College of State (Montecara)

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College of State
Colegio di Stado
Coat of arms of Montecara
Coat of arms of Montecara
StatusHead of state and
Head of government
SeatPalaço Pùblico
Term lengthThree years, no term limit
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Montecara
SalaryŁ56,437 (€11,066)
per month

The College of State (Montecaran: Colegio di Stado) is the collective head of government and executive cabinet of Montecara. It is composed of seven members, each of whom heads an executive department, but makes decisions and implements policies as a whole. Discussions are held in private, and dissensions are not made public. The Secretary of State presides at meetings of the College and is first in its order of precedence, but has no formal power over the other members.

Bodies under the direct and joint control of the College include the national statistics bureau, state legal counsel, and an administrative staff attending to logistics, scheduling, public relations, and various other aspects of day-to-day operations.


Members are elected individually by the Senate from among its members. Each senator may nominate a candidate for each position in the College, after which the Senate uses a form of exhaustive ballot wherein the candidate receiving the fewest votes is eliminated in each round until one candidate secures a majority. Seats on the College are filled sequentially in order of precedence, beginning with the Secretary of State and finishing with the Secretary of Education and Culture.

Members serve three-year terms concurrent with the Senate and are not subject to the body's confidence. There are no term limits, and members are routinely reelected to multiple terms.


The College of State is vested with both legislative and executive powers. The main legislative responsibility of the College is to propose legislation to the Senate. Because the College practices collective cabinet responsibility, Secretaries are jointly responsible for all proposals they make.

Legislative proposals are prepared by the relevant Secretary and circulated for review among the other Secretaries. Once the College is, as a whole, satisfied with a proposal, it may be submitted to the Senate.

The College is also collectively responsible for heading the executive branch and setting government policy. Each Secretary is responsible for the proper functioning of their respective secretariat.

At least four members must by law be present in Montecara at all times, so travel abroad must be carefully coordinated. Members are legally immune from prosecution or lawsuit for statements made in an official capacity and for most criminal offenses, though they may be prosecuted for crimes after their term in office has ended.

Pay and benefits

Each member collects a salary set by law which cannot be reduced during their time in office. For fiscal year 2020-2021, this amounted to Ł56,437 (€11,066) per month. Additionally, work expenses such as travel, a dedicated and secure cell phone and laptop, and security are paid for by the state.

Unlike many heads of government, members do not have official residences or dedicated government vehicles for their use domestically. They are expected to live in their own homes and commute to work like any other Montecaran. Members are often seen using public transportation and their security detail is usually non-existent, though the gendarmerie can be called upon for protection when required.

Current composition

From 5 October 2020, in order of precedence:

Portrait Incumbent Party Constituency Office
Alessia Morani daticamera 2013.jpg Odeta Luciàn Socialist 21 – Caxalèt Secretary of State
Secretària di stado
Secretariat of State
Beatrice Lorenzin daticamera 2018.jpg Ansèlma di Meglie Liberal-Radicals 4 – Fiamìn Secretary of Finance
Secretària da finànsa
Secretariat of Finance
Pier Luigi Bersani daticamera 2013.jpg Tulio Brucàt Socialist 10 – Prat Secretary of Defense and Security
Secretària da difèsa eia segurèsa
Secretariat of Defense and Security
Angelino Alfano daticamera.jpg Emilio Grèce Liberal-Radicals 24 – Nomentà Secretary of Trade and Industry
Secretària di tràfego eia endùstria
Secretariat of Trade and Industry
Dario Franceschini daticamera 2013.jpg Teodòr Marelucè Socialist 17 – Teràçio Secretary of Social Protection
Secretària da protexòn soçiàl
Secretariat of Social Protection
Marianna Madia daticamera 2013.jpg Francesca Zetici The Greens 9 – Bàna Secretary of Planning and the Environment
Secretària da urbanìsma eia anbiènt
Secretariat of Planning and the Environment
Debora Serracchiani daticamera 2018.jpg Gemma Antolìn Socialist 15 – Xiò Secretary of Education and Culture
Secretària da creànça eia cultùra
Secretariat of Education and Culture