Camille Boffrand

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Camille Jacobson Boffrand
Camille Boffrand Official Portrait.jpg
48th Secretary of Defense (Zamastan)
Assumed office
September 22nd, 2020
PresidentAtticus Moreau
Preceded byCurtis Fondaden
Personal details
BornApril 13th, 1971 (Age:47)
Kelowna, Zian, Zamastan
Height6 ft 3 in (191 cm)
Military service
Branch/serviceZamastanian Intelligence Service, Zamastanian Army
Years of service1992-2019
Rank2-Star General

Camille Boffrand is a Zamastanian 2-star general and politician who serves as the 48th Secretary of Defense of Zamastan, serving since 2020 under President Atticus Moreau. As Secretary, he has taken the helm of Zamastanian covert operations to aid rebel forces against the Syraranto government and Great Epsilonian forces in the Second Syraranto Civil War. He was the target of an assassination attempt by an agent of the Tasoulas government while on a security summit visit to Vilanja, East Chanchajilla, on October 10th, 2020, because of his support of rebel forces in Syraranto.

Before serving as the Secretary of Defense, he was a member of the Zamastanian Armed Forces, first serving as an intelligence operative for the Zamastanian Intelligence Service in Jaginistan during their civil war, providing intelligence on Beleroskovian troop movements. He then served during the Second War in Vulkaria, deployed in the early stage of the war in 2000. He saw action in several operations which awarded him numerous awards from the military. He progressed through the ranks and was back in combat as a general by the end of the war. He eventually was promoted by President Cassious Castovia to that of two-star general, where he and his office's successor, General Curtis Fondaden, oversaw the rest of combat operations and the removal of Zamastanian troops as the war concluded in 2005. He also served as a commanding officer during the Third Danaska War and provided President Foley Sakzi advisorship during the May 2020 Invasion of Ossinia.