WorldVision Song Contest 99

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Worldvision Song Contest 98
Venue The International Arena
Host City Densmouth, Carrelie
Host Broadcaster Résë Públie Déntroîs (RPD), Service de Téléradio Carrelienne (STC)
Presenters Arianne Montréfeu, Iris Carian, Vian Genamman
Participants 38 valid entries
Debuting Countries (2) The Aditya Confederacy, Îles D'La Manche
Returning Countries (8) Yvesia, Izmedu, Axuva, Iqq NWBTHT, Kasanova-Koratica, Spiritual Republic of Caryton, Hafamarimët, Syrche, Estogium, Filshia
Non-returning Countries (5) Moorland, Hööra, Gaillimh Ciarrai, Mister X, Missus X
Withdrawing Countries (5) Adab, Faraby, StrayaRoos Barrier Islands, Antahbrantahstan, Rhim Flavezztowland
Disqualified Countries (1) Robloxian Robloxia
Winning Country Britonisea
Winning Song Disillusioned
Winning Artist Petre Lemetre
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The 99th WorldVision Song Contest took place in Densmouth, Carrelie and was the 99th edition of the WorldVision Song Contest. In the end, Petre Lemetre, representing Britonisea, won the contest with the song "Disillusioned". Britonisea won with 258 points and Polkopia finishing second with 211 points.

Host Bidding

Only two countries bid to host the 99th edition of the WorldVision Song Contest. Sërna, located in Vartugia and Densmouth, located in Carrelie. Densmouth, Carrelie ended up winning with 68 points. This edition saw 38 countries compete with Britonisea winning their 8th contest, Polkopia coming in second and Malta Comino Gozo achieved their first third place. Host country Carrelie finished fourth achieving their best result and Elejamie finished in 5th to round out the top five.

City Country Place Points
Sërna Vartugia 02 64
Densmouth Carrelie 01 68

Participants and Results

Number Country Singer Song Place Points
01 Beepee Oliver Diplace Music's Getting Louder 17 130
04 Erie-Arcadia Milo Merriam Allergen 26 88
05 Izmedu Alan Andric & Andjela Matic Don't Play Me 8 173
06 Scotatrova Ioana Erea & Brendan Senxas Positions 14 142
07 Waisnor Alexa Prosto zhit' 6 187
08 StrayaRoos αλρηα Stars 28 71
09 Axuva Airen Trouble 27 73
10 StrayaRoos Barrier Islands Ellie Inuali My Pain WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
11 The Supreme Democratic Monarchist Communist Grand Duchy Language-Speaking Carbon Dioxide-Breathing Idiocracy Fascist Marxist Socialist Soviet Vietcong Proletariat Autocracy Kingdom Colony Republic Empire Juche Dictatorship American Constitutional Free Federal Liberal Theocratic Great State Autonomous Regional Provinces Oppressed Peoples of Iqq Northwest Bir Tawil Halaib Triangles and Herzegovina-Ossetia-Southwestern-Kyrgyzstania-Switzerland Skittles Teeth & FurryRawrXDUwU (ft. The OG MC Glorious Leader Daz Fred) Why The F*cking Hell Are We Even In This Stupid Contest? 38 ▼ 8
12 Hafamarimët Lërana Vodetka All Over 11 158
13 Carrelie Magra Rassa Pass Me By 4 199
14 Pemecutan Yan Sida ft. Dek Cilik Sangsaya 20 105
15 Spiritual Republic of Caryton The Peonysuns What May Come 21 104
16 Linnebourg Bëschwee Léiftmaschinn 34 48
17 Elejamie Lucía Beltrán Sin nombre 5 190
18 Aenglide Marja Bjárnisdoter Þe élsk fðú? 12 157
19 Antahbrantahstan - - WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
20 Plangainer Jason Blume and Carrie Mill Stars 9 170
21 Ertzei Kishim Malaakh Dayan BESERK 10 164
22 Crustyland Solitude of Rain We're just strangers in the night 22 98
23 Robloxian Robloxia Noob Alarm The Oof Alarm DISQUALIFIED DISQUALIFIED
24 Britonisea Petre Lemetre Disillusioned 1 258
25 Placely Placington Dave McDaverson and the Dave McDaverson Singers (feat. Dave the Hobo) We Got Last Place 35 35
26 Illdonya MarelleSounds ft. Helen Ze The Power's Strong 32 56
27 Achaean Republic Dushi Tamarica & Quajo 13 154
28 Cakranegara Siti Amira Siapakah Dirinya? 24 97
30 Malta Comino Gozo K-Lyn Laughing Stock 3 202
31 Polkopia SKYUE USPANKOVA 2 211
32 Rhim Flavezztowland - - WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
33 Vartugia Children of Teh Ruling Party Of Vartugia Chior For A Glourois Future And A Polictcaly Correct Socitly The song to celebrate "Teh Ruling Party Of Vartugia For A Glourois Future And A Polictcaly Correct Socitly" 36 13
34 Alezian Union Solidarity Anomie 23 97
35 Syrche Reine Empire 18 110
36 Tödlichebujoku Orat Ya Langat Hán Hutta Mulle 7 182
37 Îles D'La Manche Anne Pènoucq Vent d'Ochéan 30 58
38 Norrp Strawberry Fever Excite Me 33 53
39 Yvesia Mali Manoban Sucker 19 105
40 These American States Jehovah's Priests ft. DJ Trummmp DON'T BE A LOSER 31 58
41 Filshia ELI Ni šriduna 29 66
42 Kalosia XYLO ft Soltano Skale 15 142
43 Estogium Isla Larson Leap of Faith 16 138
44 Kasanova-Koratica ABECEDARIA 37 10
45 The Aditya Confederacy Hari Kibe Means to an End 25 97


Robloxian Robloxia was disqualified because the entry that they sent was not up to standards.

5 countries withdrew for various reasons (Adab, Faraby, StrayaRoos Barrier Islands, Antahbrantahstan, Rhim Flavezztowland)