Euclovision Song Contest 2020

Euclovision Song Contest 2020
Semi-final 121 April 2020
Semi-final 222 April 2020
Final25 April 2020
VenuePuyenbroek Stadium, Kesselbourg City, Kesselbourg
Executive supervisorDaan Hatgers
Executive producer
  • Lindert Vrolijkheid
  • Ellen Otte
Host broadcaster
  • Kesselbourgish Radio and Television Broadcasting Organisation (KRT)
WebsiteTemplate:Official URL
Number of entries25 in the final
Voting systemEach country ranks the other participants in descending order from one. The nation with the lowest score wins.

The 2020 Euclovision Song Contest was the Euclovision Song Contest's 61st edition. It was hosted in Kesselbourg City, Kesselbourg, following the victory of Georges Redding with his song Wakker Worden at Samistopol, Narozalica in the previous year. The contest marked the first time that Kesselbourg had hosted the competition since the original hosting in 1959. The event was organised by the Euclean Broadcasting Union, in cooperation with other global broadcasters.

Over forty nations took part in the event, with a larger-than-usual 25 reaching the finals. Remarkably, for the first time in the Song Contest's history, the host nation did not advance into the final.

Gaullica won the competition with Violaine Rousseau's Yeux d'ocean'. The competition also marked the first time in history where the first and second placed nations were only separated by a point: 154 and 155 respectively.


As the result was announced that Georges Redding had won Euclovision 2019 in Samistopol, Narozalica, preparations for the country's hosting of the next event began almost overnight. Numerous city councils and broadcasting companies began the processes of applying to host the event. Given that it was the first instance of hosting Euclovision since its original broadcasting in 1959, KRT conferred hosting to the city of Kesselbourg City in commemoration of its role in establishing the contest.

Provisional list of participating countries


Country Artist Song Language(s)
 Aimilia Pak-Pak-Pak (band) Bulaminhgo/Flamingo Aimilian/Gaullican
 Alexandria Jérémie Trottier Formidable Gaullican
 Azmara Freissun Pay No Mind Azmaran
 Belmonte Apolo Vitral Lusitan
 Caldia Alaois Mac Toimin Bhíomar Ró-óg Ghaillish
 Dezevau Sun Singers Hymn to Light Estmerish
 East Miersa/ West Miersa GraRoku and Klaudia Love Across Borders Miersan
 Eldmark Kallt är Natten En Blekvit Häst Geatish
 Emessa Kalċidon & Mattheus Debout/Wieqaf Gaullican/Badaviu
 Estmere Vivi Adore You Estmerish
 Garambura Olivia Le Sueur Quand vas tu rentrer? Gaullican/veRwizi/Sisulu
 Gaullica Violaine Rousseau Yeux d'océan Gaullican
 Halland Tireann feat. Ashaquid The Asterian Plains Ghailish
 Imagua and the Assimas Reg Sharp Breathtaking Estmerish
 Lemovicia Txordon Amaroz and Orrao Harambure Jaiak zure belarrietarako Lemovician
 Maracao Lílian Alves O Lusitan/Nati
 Minilov Antonije Zeleniput Uskoro Minilovan
 Narozalica Koztik Spirit - Дух Narodyn
 Nuvania Ella Becker Just Tell Me Estmerish
 Ordennya Irene Bara du och jag Ostisk
 Piraea Giannis Filis Sfygmós Piraean
 Slirnia Jelena Filipović Ne počinj sada Slirnijan
 Swetania Lann Mirakel Weranian
 Velzemia Mirri Sano Niin Vichod
 Zaralaja Liliana Muñoz and Salvador Xirau diecisiete Auratian

Countries that failed to qualify

Country Artist Song Language(s)
 Amathia Florin My Life Amathian
 Auratia Pedro Baila El Chiki Chiki Auratian
 Buckland Geminis Cry! Buckish
 Etruria Kata Moja štikla Novalian
 Hennehouwe Machine Baby Bye Bye Hennish/Gaullican
 Kesselbourg The Ones Think! Hennish/Gaullican
 Montecara Doroteo Pupa Satrian Karma Montecaran
 Poliania Lena and Antoni We Are Marolevs Polianian
 Radushia Maxim Work Radushian
 Varienland Thunder Ground Varish
Vedmed Avi Kipiani Warrior Vedmedi
 Visoclesia Nina Arifi Alone Visoclesian
 Werania Together! We Are the Winners! Visoclesian

Countries by ranking

Rank Country Points
1  Gaullica 154
2  Azmara 155
3  East Miersa and West Miersa 161
4  Aimilia 171
5  Estmere 182
6  Eldmark 194*
7  Ordennya 194
8  Swetania 200
9  Belmonte 208
10  Caldia 211
11  Slirnia 220
12  Maracao 224
13  Velzemia 227
14  Garambura 230
15  Emessa 233
16  Dezevau 251
17  Narozalica 257
18  Piraea 278
19  Imagua and the Assimas 280
20  Minilov 285
21  Halland 297
22  Alexandria 309
23  Nuvania 319
24  Zaralaja 359
25  Lemovicia 395

*A tie in score indicates the country with a higher ranking was awarded more first place finishes in the vote tallying.


Lílian Alves

Maracao's decision to send Lílian Alves to Euclovision was met with disapproval amongst conservative media outlets and newspapers across the countries the event was scheduled to be broadcast in. Notably, Etrurian ARE and Polianian RTV initially lodged complaints as associate broadcasters.

Alves, a male-to-female transgender woman, was the subject to numerous derogatory and inflammatory comments on Euclovision's website. Euclovision's team responded by temporarily banning comments on multiple threads, adding that it respected the "individual beliefs" of all who watch Euclovision, but reserved the right to "moderate when such beliefs infringed on the well-being of others".

Violaine Rousseau, the winner of Euclovision 2020, defended Alves. Both women are known to be close friends. In her victorious speech at the ceremony's closing, she invited Alves up to speak with her. Rousseau concluded her remarks with an audible "#transrights", which was censored on re-runs in Amathia, Etruria and Poliania.