Foreign relations of Montecara

Plaque displayed at Montecaran embassies

Montecara is a vocal participant in international relations. Its relations with other nations are defined on the one hand by its determination to retain its independence and sovereignty, and on the other by its desire to promote regional and international cooperation and the rule of law.

Montecara exhibits some characteristics of both a middle power and a small power. It enjoys considerable economic influence despite its small area and population, particularly in the areas of international trade and finance.

Currently, its priorities include the expansion of trade and cultural ties and the continued augmentation of its soft power.

International organization memberships

Organization Ambassador to Joined
Aurean Forum Amànda Floriàn 11 April 1947
Community of Nations Telchìde Gliò 1 December 1936
Euclean Common Defense Treaty Organization Tulio Brucàt 1 January 1948
Global Institute for Fiscal Affairs Ìsota ia Pièdra 1 January 1995
International Council for Democracy Elio Maràld 15 June 1938
International Trade Organization Ludano Lisi 1 January 1995

Diplomatic missions

Country Ambassador from Ambassador to Other missions
 Amathia Flavia Comeaga Gaia Xibèta
 Caldia Eithne Ní Leannáin Piersilvo Ludovìc Also hosts the Permanent Mission of Montecara to the International Council for Democracy.
 Cassier Gianpàolo Minela
 Estmere Roger FitzOsbern Mario Bucepe
 Etruria Giàn Arancola
 Florena Raimon Aparicio Clèa Madalòn
 Gaullica Achille Brochard Giùdice Bartòl
 Gibany Nàrseo Bossi
 Imagua and the Assimas Debora Notarangelo Tristàn Carièr
 Kesselbourg Danièla Biancàrd Also hosts the Permanent Mission of Montecara to the Community of Nations.
 Lorcania Damhán Ó Sluagháin Rolfo de Bélo
 Marirana Eliçabèt Antonìn
 Narozalica Clarénxo Tonìn
 Nuxica Guelf Montori
 Piraea Konstantina Glariadi Demetrio Girolàm
 Rwizikuru Munyai Ngonidzashe Gentìl Mauroçeno
 Satucin Piera ia Gàlba
 Senria Hirobumi Matumura Vitòria Sangiàn
 Swetania Gabriele Feig Diodòr Tesore
 Tsabara Paòla Acotati
 Valentir Iacopò Aiuto
 Varienland Magnus Sørensen Àntimo Pàgani
 Werania Françèsca da Càlvi
 Xiaodong Elmèr Franxèti  Jindao:
 Yi Unà Letièr
 Zorasan Prisco Braci

Policy positions

Nuclear, biological and chemical weapons

The Montecaran government does not consider that any state has the inherent right to possess nuclear material, even for ostensibly peaceful purposes. It has consistently supported controls aimed at preventing the spread of nuclear technology and materials and is party to the Treaty of Shanbally. The official position of the Montecaran government is that the states of Xiaodong and Zorasan are in breach of international law due to their nuclear weapons programs. Montecara is a nuclear-free zone.

The Montecaran government has called for the total abolition of chemical and biological weapons. The state itself maintains no chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons. Secretary of State Odeta Luciàn has called the use of chemical and biological weapons a "crime against humanity" and called for the creation of an international body to monitor stockpiles and control proliferation.

Climate change

As Montecara is a small island state, climate change poses it an existential threat. The Montecaran government has lobbied aggressively for action against climate change at the international level.