WorldVision Song Contest 98

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WorldVision Song Contest 98
Aenglide WorldVision 98.jpg
The Nature of Music
Host Information
Date23rd April 2022
VenueVadTK Arena
PresentersKere Johanssen
Lere Hveda
Directed by[TBA]
Executive SupervisorsWorldVision Committee
Executive Producers[TBA]
Host BroadcasterÆTV (Aenglish Television Networks)
Opening ActErá alongside the
Aenglish National Orchestra
performing "Vján de gaúðin blöver nær méj"
Interval ActThe Mercantiles
"Benevolent Frequencies" (WV97 Runners-up) Biyan'ka - "Whats wrong?" (WV97 Winner)
WebsiteWorldVision 98: Keterig, Aenglide
Final number of Entries31
Debuting Nations3
Erie-Arcadia of Wombats
Gaillimh Ciarrai
Returning Nations4
Ertzei Kishim
These American States
Non-returning Nations1
Disqualified Nations2
StrayaRoos Barrier Islands
Voting systemEach national jury awards their top 10 points, from 12, 10, 8-1. A proportional televote is then given out amounting to the same total as the jury.
Winning NationAenglide, 260 points
Winning EntryJannix & Eva Kújlora
"Way of Life"
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The 98th WorldVision Song Contest was the 98th edition of the WorldVision Song Contest. It was hosted in Keterig, Aenglide, in the VADtk Arena, by national broadcaster ÆTV.

Host Bidding

In this edition, three cities placed a bid for hosting rights. They were Duomji, StrayaRoos Barrier Islands, Hercules, Beepee and Keterig, Aenglide. This was both Aenglide's and StrayaRoos Barrier Islands' first bid, while this was Beepee's fifth bid. Beepee also had bidded and hosted the previous contest, which was the WorldVision Song Contest 97, in an attempt to be the first country to host the WorldVision Song Contest two or more times in a row.

City Country Place Points
Duomji StrayaRoos Barrier Islands 03 80
Hercules Beepee 02 104
Keterig Aenglide 01 116


The host city was Keterig (Kéterig in Aenglic), which is both the capital and largest city of Aenglide, with roughly around 693,000 people living in and around the Keterig City and District. Being the capital and largest city, A lot of Aenglide’s cultural aspects can be found in Keterig, and is the gateway for every tourist and international hub of the country. Formed by Aenglish Viking culture, the city gets its roots from Nordic-like traditions and history and has always been the largest city of Aenglide since the Kingdom of Aenglide's formation in 1870.


City of Keterig, overlooking the City Centre onto Brjdo Bay and Alexandra Hill.

Keterig's VADtk Arena (which can be spelled as both VadTK or VADtk) is a great venue to host large events like Worldvision in due to its sizeable capacity of approximately 70,000 seats for viewing. VADtk is the largest and most popular venue for events in Aenglide. VADtk has hosted a countless number of indoor sports like basketball and indoor tennis, and other local events too, such as an indoor marketplace that had nearly 600 people selling items in on one sunday morning, and even the local district governments meeting up. For Worldvision, VADtk was transformed by adding a stage set and adding seating and the LED lights already fixated into the back wall were used, and a stage floor LED screen was also installed for the contest, and remains a permanent part of the arena afterwards.


VadTK Arena, Keterig

Theme and Designs

The theme of this WorldVision Song Contest was about the Nature of Music, as also told by the motto of the contest "The Nature of Music", as well as the prominent motif "hakjelíle" which is a simplified version of an Aenglish Dandelion which is shown throughout the branding and logos of WorldVision 98. The theme describes Aenglide's natural world, from geographical nature (mountains, forests etc.), to ecological nature (animals), to cultural beauty, to other natural sights that would be seen within Aenglide. The nature is represented on each country's postcard, along with the word of that said piece of nature in the Aenglic language, the official language of Aenglide. The hakjelíle is also featured on the postcards, in five shapes in the colours and (somewhat of) the stylisation of the respective country's flag.


Example postcard, showing the host country Aenglide's postcard in WorldVision 98.

