WorldVision Song Contest 92

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Worldvision Song Contest 92
Worldvision 92 Logo.png
Final14th August 2021 (IC-)
VenueAnÿme Community Venue
Anÿme, Darkmania
Presenter(s)Hëntryëtta Tÿrlingen
Directed byÄrtur Löngstald
Executive producerKrÿster Hülamäl
Host broadcasterDaTV
Opening actTBA
Interval actHëntryëtta Tÿrlingen peforming "Land of the Golden Eagle", a song about Darkmania and includes alot of facts about the hostcountry.
Number of entries29
Debuting countriesAenglide, Atzlana, Bahia Roja, Filshia
Returning countriesAchaean Republic, Britonisea, Darkmania, Faraby, Lagoa, Nekoni
Non-returning countriesAlinghi FDR, Estogium, Ethane, Greater Korean Juche Republic, Hafamarimёt, Kergle, Not Auphelia, South Batoko, Syrche
Voting systemEach country awards two sets of 12, 10, 8–1 points to 10 songs: the first–from a professional jury, the second–from viewers.
Winning songNekoni

The Worldvision Song Contest 92 was the 92nd edition of the Worldvision Song Contest. It was held in the southern resort-city of Anÿme, Darkmania at the Anÿme Community Venue, with their national broadcaster DaTV being the hostbroadcaster for the event. The competition was won by Nekoni, when they sent Ciudade de Deus with their song "Defiant". It is the second time that Nekoni has won the competition, after doing so in the Worldvision Song Contest 70 in Ylfa, Talvezout.

As there being only one bidder for the edition, which was Darkmania, the country automatically earned the spot as the host.

In this edition of the WorldVision Song Contest, there were four debuting nations (Aenglide, Atzlana, Bahia Roja, and Filshia), six returning nations (Achaean Republic, Britonisea, Darkmania, Faraby, Lagoa, and Nekoni), and nine withdrawing nations (Alinghi FDR, Estogium, Ethane, Greater Korean Juche Republic, Hafamarimёt, Kergle, Not Auphelia, South Batoko, and Syrche).


The last time Darkmania hosted the WorldVision Song Contest prior to WSC92 was the WorldVision Song Contest 67, when it was held in the capital of Örkendrem. Since then, a lot of time had passed and there had been calls for national broadcaster DaTV to host WorldVision again. Because of the calls it was decided that DaTV will bid for a third time, last time being a failed bid in the WorldVision Song Contest 74. The Worldvision Committee also annonncing that no one had bidded to host the 92nd edition also contributed to their third darkmanian worldvision bid and their 2nd ever hosting of the contest.

In order to promote other parts of Darkmania, it was decided that Örkendrem will not be biding for Worldvision, but instead in a diferent city. There were many cities considered, and in the end, the choice felt on the city resort city Anÿme. Anÿme is the 5th biggest city in Darkmania with a population of around 900,000. The city is well known for its top leage football team, its nightlife, and its zoo. It is also ranked the one with the funniest name on the internet, despite the name dates back in the 900's. Anÿme also hosts the second largest port in Darkmania in both cargo imports and in passenger transfers. It is the largest city in Darkmania without a metro line as Anÿme has a tram network proven as an efficient mode of transportation around the city, thus no need for a metro.

Anÿme is known as the "holiday-town of Darkmania". As written earlier, the zoo is one of the most visited attractions in the city by far and in Darkmania as whole. It is said that every Darkmanian goes there at least once in their life. Due to their perfect location being located at the southern coastline and their many attractions, there is a larger capacity of hotel rooms and vacancy for tourists than actual homes for the people who reside in Anÿme. The selected venue for the WorldVision Song Contest 92 was the Anÿme Community Venue. The venue is located at the center of the city and has opened its doors in March 2021. It was built in order to replace an aging venue from the 1950's that was at the same spot as the current venue occupies today and was installed with 11,000 seats, which was 4,000 more than what the old venue had. The new venue in Anÿme has currently been the venue for a large tennis tournament for youth, a number of political rallies and other major events prior to the hosting of Worldvision.

Participating Countries and Results

No. Country Singer Song Place Points
01 Filshia Dudi Filšitruš Anču Svituš 22 60
02 Placely Placington Dave McDaverson b/w Jim the Grindcore Guy Bloke Worldvision History 27 26
03 Carrelie Cały Świat All Together Now 14 138
04 Scotatrova Diana Villamos Day and Night 15 133
05 Adab Rashid Abdul Malik Pinewood and Tulips 12 144
06 Aenglide Mittelgrad Deserted 24 53
07 Atzlana Escanthro Roso Over Again 21 88
08 Pemecutan Rika and The Pande's Selamat Tinggal Kekasihku 16 114
09 Vartugia Benis Hahahaha 2 and a Half a Minute of Someone Trying to Yodel and Failing Hard :( 28 22
10 Waisnor ne tvoya Moya bol' 8 162
11 Nekoni Ciudade de Deus Defiant 1 235
12 Zamboodle Justin Valley Fever This Time 29 10
13 Elejamie IyilRifim & Deni Merinil Falling Into The Abyss 6 166
14 Kalosia Lucia Edin His Final Prayer 9 154
15 Beepee Miriam Reasons 2 192
16 Spiritual Republic of Caryton Pearl Schuft Come Home, My Child 25 41
17 Malta Comino Gozo Cika Mizzi Homeland 5 167
18 Achaean Republic P.P. Galore Sonar 3 175
19 Antahbrantahstan Helena Reva Pure Hate 10 153
20 Alezian Union NESIANA I Am Lady Night 7 166
21 Crustyland Flomflom Whales I Need A Love Right Now 26 30
22 Darkmania Gällard Alermi Human 23 54
23 Britonisea Benjamin Walters Won't Let You Down 11 152
24 Bahia Roja Suicidal Pickles Wake Me Up 19 98
25 Faraby Serra Kayakaya The Big Man 17 113
26 Rhim Flavezztowland Marina Lee feat. LiLiTH Sleepless in Sanghyeok 18 107
27 Joija The Zombos Make A Killing 20 98
28 Lagoa Cenge Fekete Draudo 13 140
29 Tödlichebujoku Kenstas Kaivaano Let You Go 4 172