WorldVision Song Contest 97

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Worldvision Song Contest 97
Venue Waratah Theatre
Host City Norfolk Pinewoods, Beepee
Host Broadcaster BONC
Presenters Harry Balsac
Participants 32 (Originally) 25 (Entries)
Debuting Countries (3) Cakranegara, Hööra, Illdonya
Returning Countries (1) Antahbrantahstan
Non-Returning Countries (3) Ethane, Iqq Northwest Bir Tawil Halaib Triangles, Moorland, Norrp
Disqualified Countries (6) Metras, Ertzei Kishim, S.R. Caryton, Hafamarimët, Rhim Flavezztowland, StrayaRoos
Winning Country Polkopia
Winning Song What's wrong?
Winning Artist Biyan'ka
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Worldvision Song Contest 97 was the Worldvision Song Contest's 97th edition, with the host city being Norfolk Pinewoods, Beepee. It was presented by national broadcaster BONC The Waratah Theatre, constructed in 1978 and refurbished in 2018 for its fortieth year, was the venue. The theatre sits in the heart of Norfolk Pinewoods. With a capacity of 2,700 seats and ample technical capabilities (for commentary boxes and international broadcasting), the Waratah Theatre harks back to more civilised times of viewing high quality musical acts in comfort and luxury.

This was Beepee's first time hosting Worldvision. Twenty-five nations competed. In this edition, Polkopia's Biyan'ka, and her song "What's Wrong?" managed to get their 10th Worldvision win, making them the first (and only) nation to get a double-digit number of wins. Aenglide also managed their first podium placement, coming in 2nd place. Achaean Republic managed to get 3rd place.


Since Norfolk Pinewoods, Beepee was the only city to place a host bid in this edition, voting was not necessary and the city automatically gained hosting rights. The last time an automatic hosting like this had happened was in Worldvision 92.

Participating Countries and Results

No. Country Singer Song Place Points
01 Vartugia Dosen't matter since we will get last place anyway 1 and half a minute with torture 25 ▼ 2
02 Metras Kaspar Arnhems The Mountains DSQ DSQ
03 Waisnor Zoya Yushkevich Ya dolzhna uyti 6 150
04 Adab Hanish Dagon Double Life 21 82
05 Polkopia Biyan'ka What's wrong? 1 196
06 Hööra Elsena Oleviäniku Muositu ccuövga süüma naastin 13 131
07 Placely Placington Dave McDaverson Dave's The Best 24 15
08 StrayaRoos Barrier Islands Random Toddler Vote For Me! WITHDREW WITHDREW
09 Beepee Phil Meupp Talk To Me 7 149
10 Illdonya Maria Manza Alone 20 88
11 Scotatrova Brianna Soliure Perfect 14 119
12 Carrelie Achilles Heel Number One 12 133
13 Pemecutan Gung Trisna Satu-satunya Yang Kau Cinta 8 142
14 Achaean Republic Yileishka Mercado Chanson 3 177
15 Elejamie Mason and Jon Navarez Saudade 9 141
16 Antahbrantahstan Darja Antonjeva The Artist 10 141
17 Aenglide The Mercantiles Benevolent Frequencies 2 179
18 StrayaRoos Unia Magnificent DSQ DSQ
19 Spiritual Republic of Caryton - - DSQ DSQ
20 Britonisea Amelia Stone, Tom Bastion Lollipop 4 165
21 Cakranegara Nita Aziz & Jamal Alwi Hanya Karna Uang 19 102
22 Alezian Union Les Bucinnoaises What Would You 18 104
23 Joija Pretty, Ethereal Symmetry 16 113
24 Ertzei Kishim David Abaty Fire In The Fight DSQ DSQ
25 Crustyland Crustyland Choir Crustyland 23 18
26 Malta Comino Gozo Fradel & Spies Still Standing 11 136
27 Hafamarimët - - DSQ DSQ
28 Rhim Flavezztowland - - DSQ DSQ
29 Kalosia Alia M Dream On 17 105
30 Ikslund Iva Nasnac Give It To Me 15 113
31 Kasanova-Koratica Spike ÖRKH 22 38
32 Tödlichebujoku Miilimasis Toivonen Better 5 160


A total of six countries were disqualified. Metras, Ertzei Kishim, S.R. Caryton, Hafamarimët and Rhim Flavezztowland were unable to send in their entries, StrayaRoos' entry was flagged for plagiarism.

There was also one withdrawal which was from StrayaRoos Barrier Islands.