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Iearth World Cup
Iearth World Cup Logo.jpg
The World Cup logo
First eventApril 5th, 1972
Occur everyAnnual
HeadquartersCardiff, Cadair

The World Cup Organization (Organisation de la Coupe du monde, Organización de la Copa del Mundo, تنظيم كأس العالم, 世界杯组织, Weltcup-Organisation), is a non-profit organization acting as an international governing body of association football, futsal and beach soccer. It is the highest governing body of association football, headquartered in Cardiff, Cadair. Founded in 1972 to oversee international competition among national associations, it now consists of 4 confederations, 14 regional federations, and 180 national associations. It dictates the Iearth World Cup, often simply called the World Cup, is an international association football competition contested by the senior men's national teams the World. The championship has been awarded every year since the inaugural tournament in 1972. The current champion is Shoassau, who won the 2022 Dabatta World Cup against host nation Kossmil. Prior to that, the winner was Durnstaal, who won the 2021 Sulifa World Cup against Zamastan in Sulifa. The 2020 winner in Heimdahl'ia, Gladysynthia was Cadair.

The 48 tournaments have been won by a total of 25 teams. Zamastan has won six times, and they have played in all but two tournaments. The other winners include Vitosium and Cadair with four title wins each, and Quetana and Durnstaal with three title wins. Versenia, Ruskayn, New Elkland, Lutharia, Drambenburg, East Chanchajilla, Shoassau and Jyau all have two title wins. Alcarres, Andaluni, Avergnon, Beleroskov, Caspiaa, Constantio, Elbresia, Gladysynthia, Syraranto, Tinten, Versenia, Vuswistan, and Saint Offeat all have one title. The World Cup is the most prestigious association football tournament in the world, as well as the most widely viewed and followed sporting event in the world, exceeding even the Olympic Games. The cumulative viewership of all matches of the 2009 Providence World Cup was estimated to be 28.29 billion with an estimated 832.1 million people watching the final match, a ninth of the entire population of the planet. The current format involves a qualification phase, which takes place over the preceding three months, to determine which teams qualify for the tournament phase. In the tournament phase, 32 teams, including the automatically qualifying host nation(s), compete for the title at venues within the host nation(s) over about a month.


The Zamastan National Football Team after winning the 2019 Emerald World Cup

In 1972 during the negotiations to form the Coalition of Crown Albatross, a proposal for a unified body to oversee association football became apparent with the increasing popularity of international fixtures. The World Cup Organization was founded on April 5th, 1972, with the first members including Zamastan, Quetana, Cadair, and Elbresia. The first President was Armando Luque, an East Chanchajillan footballer who was instrumental in the negotiation process to establish the structure of the organization. Membership of WCO expanded dramatically in the years immediately after its founding.


Presidents of WCO
No. Name Country of origin Took office Left office
1 Armando Luque EastChanchajillaFlag1.png East Chanchajilla 5 April 1972 4 June 1978
2 Cyrille Reverdin ShoassauFlag.png Shoassau 4 June 1978 24 November 1982
3 Lushan Topalli DurnstaalFlag.png Durnstaal 24 November 1982 5 May 1983
4 Svein Boberg Tollefsrud CaspiaFlag.png Caspiaa 5 May 1983 16 May 1990
5 Clarenzio Raspa Alcarresflag.png Alcarres 16 May 1990 1 September 1998
6 Klemens Rosenberger Flag of Besmenia.png Besmenia 1 September 1998 11 June 2003
7 Leonel Cunha Quetanaflag.jpg Quetana 11 June 2003 31 October 2009
8 Matheus Fontes Flag of Jyau.png Jyau 31 October 2009 26 February 2019
9 Jasmin Devillers LuthariaFlag.png Lutharia 26 February 2019 Incumbent


Four confederations and 14 regional federations

Besides its worldwide institutions, there are four confederations recognized by the World Cup Organization which oversee the game in the different continents and regions of the world. National associations, and not the continental confederations, are also members of the World Cup Organization. The continental confederations are provided for in WCO's statutes, and membership of a confederation is a prerequisite to WCO membership.


