Rongzhuo-Zahedan Axis

The Rongzhuo-Zahedan Axis is an unofficial term for the political, diplomatic, cultural, economic, military and historical relations between the Union of Nautasian Irfanic Republics (and its predecessor state the Union of Khazestan-Pasdan) and Xiaodong, which has been used to different degrees in different times in history. Although both Nautasia and Xiaodong have close relationships with many other nations, the level of cooperation between them in economic activity, trade and commerce, military planning and cooperation, commercial and military technology, and intelligence sharing has been described as "unparalleled" among regional powers. This relationship has grown dramatically under the respective leaderships of Nautasia's Evren Volkan and Xiaodong's Yuan Xiannian.


 Zorasan  Xiaodong
Coat of Arms Emblem of the UNIR.png Seal of Xiaodong.png
Flag Flag of the UNIR.png Xiaodong
Population 127,323,104 138,360,000
Capital city Zahedan Rongzhuo
Largest city Estanban – 18,557,230 Rongzhuo – 20,028,482
Government Sattarist federal parliamentary republic National Principlist dominant-party state
First leader Mahrdad Ali Sattari Lu Keqian
Current leader(s) State President Evren Volkan State Chairman Yuan Xiannian
Current Vice Leaders(s) First Minister Farzad Akbari First Minister Xi Yao-tong
Governing political party N/A Xiaodong Regeneration Society
Official languages Pasdani
Main religions 81.72% Asha Irfan
17.01% Hasawi Irfan
0.67% Yazdânism
0.41% Zoroastrianism
0.19% Yazidism
35.9% Taojiao
28.3% Khaturvism
15.3% Salvationist Sects
20.5% other
Ethnic groups Non-official estimates 67.4% Xiaodongese
10.2% Chanwa
8.8% Tinzi
13.6% other
GDP (nominal) $949.193 billion $402.426 billion
GDP (nominal) per capita $7,455 $2,906
GDP (PPP) $1,528 billion $1,202 billion
GDP (PPP) per capita $12,002 $8,685
Real GDP growth rate 7.1% (2016) TBA
Military expenditure $52.515 billion $34.858 billion
Military personnel 3,312,000 1,050,750
Labour force 49.275 million TBA
Mobile phones 88,641,597 TBA

Personal relationships

Sattari-Lu (1934-1938)

X-Lu (1938-1945)

X-Ma (1945-1950)

Alizadeh-Ma (1950-1954)

Alizadeh-Li (1954-1956)

Mortazavi-Li (1956-1963)

Soltani-Li (1963-1967)

Soltani-Lu (1967-1970)

Ali Ghaddar-Lu (1970-1972)

Ali Ghaddar-Sun (1972-1978)

Jahandar-Sun (1978-1984)

Jahandar-Qian (1984-1990)

Mubarak-Yang (1990-1995)

Nassiri-Yang (1995-1997)

Nassiri-Han (1997-2000)

Roshani-Han (2000-2005)

Roshani-Yuan (2005-2010)

Jahani-Yuan (2010-2015)

Volkan-Yuan (2015-present)

Yuan and Volkan in Estanban.

According to commentators and analysts, the Axis has seen its greatest improvements and strengthening under Evren Volkan and Yuan Xiannian. The two are said to have a very good relationship personally speaking; while this is also shared between Farzad Akbari and Xi Yao-tong; the respective prime ministers. Through their efforts, the two have signed numerous trade and cultural agreements, including permanent student exchanges; an oil-for-coal agreement, arms deals and joint-declarations on seeking a new world order, that would end a top-heavy system and make sovereign nations equal. Both have expressed anti-globalist attitudes individually and together, while they see their partnership as key for offering leadership to the developing world.

During his first visit as State Chairman to Zahedan, Yuan said that:

"In Nautasia we have a friend, ally, mentor and student. In our mutual relationship we have much to share, much to learn and much to teach. We compliment one another in various areas and this is something, I and State President Volkan intend to utilise for the mutual benefit of both our nations. We have in our hands, the finest friendship in the world, one that is built solely on win-win, never zero-sum. We shall be shining examples to the developing world."

In the Summer of 2017, the Xiaodongese became the most vocal supporters for the Union's position with regards to the Second Nautasian Crisis, while the Union government made strident efforts to support Xiaodong's economy, through direct-investment, lucrative energy deals, as well as the modernisation of the Xiaodongese Defence Forces, which included the sale of heavy bombers, anti-ship missiles, two Mazdavand-class frigates and the deployment of 300 advisers to help train the XDF in counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism. That summer, State President Volkan declared:

"The Rongzhuo-Zahedan Axis is now cemented in the world's international relations, we have our closest and dearest ally on the up, and that pleases us. We want a strong, wealthy and stable Xiaodong, because they deserve to be and Borea needs it. We, in the Union, remain committed to ensuring such a Xiaodong exists, we will do all possible, we will provide all asked for. Friends look out for one another and that is what we shall do."

It is said, that Volkan and Yuan speak on the phone at least once a week, for personal and professional reasons. They regularly discuss domestic happenings and exchange views and ideas on international events.

In 2018, State President Volkan expressed his personal desire to see Xiaodong's lost territories returned, telling Tasnim News, "when Xiaodong returns to its natural state, we can all relax because through that, a secure Borea emerges."