Postcard List

Number Country Postcard In Aenglic
01 StrayaRoos Tundras Túnduren
02 Norrp Flowers Blömkjsen
03 Moorland Reindeers Ryánensdejren
04 Carrelie Northern Lights Nárdelisen
05 Kalosia Tussocks Tusagánen
06 Scotatrova Ice Caves Ískæven
07 Britonisea Glow Worms Lisefélen
08 Achaean Republic Fjords Fjörden
09 Illdonya Glaciers Ískjölden
10 Elejamie Waterfalls Vasföjsen
11 These American States Mountain Falcons Válkenien
12 Tödlichebujoku Icebergs Ísbérgen
13 Linnebourg Islands Öyjen
14 Waisnor Villages Lelbyen
15 Hööra Mountains Fýljen
16 Alezian Union Northern Wolves Nárdeúlven
17 Adab - -
18 StrayaRoos Barrier Islands Hot Springs Vúkulden
19 Malta Comino Gozo Lakes Insoken
20 Ertzei Kishim Polar Bears Ísböejrnen
21 Placely Placington Volcanoes Volkænen
22 Antahbrantahstan Coves Kóven
23 Vlavia Stave Churches Stévjakírkjen
24 Erie-Arcadia of Wombats Hills Kinokjen
25 Pemecutan Cliffs Kléjpen
26 Plangainer Ice Horses Íshésten
27 Vartugia Forests Skuöen
28 Polkopia Mosses Mosíeaken
29 Crustyland Rivers Aibjánen
30 Aenglide Stones Kílainen
31 Mister X Caves Kæven
32 Beepee Mountain Parrots Fýljapæroten
33 Gaillimh Ciarrai Rocks Krágen
34 Missus X Valleys Djáluen

Adab is left blank as the country had withdrawn from the contest before a graphic postcard was created.

Non-Participation Acts

The opening act was Erá Mojyk and the Aenglish National Orchestra, performing the original piece “Vján de gaúðin blöver nær méj”, which translates to "When the wind blowers near me" in Aenglic. The opening parade was titled “The Grand Opening - Aenglish Mix” and was used as a combination of songs for the opening parade, where all of the artists walk out onto the stage before their performances. The interval act between the last performance from Missus X and the beginning of the jury votes was Akjefuldin rock band The Mercantiles, who performed their song "Benevolent Frequencies", which was the Aenglish entry for Worldvision 98 in Norfolk Pinewoods, Beepee, who came second.


The hosts of WorldVision 98 was Kera Johanssen, a TV personality in Aenglide, and Lere Hveda, a singer, songwriter, actor, and TV personality in Aenglide. Lere Hveda had represented Aenglide in the 95th WorldVision Song Contest in Nakom, Yvesia as mononymously Lere.

Participating Countries and Results

Number Country Singer Song Place Points
01 StrayaRoos ZoLo & Lucky Burn 27 24
02 Norrp Alina Fischer (ft. The Mad Hatter) Mad Hatter's Street 17 92
03 Moorland Mika Jannisdoten ft. Unnamed Stage Technician Fuck You, Sabin Ansdot 29 8
04 Carrelie Monica Burn 10 159
05 Kalosia Maria Karmen Ninanajna 9 166
06 Scotatrova Mia Lazaro Shadow Step 13 141
07 Britonisea Sam Vanlian Bystander 6 195
08 Achaean Republic Louis Lacalle Apología 14 140
09 Illdonya Salamá Unhappiness 19 84
10 Elejamie Hasmat Eternia 16 102
11 These American States Jackson Carter Off To War Again 21 81
12 Tödlichebujoku Sisu Hákkánen Ammu 3 212
13 Linnebourg Noëlle & Marie de Kaëlsch Our Lucky Day (Gléck) 24 69
14 Waisnor VIRA/MAINA Pustoy sosud 23 71
15 Hööra Oksidentäälikvëaka Lavläj’ëë 22 72
16 Alezian Union Hafizaruddin Di Bawah Langit Yang Sama 18 90
18 StrayaRoos Barrier Islands The Woggles Painful Noises DISQUALIFIED DISQUALIFIED
19 Malta Comino Gozo 5ive Faultlines 4 210
20 Ertzei Kishim Melis Bileh Judas 7 194
21 Placely Placington E Oe Uoiauai 31▼ 0
22 Antahbrantahstan Ariffin Abdel Haris Bad Words 8 189
24 Erie-Arcadia of Wombats arboretum scared 26 46
25 Pemecutan Ayu Sekar Berlian 11 149
26 Plangainer Camille Darling 15 109
27 Vartugia Please skip its loud AF Almost 6 minute of cute music <3 30 5
28 Polkopia Anton Virnov Zasvyet 5 197
29 Crustyland Gen Z Hits and the Crustyland Choir The Kids are Just Vibin' 28 11
30 Aenglide Jannix & Eva Kújlora Way Of Life 1 260
31 Mister X Entourage Searching For My Vindication 12 146
32 Beepee Horace Cope Next To Me 2 216
33 Gaillimh Ciarrai Dòrn Iarainn Ná eagla saoirse 25 62
34 Missus X Rick Leg I Will Survive 20 83

Withdrawals and Disqualifications

Adab had withdrawn from the contest, and no act or song was sent before the withdrawal. StrayaRoos Barrier Islands was disqualified for an incomplete entry, while Vlavia was disqualified for no song at all.


  • Vartugia's entry was gliched and corrupted, forcing a short delay.