Royal Society of Medics

Royal Society of Medics
Ezhaië Asra Lankrinirin (Trellinese)
Qinan Sara int'Saman (Ahéri)
Royal Society of Medics.png
TypeNon-governmental humanitarian organisation
PurposeHumanitarian aid
HeadquartersMar'theqa, Trellin
Region served
Trellin and Hysera
Parent organization
Astyrian Federation of Red Cross Societies

The Royal Society of Medics (Trellinese: Ezhaië Asra Lankrinirin; Ahéri: Qinan Sara int'Saman) is a humanitarian organisation that provides emergency assistance and disaster relief throughout Trellin and Hysera. The Royal Society is a constituent member of the Astyrian Federation of Red Cross Societies since 1886.


The Royal Society was established in 1716 by members of the Royal Surgical College at Tanzigar. As Trellin's chief port, the doctors at Tanzigar were acutely aware of the medical needs of the Trellinese Empire's provinces, and there was at this time no impetus from the monarchy to provide doctors overseas. The college's surgeons therefore conceived of the Society as a humanitarian body, which would send college-trained medics to the colonies to ensure a high standard of healthcare. The Society received an endowment from King Lonaki III in 1720 and used this fund to substantially increase the college's enrollment and the numbers of medics stationed in the provinces.

By the latter half of the eighteenth century, provincial administrations had assumed the duty of healthcare provision in most of the empire's territory. In newly-settled areas, such as Khatax, the Society continued to occupy this role until the 1820s, and Society-appointed medics remained posted to towns across the south for decades. By this time, the Society acted largely as an accrediting and advisory body, although it maintained substantial manpower, equipment and financial reserves. The Halith Disaster, which occurred in 1883 and saw the devastation of the capital of Rezat, spurred the Society to develop into a disaster relief organisation. Inspired by the methods and mission of the Red Cross societies which sent aid to Halith, the Society joined the Federation in 1886.