WorldVision Song Contest 85

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WorldVision Song Contest 85
Worldvision 85 Logo.jpg
Motto Paint Your Own Music
Venue FedEx Forum
Host City Valletta, Malta Comino Gozo
Host Broadcaster MCG1 and NTR
Presenters Ira Lesco and Bradley Manar
Participants 32
Winning Country Beepee
Winning Song My Heart Beats
Winning Artist Claude Bols

Worldvision Song Contest 85 is the 85th edition of annually held Worldvision Song Contest, which is a Song Competition with competitors from around the world. The contest was held in Valletta, Malta Comino Gozo after the country's victory back in Worldvision Song Contest 84 .

The contest is notable as being the first contest where the jury winner, Kalosia, was not the overall winner of the Contest.  

Bidding Process

This edition, three countries bid for hosting rights. A particular competitor is Valletta, Malta Comino Gozo which has bid for host twice in a row previously and lost both. They finally earned the rights of hosting at this edition. This is the second time the country has hosted the contest after they hosted the 78th edition also held in Valletta.

Place City Country Points
01 Valletta Malta Comino Gozo 84
02 Norfolk Pinewoods Beepee 60
03 Kumswalo Zamboodle 58


This edition is considered unique due to the contest being managed by two broadcasters in which MCG1 and NTR of Nekoni worked together for Worldvision 85. This is rather visible due to the two broadcasters' signature graphics blended together.

Valletta is the financial heart and cultural heart of MCG. The city serves as a meeting point between old and new. It is home to the seat of government for the entire country, contrary to popular belief, the King does not live in Valletta, he and his family reside in Hafna Palace in the town of Runbett. They do have a palace at Maxket House in Valletta which they split their time between. Valletta proper is split into two distinct areas, Valletta old town which dates back to 1455, with hidden gems on every street. Boasting Palaces to beautiful government buildings, to sun washed gardens to its famous city walls, stunning cathedrals, baroque architecture and winding back alleys, and Valletta Downtown, the new modern purpose built financial heart of the capital, home to the MCG Mall and Casino, Valletta Clock tower, Valletta Yacht Club and its breathtaking sea front district on Victoria Street. Layfayette Park is a newer district incorparted into the Valletta Metropolitan area in 2008 is home to the CBD. Malta Comino Gozo has a population of 495,559 of which nearly 130,000 live in and around the Valletta Metropolitan area making it the biggest urban area in the country. The city is mostly made up of around 95% ethnic Malta Comino Gozoans but is home to a small number of Polkopian and Elejamians. Malta Comino Gozoans are a welcoming and warm people, though speaking quietly isn't an option. While this may come across as shouting it is just the way they speak and no harm is meant by this. Maltese is the official language as well as English.

Fedex Forum, The Venue for The 85th Worldvision Song Contest

The venue is the Fed- Ex Forum arena in the heart of Downtown Valletta,just outside Lafayette Park. Built in 2002 it is the largest arena in the country, it is currently used as an indoor entertainment venue for both concerts and sports. For now it is geared towards hosting the biggest international concert, the WorldVision Song Contest. The arena can accommodate around 17,800 people, distributed as 600 standing and 17,200 seated. The arena has various facilities including bars, cafes, restrooms as well as disability access. There is also a substantial green room space located in the hall attached to the main building for the numerous competing acts. The arena is fitted with temperature scanners at the main entrance. Refreshments must be purchased inside the arena. Free water is available to every person upon entering. Alongside the arena, is plenty of car parking and transport links include the #3 Red Valletta Shuttle Route and its situated right across the street from the grand MCG Casino and the stunning MCG mall.

Participating Countries and Results

No. Country Singer Song Place Points
01 Mister X Michael Robinson & John Joseph Five Minutes Over 17 96
02 Missus X Rick Leg Grind on Me 23 36
03 Polkopia SEKZTA Party Dance 8 169
04 South Alezia Brick I'm A Brick and I'm Lonely 25 20
05 Beepee Claude Bols My Heart Beats 1 239
06 Ertzei Kishim Yair Dayan Zarim (Strangers) 3 223
07 Talvezout tba tba DNF DNF
08 Scotatrova Julia Villa Silas eh'emor 15 120
09 Nachlomo tba tba DNF DNF
10 Nekoni Vantablack Where Did You Go? 16 110
11 Kasanova-Koratica R.L.E.në R.ë Bye-Bye 28 3
12 Pemecutan Komang Suarbawa feat. Rani Purwani Usah Kau Pendam Sendiri 21 65
13 Kalosia DAZHURI Final Dance 2 228
14 Kyritakia Kamoshida 100 Seconds 4 193
15 North Alezia Nisran Yaqrina When Love Speaks For Itself 14 122
16 Waisnor Alena Propenkova Spasi Menya (Save Me) 20 88
17 Achaean Republic Purnanee Padoxa Cuento de Olvidar (A Story of Forgetting) 9 162
18 Main Nation Ministry Charlotte "Charlie" Huxley The Forgotten Assistant 24 34
19 Antahbrantahstan Georgia Mulligan Ilusi 19 91
20 Elejamie Lucía Beltrán (feat. Lisa Park and Her Gang) Wish 12 130
21 South Batoko tba tba DNF DNF
22 Malta Comino Gozo Nathan Aperitivo Fire 5 187
23 Normandy and Picardy Après le déluge ft. Versaunaute J'en ai marre DNF DNF
24 Caryton Martha Mallard Cary's Story 26 13
25 Amuaplye Man o' War The End 18 92
26 Placely Placington Wynan Schitt Why Did Stacey Break Up With Me? :'( 22 39
27 Eljida  Nadir Doruk Give Me Your Love 13 124
28 Todlichebujoku  Cauniścasis Mieras Soar 11 138
29 Zamboodle  Zamboodle Supah Soldas (You Got The) Sheet-Blood Fever 27 8
30 Ethane  Eddy Lingarde At Your Side 10 149
31 Nightom  Jakob Lundqvist Shadow 6 187
32 Natanya  Aylexa Blénken 7 184