33 12
33 Teesdexxia Ent3r Key That Word 14 132
34 Hafamarimet Gilded Youth Čavnëdïl 26 81
35 Volstranistania Charles O'Hara Explain (Stockholm Syndrome/David & Goliath) 28 73