WorldVision Song Contest 91

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Worldvision Song Contest 91
Venue Grand Centre
Host City Haufenburg, Carrelie
Host Broadcaster Radio Dourie
Presenters Marien Lochnette, Vian Genamman
Participants 30
Debuting Countries Joija, Kergle
Returning Countries Alinghi, Carrelie, Ethane, South Batoko, Zamboodle
Withdrawing Countries Mister X, Natanya, Norrp
Winning Country Malta Comino Gozo
Winning Song Reckless 24/7
Winning Artist Unnamed Static

Worldvision Song Contest 91 was the 91st edition of the Worldvision Song Contest. It was held in Haufenburg Carrelie. 30 countries took part and saw the return of South Batoko and Alinghi after several contests. Malta Comino Gozo won the contest for the fourth time making them the first country to ever win 3 contests back to back. They know have the record for the first hat trick in the competition. Scotatrova acheived their second best result, second place. Elejamie finished third, Antahbrantashstan fourth and debut Joija finished fifth. Hosts Carrelie achieved their highst position so far in the contest, seventh and the new unified Alezian Union acheived their highest placing, eight.

Participating Countries and Results

No. Country Singer Song Place Points
01 Spiritual Republic of Caryton Latanya Anderson Save Face 14 130
02 Kergle Samir Rouscot The Rise of the King 25 25
03 Scotatrova Vítor Rasizade All I Need 2 216
04 Waisnor Catherine de Potier Mne pridetsya otpustit' 9 153
05 Carrelie Sylvia Knudsen Tryllestav 7 185
06 Greater Korean Juche Republic Mangyongdae Ensemble Spirit 24 32
07 Syrche SHEANTE One Night in Haufenburg 18 98
08 Hafamarimët Tejšë Into the Light 15 117
09 Alezian Union FIRE FIRE 8 179
10 Pemecutan Agustinus Setiawan ft. Dek Yuli Yakinlah 12 145
11 Adab Libbalisarrat Eriba, Miriam Lavi, Still I Rise Troupe Because It's There 17 101
12 Elejamie The Lads and the Lasses Your Song 3 202
13 Rhim Flavezztowland Ruslan Kingdom 13 135
14 Federal-Democratic Republic of Alinghi The Apocalipse Everyone want survive 20 59
15 Malta Comino Gozo Unnamed Static Reckless 24/7 1 239
16 Placely Placington Sports Bloke and a Bunch of Test Subjects Placely's on the Field! 22 36
17 Kalosia Martina Guerra Higher 10 146
18 Vartugia You, The guy over There, The guy who wrote This, Some random charater i made for This, Benis Hahahaha, Confusing Name and Yes- This song is the best son ever and will get first place without ever getting points and 27 8
19 Antahbrantahstan sixaxis ft. Joyce Amin Mute (Confessions to a Lover) 4 188
20 Axuva Dorae & Midgin . DSQ DSQ
21 Estogium Jared Atkinson Hypnotised 19 72
22 Zamboodle W.W.W (We Want Win) Give Us The 12 Points 26 12
23 South Batoko MiRE You're Gone Now 21 41
24 Beepee Kiki All of the Feelings 11 146
25 Crustyland The Shouty Seal Project It's My Sausage 23 34
26 Joija Kiko Stay Mad 5 188
27 Tödlichebujoku TKH Viha 6 186
28 Ethane Alisha Devons Dreams Made of Paper 16 111
29 Auphelia Connie Lingus ft. Miss Slurp We're Having Fun DSQ DSQ
30 Not Auphelia Lil Sebastian Babylon DSQ DSQ