Il Colegio di Stado
RoleExecutive cabinet
Established12th century CE
Total members7
Term length2 years, renewable
Term began1 January 2020
Term ends31 December 2021
Meeting placePalaço Pùblico, Montecara

The Colegio, in full Il Colegio di Stado de Montecara, is the collective head of government and executive cabinet of Montecara. Because consensus-based decision-making and a broad diffusion of power are deeply rooted in Montecaran culture, the city-state's government lacks a single official who has formal power over the executive; instead, the Colegio as a whole makes decisions and implements policies together. Discussions are held in private, and dissensions are not made public. Each member is a Secretary who heads a Secretariat that is concerned with some aspect of day-to-day government.

The Colegio is technically a committee of the Popular Assembly, the lower house of the legislature. Members are nominated by committee and appointed by a vote of the Popular Assembly for a two-year term. Individual members can be re-elected indefinitely. In practice, sitting members are almost always re-elected if they choose to keep serving, and most leave office only when they choose to retire after two to five terms. Retiring members of the Colegio often go on to serve in the Senate.

The Secretary of State presides at meetings of the Colegio and is first in its order of precedence, but has no formal power over the other members. Nevertheless, she has been described by commentators as "the face of Montecara" due to the relatively high profile of the office in the Montecaran political scene, which is dominated by committees and consensus. Although the Secretary of State acts alone only when managing her secretariat, she nevertheless holds a considerable degree of "soft power" as the first in the Colegio's order of precedence and the official most immediately in charge of foreign policy. The Secretary represents Montecara at international conferences and is informally considered the nation's top diplomat. Because Montecaran nationality law also falls under the remit of the Secretariat of State, she has immediate responsibility for matters of naturalization and citizenship, and Montecaran passports are issued under her authority.

The Colegio is served by a Secretariat that includes a handful of offices that support the work of the executive as a whole. These include the statistics bureau, the executive legal department, and an administrative staff attending to logistics, scheduling, public relations, and various other aspects of day-to-day operations.

Current composition

In order of precedence

Incumbent Term began
Secretary of State
Secretària di stado
Secretariat of State
Alessia Morani daticamera 2013.jpg
1 January 2016
Secretary of Finance
Secretària da finànsa
Secretariat of Finance
Beatrice Lorenzin daticamera 2018.jpg
1 January 2018
Secretary of Defense and Security
Secretària da difèsa eia segurèsa
Secretariat of Defense and Security
Pier Luigi Bersani daticamera 2013.jpg
1 January 2016
Secretary of Trade and Industry
Secretària di tràfego eia endùstria
Secretariat of Trade and Industry
Angelino Alfano daticamera.jpg
1 January 2014
Secretary of Social Protection
Secretària da protexòn soçiàl
Secretariat of Social Protection
Dario Franceschini daticamera 2013.jpg
1 January 2012
Secretary of Planning and the Environment
Secretària da urbanìsma eia anbiènt
Secretariat of Planning and the Environment
Marianna Madia daticamera 2013.jpg
1 January 2014
Secretary of Education and Culture
Secretària da creànça eia cultùra
Secretariat of Education and Culture
Debora Serracchiani daticamera 2018.jpg
1 January 2020