Vinalia at the Invictus Games

Vinalia at the
Invictus Games
NOCVinalian Invictus Games Committee
Summer appearances
1990, 1994, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018
Winter appearances
1996, 2000, 2008, 2012, 2016

Vinalia first participated as a unified nation in the Invictus Games at the 1990 in Keisi, Senria, and the country has sent athletes to compete at every Summer Games since. The Vinalian Invictus Games Committee was established in 1993, following the official unification of both North Vinalia and South Vinalia that same year. Since the 1990 games both Invictus Committees had worked jointly, although legally they remained separated.

Vinalian athletes first competed at the Invictus games in s'Holle, during the 1906 Summer Invictus Games, as part of the Chistovodian team, and continued competing under the Chistovodian flag until the Invictus games of 1938 in Nouvelle-Rayenne, Cassier. Vinalian athletes competed for both North and South Vinalia in all summer games until the 1990 games, with North Vinalian athletes participating in the 1968 Rongzhuo, and 1972 Spalgleann Winter games. The first Vinalian to win a medal was South Vinalian wrestler Andrej Belebelov in the 1958 Jindao games in Men's Light heavyweight with a bronze medal. The first Vinalian gold medal came in the 1970 Keisi games, where North Vinalian wrestler Konai Basha won in the Men's Freesyle wrestling in the 100kg category.

Between all 3 Vinalian entities a total of 80 medals have been won with the Unified team winning 52, North Vinalia 19, and South Vinalia 9 medals. No Vinalian team has ever won a Winter Invictus Games medal. Vinalias most successful Summer games came in the 2010 Vicalvi Invictus Summer Games where Vinalia won 9 medals including 3 golds, its highest count in history. Konai Fedorov (canoeing), and Siveko Rataev (wrestling) are Vinalias most decorated post-unification athletes, with 4 and 3 medals respectively. The shooter Smarcek Semenovich has competed at the Summer Invictus Games a total of 5 times, between 1998 and 2018 the most by any Vinalian athlete. winning one silver medal in 2006. The most successful sport for Vinalia at the Summer Games is Wrestling with 13 medals (4 gold), followed by Canoeing and Athletics with 9 medals each, 2 and 1 gold respectively, and Shooting at 8 medals with 3 gold medals.

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