2020 Winter Invictus Games

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Ulan khol 2020 logo.png
Host cityUlan Khol, Soravia
MottoOn the ice
(Soravian: На льоду)
Opening7 February
Closing23 February
Opened by
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The 2020 Winter Invictus Games, officially called the XII Winter Invictus Games (Gaullican: Les XIIe Jeux invictus d'hiver; Soravian: XII Зимові Ігри Інвіцтус), but more commonly and colloquially known as Ulan Khol 2020 is the 12th edition of the Winter Invictus Games, an international winter sports competition, held in Ulan Khol, Soravia, between February 7 and February 20, 2020.

Ulan Khol was chosen as the host city for the games in 2017, fending off competition from Nouvelle-Rayenne in Cassier and Ostapils-Baihaven in Swetania. The Games were held primarily at the KolonetsArena within the city, which has a capacity of 65,000, and which was also be the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies. Ulan Khol 2020 was the first Winter Invictus Games and the second Invictus Games to be held in Soravia.


Bidding began for the 2020 Winter Invictus Games as early as 2011, with 17 cities across all continents submitting a city to the Invictus Committee to be voted upon. Nine cities were eliminated in Round 1 of voting, three in Round 2 and two in Round 3. Among the eliminated cities were Västdal in Ordennya, Paltamo in Velzemia, Rosenborg in Varienland and Keisi in Senria. The final vote for the host city was held in 2016 in Westbrücken, Werania, with Ulan Khol's bid emerging as the winner.

City Nation Votes
Ulan Khol  Soravia 16
Nouvelle-Rayenne  Cassier 9
Ostapils-Baihaven  Swetania 7


Ulan Khol


Ulan Khol has four existing stadiums and two new stadiums that featured as venues for the Games. The largest, KolonetsArena, hosted the opening and closing ceremonies, although it did not feature any of the sporting events. New stadiums such as the Chashka Stadium featured ice hockey and figure skating.

Chashka Stadium

Surrounding towns


Ulan Khol is well connected within Soravia, and serves as an urban hub in the centre of the country. The city is close to the border with Yavorstrana, and can be easily accessed by air or rail from most of Euclea. Travelling by road is more difficult due to incidents at Crossing 93 making it impossible to drive between Soravia and Velzemia. Ulan Khol is connected by high-speed rail to Samistopol and Patovatra, the two largest cities in Soravia, and has a three-runway international airport. The city can be accessed by ferry up the Dolomit river from Yavorstrana and Minilov.

Ulan Khol itself has a small existing metro, but stations are being opened and renovated for the Invictus Games, with the new Invictus Line of the metro system travelling between each of the stadiums. Ulan Khol has inner-city rail that travels between most locations in the city, as well as an expansive network of roads, trams, and taxi services.


The budget for the Games is estimated to be around 5.5 billion Euclo, making it one of the most expensive Winter Invictus Games in history; however, this figure also includes renovations for transport inside Ulan Khol in preparation for the Games, while the budget for the Games itself is likely around 4 billion Euclo.

Participating National Invictus Committees

  The participating countries at the 2020 Winter Invictus
  Debuting countries at the Winter Invictus
  Countries who participated in 2016 but not in 2020
  Yellow circle is host city (Ulan Khol)
Participating National Invictus Committees
Countries that participated in 2016 but not in 2020

Opening and closing ceremonies

The opening and closing ceremonies will include many aspects that allude to Ulan Khol's history of Zalyk inhabitance, with the city itself founded by Zalyk settlers around 900 AD. Along with this, it will feature musical performances by some of the world's biggest stars and will feature traditional instances of Soravian culture as a whole.


Medal table

* Host nation (Soravia)
Rank NIC Gold Silver Bronze Points total
1  Soravia (SOR)* 10 2 4 38
2  Caldia (CAL) 8 5 3 37
3  Gaullica (GAL) 3 6 5 26
4  Swetania (SWE) 1 6 3 18
5  Senria (SEN) 4 1 2 16
6  Cassier (CAS) 1 4 4 15
7  Valentir (VAL) 3 2 1 14
8  Azmara (AZM) 1 2 3 10
9  Satucin (SAT) 2 1 1 9
10  Estmere (EST) 1 2 2 9
11  Werania (WER) 0 1 5 7
12  Chervolesia (CHE) 2 0 0 6
13  Etruria (ETR) 1 0 3 6
14  Hennehouwe (HEN) 1 1 0 5
 Zorasan (ZOR) 1 1 0 5
16 Baekjeong (BAK) 1 0 2 5
17  Tinza (TIN) 0 2 0 4
 Velzemia (VEL) 0 2 0 4
19  Xiaodong (XIA) 0 1 2 4
20  Amathia (AMA) 1 0 0 3
21  Aimilia (AIM) 0 1 0 2
22  Gibany (GIB) 0 1 0 2
23  Eldmark (ELD) 0 0 1 1
Unranked NICs 0 0 0 0
Totals (25 NICs) 41 41 41 246

NICs without medals