WorldVision Song Contest 93

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Worldvision Song Contest 93
Venue National Stadium
Host City Zafizamarrah, Alezian Union
Host Broadcaster ABA (Alezian Broadcasting Authority)
Presenters Imara Syafani, Andi Robi Idris Novogrody , Andi Ainii Irqimaza Novogrody
Participants Originally: 29, Result: 25
Debuting Countries (2) Moorland, Sharktail
Returning Countries (2) Northern Beepee, Talvezout
Withdrawing Countries (8) Atzlana, Bahia Roja, Caryton, Darkmania, Filshia, Lagoa, Nekoni, Rhim Flavezztowland
Winning Country Achaean Republic
Winning Song ¿Para Qué Vale?
Winning Artist Andrea Gutiérrez

Worldvision Song Contest 93 was the 93nd edition of the Worldvision Song Contest. The Contest was hosted in the National Stadium in Zafizamarrah, Alezian Union and was hosted by aba (Alezian Broadcasting Authority), their broadcaster. Achaean Republic won the contest, after they sent Andrea Gutiérrez with her song "¿Para Qué Vale?" which had earned 232 points. This was the Achaean Republic's first win, after 27 participations since the 10th edition of Worldvision.

Zafizamarrah was selected after winning the bid from three cities. Kumswalo, Zamboodle, which had received 106 points, Marina Point, Nekoni, which had recieved 146 points, and Zafizamarrah, Alezian Union which won in the end, having received 160 points.

In this edition of Worldvision, we had two Countries making their debut entry; Moorland and Sharktail. There was also four withdrawals in the contest, from Spiritual Republic of Caryton, Kyritakia, Rhim Flavezztowland and Nekoni, and one disqualification from Zamboodle. Zamboodle had been disqualified due to a failure in presenting their national jury votes and national televotes.


The Metropolitan City of Zafizamarrah is the capital of North Alezia and the capital of the Alezian Union as a whole. Zafizamarrah houses the biggest economic, politic, and leisure center in the nation. With population of 3,484,922 (+ 4,281,920 in the outskirts of the Metropolis), it is the largest city in the Alezian Union. In History, Zafizamarrah was sought after by a lot of people, from Native Alezians, to Islamic Merchants, to British Colonial Settlers, to North Alezians, then to Alezians as a whole themselves. Recommended spots to visit around Zafizamarrah include The National Parliament Building in Government Way, The Alezian Flat-Circle in Isbaraqqi, and the Main Street of the University of Alezia, in Mukhlis Krasnaya South.

The National Stadium is located at the center of the Metropolis, The National Stadium started construction in 1977, and stalled in 1985. Construction then restarted in 1989 and finally completed in 1993. The stadium can hold around 75,000 spectators, and has hosted various events before, with the biggest being the Alezian Reunification Ceremony. For Worldvision, the 10,000 seats on the northern parts of the stadium would not be used due to it being closed by the stage and the LED screen. However, the 20,000 seats on the west and east parts (40,000) plus southern parts (10,000) and the 5000 seats southeastern and southwestern seats (10,000), added with the installment of 15,000 central seats, making the total to 75,000 seats available for this Worldvision.

Participating Countries and Results

No. Country Singer Song Place Points
01 Beepee Teddy Behr Things You Should Know 9 144
02 Crustyland Ernst Tonnesen Limitless Curiosity 22 53
03 Britonisea Eastern Fifth Expelliarmus =11 128
04 Carrelie Lisolette Dressler On A Cloud 19 78
05 Kalosia Filip Gardañu Ala kalmë 14 107
06 Pemecutan Septian Haryono & Karina Putri Cinta Tulusmu 10 131
07 Spiritual Republic of Caryton - - - -
08 Scotatrova Biedro Calo Let Loose 21 67
09 Placely Placington Melty I Hope Satan Brings Me Lots Of Presents For Christmas 23 29
10 Faraby Caria Sahin Rebel Girl 17 84
11 Adab Ashina Uter Clean 2 194
12 Antahbrantahstan Tim Bassett Trustbreaker 6 163
13 Sharktail Ruzairi Ahmad Hariku Selepas Kau Tiada 16 95
14 Waisnor Balaganova Resheniye 4 172
15 Malta Comino Gozo Konsu Farina Lost With My Mess 7 148
16 Achaean Republic Andrea Gutiérrez ¿Para Qué Vale? 1 232
17 Elejamie Imogene The End Of The World =11 128
18 Kyritakia - - - -
19 Alezian Union Elstrou Maatscheld Dammit, I'm In Love Again 8 147
20 Joija In Red Blooms Take My Heart 20 72
21 Vartugia (INSERT NAME HERE) No 24 13
22 Aenglide ÄKE Þym Rekænde Þu 18 83
23 Northern Beepee Victoria Sponge The Cat's Meow 15 106
24 Rhim Flavezztowland - - - -
25 Zamboodle General Doukno Daewae The Zamboodle Anime Opening DSQ DSQ
26 Nekoni - - - -
27 Todlichebujoku HIATSMUSI Kedu Muru 3 179
28 Talvezout Helena Lee Jiang Out Of My World 13 119
29 Moorland Doula Peep Run Away 5 171


  1. Dashes signify the withdrawal of a country from the contest.
  2. No, it is not a mistake - Vartugia's representatives are really known as "(INSERT NAME HERE)"