Port of Montecara

Port of Montecara
Country Montecara
Operated byVM
Owned byState of Montecara
Type of harborNatural/artificial
Size1,588 hectares (15.88 km2)
Annual container volumeDecrease 4.11 million TEU (2018)
Passenger trafficIncrease 9.65 million people (2018)
Annual revenueIncrease Ł517.450 million (2019)
Net incomeIncrease Ł41.875 million (2018)

The Port of Montecara (Montecaran: Pòrt de Montecara) is the cargo, ferry, and cruise terminal serving the city-state of Montecara. A port city since antiquity, Montecara relies so heavily on its port that its history has been molded by the ships, goods, and people that have passed through its docks and wharves.

Although the port was for millennia primarily important for the import and export of goods, passenger traffic has overtaken cargo in importance over the last several decades. Montecara has become one of the world's most popular cruise destinations, with several cruise ships coming and going nearly every day. The city-state's location at the narrowest point between Euclea and Coius also makes it a crucial ferry destination, with millions of passengers starting, ending, or continuing their journeys through the port every year.

Cranes and fortifications
The ferry passenger terminal
A cruise ship in port
Cranes and warehouses

Passenger traffic


Ferries are categorized as sea vessels intended for transportation rather than entertainment, separating them from cruise ships.

Ferry destinations

Country Destination Ports of call T V Class
 Etruria Poveglia Accadia 31:45 Cruiseferry
San Francesco Accadia 28:05 Cruiseferry
Solaria Accadia
San Francesco
39:20 Cruiseferry
Vilanja Accadia
San Francesco
41:55 Cruiseferry
 Florena Altmera Féra 13:50 Pictograms-nps-misc-automobiles-2.svg Ferry
Armilla 7:25 Pictograms-nps-misc-automobiles-2.svg Ferry
4:00 Catamaran
Bórdaia 1:20 Pictograms-nps-misc-automobiles-2.svg
0:45 Catamaran
Féra Vesalla 8:55 Pictograms-nps-misc-automobiles-2.svg Ferry
Ishana Palmara 11:55 Pictograms-nps-misc-automobiles-2.svg Ferry
Palmara 6:20 Catamaran
Juarez 9:10 Pictograms-nps-misc-automobiles-2.svg Ferry
4:55 Catamaran
Palmara 9:15 Pictograms-nps-misc-automobiles-2.svg Ferry
4:55 Catamaran
Port Nou 9:20 Pictograms-nps-misc-automobiles-2.svg Ferry
5:00 Catamaran
 Tsabara Beit Yehoshua 7:10 Pictograms-nps-misc-automobiles-2.svg Ferry
3:50 Catamaran
El Aouïnet 11:40 Pictograms-nps-misc-automobiles-2.svg Ferry
6:15 Catamaran
Manara 2:25 Pictograms-nps-misc-automobiles-2.svg
1:20 Catamaran