Secretary-General of the Community of Nations

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Secretary-General of the
Community of Nations
Salome Zourabichvili and Essa Albasha Alnoaimi (cropped).jpg
Ekaterine Beruchashvili

since 2014
Community of Nations
StyleHer Excellency
AppointerInternational Assembly
Term length5 years renewable
None (official)
Two (customary)
Constituting instrumentCommunity of Nations Charter
Formation12 May 1935 (87 years ago) (1935-05-12)
DeputyDeputy Secretary-General for Personnel
Deputy Secretary-General for Logistics

The Secretary-General of the Community of Nations is the head of the Community of Nations General Secretariat. She is the organization's top bureaucrat and is ultimately responsible for directing the manner in which the organization carries out its mandates. Until the 1960s, Secretaries-General were mostly from Euclea, but since then there has been a growing tendency for them to rotate between regional groups. The current Secretary-General, Ekaterine Beruchashvili, is the first woman to hold the position.

List of Secretaries-General

Portrait Secretary-General
Dates in office Country of origin CN Regional Group Reason of withdrawal
Robert Schuman-1929.jpg Niels Cornelissen
1 January 1935 –
31 December 1944
Hennehouwe Euclea East Retired after two full terms.
Blank portrait, male (rectangular).png man
1 January 1945 –
31 December 1949
Azmara Azmara Euclea East Retired after one term.
Blank portrait, male (rectangular).png man
1 January 1950 –
31 December 1954
 Tacunia Asteria North Retired after one term.
John F Kennedy.jpg Seán Fitzgerald
1 January 1955 –
22 November 1961
 Caldia Euclea East Died in a plane crash in Etruria while on a peacekeeping mission.
Fitzgerald is the only CN Secretary-General to die in office; he was killed in an airplane crash en route to cease-fire negotiations during the Western Emergency. Fitzgerald has been referred to as one of the most influential and controversial Secretary-Generals, taking a more activist role than his predecessors and promoting the CN as a more assertive organisation.
Alcide De Gasperi 2.jpg Giove Andriola
(3 April 1901-19 August 1974)
22 November 1961 –
31 December 1961
Montecara Montecara Euclea East Served as interim Secretary-General following Fitzgerald's death.
Endelkachew Makonnen.jpg Hailu Kayin
1 January 1962 –
31 December 1971
 Yemet Rahelia-Bahia Retired after two full terms.
The first Coian secretary-general, Haliu was awarded the 1964 *insert Nobel Peace Prize equiv* for his work in resolving the conflict in his native Yemet. He was re-elected unanimously in 1966.
SayaKoLinn.png Saya Ko Linn
1 January 1972 –
31 December 1976
 Kuthina Coius South Retired after one full term.
It was decided that a second Coian secretary-general would be preferable to balance out earlier Euclean domination of the office. Saya Ko Linn's nomination was met with considerable opposition from Xiaodong (He was an active proponent of an independent Chanwan State), though his election was successful.
Georges Pompidou - Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F020538-0006 (cropped).jpg Frédérique Lambert
1 January 1977 –
22 September 1983
Cassier Asteria North Resigned due to a corruption scandal.
Leehiho2010.jpg Lee Song-Hee
22 September 1983 –
31 December 1983
 Baekjeong Coius West Served as interim Secretary-General following Lambert's resignation.
Portrait of József Antall, Jr.tif Theodosii Istina
1 January 1984 –
31 December 1988
Tengaria Euclea West Retired after one full term.
The grandson of Tengarian philosopher Ivan Istina and a scholar until his appointment as ambassador by Simeon Kovachev, Istina was the first Secretary-General from West Euclea. During his tenure, he created and promoted several programs sponsoring global education, the protection of culture and world religions, and the development of philosophy.
Bettino Craxi 2.jpg Miloš Vidović
1 January 1989 –
31 December 1993
 Etruria Euclea East Retired after one full term.
Fernando Henrique Cardoso em maio de 1998.jpg Vytautas Šeduikys
1 January 1994 –
31 December 2003
Aucuria Asteria South Retired after two full terms.
A professor of international relations and the second South Asterian secretary-general, Šeduikys had previously served as Aucuria's foreign minister under Feliksas Ikeda. He continued Vidović's emphasis on human rights and democratization, collaborating heavily with non-governmental organizations. He was reelected in 1999.
Commonwealth Secretary-General (cropped).jpg Kamalesh Sharma
(born 1942)
1 January 2004 –
31 December 2013
Arthasthan Coius West Served full two terms.
Salome Zourabichvili and Essa Albasha Alnoaimi (cropped).jpg Ekaterine Beruchashvili
(born 1956)
1 January 2014 –
Vedmed Euclea West
Beruchashvili is the first elected female Secretary-General of the CN.