Year Host City, Country Winner
1973 Lerbin World Cup Lerbin, Drambenburg Cadair
1974 Vilanja World Cup Vilanja, East Chanchajilla Tinten
1975 Dragonwater World Cup Dragonwater, Timeria Jyau
1976 Koyevka World Cup Koyevka, Beleroskov Drambenburg
1977 Tyrnatini World Cup Tyrnatini, Vuswistan Zamastan
1978 Tregueux World Cup Tregueux, Zamastan New Elkland
1979 Highsite World Cup Highsite, Candatora Caspiaa
1980 Turania World Cup Turania City, East Chanchajilla Andaluni
1981 Alolis World Cup Alolis, Arenacia Constantio
1982 Bracidia World Cup Bracidia, Artegana Durnstaal
1983 New Altai World Cup New Altai, Albarine Ruskayn
1984 Vongane World Cup Vongane, Quetana Zamastan
1985 Danaska World Cup Danaska, Gladysynthia Zamastan
1986 Laitstadt World Cup Laitstadt, Besmenia Avergnon
1987 Mirinu World Cup Mirinu, East Chanchajilla East Chanchajilla
1988 Ieraskevi World Cup Ieraskevi, Alcarres Ruskayn
1989 Seloysk Beach World Cup Seloysk Beach, Egilanak Quetana
1990 Allengin World Cup Allengin, Elbresia Shoassau
1991 Vogoci World Cup Vogoci, Saint Offeat Versenia
1992 Wein World Cup Wein, Drambenburg Gladysynthia
1993 Tofino World Cup Tofino, Zamastan Versenia
1994 Chingola World Cup Chingola, Mulfulira Vuswistan
1995 Saint Raneau World Cup Saint Raneau, Albarine Vitosium
1996 Diarora World Cup Diarora, Vitosium Zamastan
1997 Anea World Cup Eblium, New Anea Versenia
1998 Vongane World Cup Vongane, Quetana Alcarres
1999 Melmingen World Cup Melmingen, Besmenia Saint Offeat
2000 Osea World Cup Osea, Timeria Jyau
2001 Lerbin World Cup Lerbin, Drambenburg East Chanchajilla
2002 Viitaniemi World Cup Viitaniemi, Caspia Lutharia
2003 Dokata World Cup Dokata, Haduastan Syraranto
2004 Capelnazas World Cup Capelnazas, Vitosium Elbresia
2005 Aberystwyth World Cup Aberystwyth, Cadair Vitosium
2006 Tervius World Cup Tervius, Tervali Islands Cadair
2007 Piva World Cup Piva, Durnstaal Cadair
2008 Autrataya World Cup Autrataya, Utobania Beleroskov
2009 Providence World Cup Providence, Zamastan New Elkland
2010 Vessalia World Cup Vessalia, Avergnon Quetana
2011 Vulkar World Cup Vulkar, Vulkaria Quetana
2012 Karlsberg World Cup Karlsberg, Rumaztria Zamastan
2013 Helmfurt World Cup Helmfurt, Besmenia Durnstaal
2014 Skithiana World Cup Skithiana, Skith Drambenburg
2015 Gatovita World Cup Gatovita, Vitosium Vitosium
2016 Amstelveen World Cup Amstelveen, Vulkaria Lutharia
2017 Rhaga World Cup Rhaga, Emmiria Verdusa
2018 Cardiff World Cup Cardiff, Cadair Vitosium
2019 Emerald World Cup Emerald, Zamastan Zamastan
2020 Heimdahl'ia World Cup Heimdahl'ia, Gladysynthia Cadair
2021 Sulifa World Cup Sulifa, Sulifa Durnstaal
2022 Dabatta World Cup Dabatta, Kossmil Shoassau


The World Cup Trophy