2017 Winter Olympic Games (Iearth)

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Blythe Winter Olympics 2017.png
Host cityBlythe, Mayotte, Zamastan
MottoPeace and Satisfaction
Events85 (in 33 categories)
Opening2 February
Closing23 February
Opened by

The 2017 Winter Olympics, also known as Blythe '17, were an international winter multi-sport event held from February 2-23, 2017, in Blythe, Mayotte, Zamastan, which involved athletes from 55 nations in the Coalition of Crown Albatross competed. Blythe won the bid from a collection of six cities to host the Olympics, marking the second time the Winter Games were held in Zamastan after the 1983 Games in White Rock and the seventh time the Olympic Games were hosted in Zamastan. The 2017 Games featured 85 events across 5 sports (33 categories).

Bidding and election

City Country Votes
Blythe Zamastan 33
Viitaniemi Caspiaa 12
Cardoza Paraboca 8

Development and preparation



Most of the outdoor snow events and alpine skiing events were held in the mountainous county outside Blythe, while the indoor ice events were held within the city.


  • Shea Mountain Ski Jumping Center – ski jumping, snowboarding (big air)
  • Shea Mountain Cross-Country Skiing Center – cross-country skiing
  • Shea Mountain Sliding Center – luge, bobsleigh, skeleton
  • Shea Mountain Alpine Centre – alpine skiing (slalom, giant slalom)
  • Union Snow Park – freestyle skiing, snowboarding
  • Union Alpine Center – alpine skiing (downhill, super-G, combined)
  • Palmer Ski Jumping Center – ski jumping, snowboarding


The Blythe Olympic Park, in the neighborhood of Bouvere, includes five indoor sports venues, all in close proximity to one another.

  • Bouvere Hockey Center – ice hockey (men's competition)
  • Noabbi Curling Center – curling
  • Ennial Oval – long track speed skating
  • Whitefeld Ice Arena – short track speed skating, figure skating
  • Porster Hockey Center – ice hockey (women's competition)


Opening Ceremony


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Two-man runs 1 Zamastan Caspiaa Lutharia
Two-man runs 2 Lutharia Caspiaa Elbresia
Two-woman runs 1 Besmenia Caspiaa Saint Offeat
Two-woman runs 2 Elbresia Zamastan Beleroskov
Four-man runs 1 Elbresia Zamastan Caspiaa
Four-man runs 2 Caspiaa Lutharia Zamastan

Gold Silver Bronze
Zamastan Elbresia Lutharia
Yuan Caspiaa Besmenia

Gold Silver Bronze
Caspiaa Zamastan Elbresia
Lutharia Besmenia Elbresia

Gold Silver Bronze
Lutharia Zamastan Saint Offeat
Caspiaa Beleroskov Zamastan

Figure skating
Gold Silver Bronze
Men singles
Caspiaa Elbresia Lutharia
Women singles
Zamastan Caspiaa Beleroskov
Pair skating
Saint Offeat Zamastan Lutharia

Speed skating
Gold Silver Bronze
Yuan Zamastan Lutharia
Zamastan Caspiaa Elbresia

Alpine Skiing
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Downhill (men) Zamastan Ruskayn Besmenia
Downhill (women) Caspiaa Zamastan Lutharia
Super-G (men) Caspiaa Elbresia Zamastan
Super-G (women) Caspiaa Ruskayn Zamastan
Slalom (men) Caspiaa East Chanchajilla Besmenia
Slalom (women) Besmenia Lutharia Yuan
Men's combined Lutharia Kyti Ruskayn
Women's combined Caspiaa Zamastan Yuan

Cross-country skiing
Gold Silver Bronze
Caspiaa Beatavic Elbresia
Zamastan Shoassau Lutharia

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Slopestyle (Men) Zamastan Caspiaa Kyti
Slopestyle (Women) Zamastan Beleroskov Lutharia
Halfpipe (Men) Zamastan Caspiaa Besmenia
Halfpipe (Women) Caspiaa Drambenburg Ruskayn
Snowboard cross (Men) Lutharia Caspiaa Drambenburg
Snowboard cross (Women) Beleroskov Lutharia Zamastan

Ski jumping
Gold Silver Bronze
Caspiaa Lutharia Elbresia
Lutharia Zamastan Saint Offeat

Freestyle skiing
Gold Silver Bronze
Caspiaa Zamastan Caspiaa
Elbresia Caspiaa Zamastan

Participating Countries

Participating National Olympic Committees

Medal Count

Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
 Zamastan 9 10 6 25
CaspiaFlag.png Caspiaa 13 10 2 25
YuanFlag.png Yuan 2 0 1 3
ShoassauFlag.png Shoassau 0 1 0 1
Flag of Elbresia.png Elbresia 3 3 6 12
LuthariaFlag.png Lutharia 6 3 8 17
Flag of Besmenia.png Besmenia 2 0 3 5
Flag of SaintOffeat.png Saint Offeat 1 0 3 4
BeleroskovFlag.png Beleroskov 1 2 2 5
Flag of Kyti.png Kyti 0 1 1 2
DrambenburgFlag.png Drambenburg 0 1 1 2
Beatavic Flag.png Beatavic 0 1 0 1
EastChanchajillaFlag1.png East Chanchajilla 0 1 0 1
Ruskayn 991748.png Ruskayn 0 2 2 4


Closing ceremony


Concerns and controversies