IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded6 July 1939
HubsMontecara–Enrico Dulio International Airport
Frequent-flyer programAeracara Élite
Fleet size205
Company sloganVolare altòr (Fly Higher)
Traded asBMM: AERA
HeadquartersMontecara–Enrico Dulio International Airport,
Key peopleGiudìta Vala, CEO
RevenueIncreaseŁ74,817 million (2017)
ProfitIncreaseŁ218 million (2017)

Aeracara is the flag carrier of the city-state of Montecara. Its hub is at Montecara–Enrico Dulio International Airport, and it operates flights to a variety of long- and short-haul destinations across the world.

The airline's strategy is based on providing the highest standard of service in the industry, with a particular emphasis on the business and premium traveler market. There is no fee to check a bag, and food and non-alcoholic drinks are provided for free to all classes on all flights, with full meals on flights lasting longer than two hours. All aircraft are equipped with individual entertainment systems in at least Second class and above, allowing passengers to choose their own music, movies, and games. In-flight wifi is available across the fleet. Aeracara is consistently ranked as one of the world's best airlines in terms of customer satisfaction.

Aeracara has used the song “Co te partirò” (“I’ll go with you”) by Montecaran singer Andrà Boxèli in its marketing since 1998.


Aeracara offers five classes of service: Private, First, Second, Third Plus, and Third. Not all classes are offered on all flights. All Aeracara flights are non-smoking.


The bedroom in a Private-class suite

Private class (clàse Privàt) is, according to Aeracara, "the finest flying experience anywhere." It is only offered on long-haul routes operating the Azimut A-91 Apollo double-deck airliner, each of which operated by Aeracara is equipped with only one Private class suite, which can accommodate up to four travelers. The experience is designed to be superior to travel on a private aircraft in terms of luxury and to offer an equal standard of privacy. Travelers are picked up at a location of their choice in a luxury car and driven directly to the airport, where they are escorted by Aeracara employees through a private security screening and, if necessary, customs and immigration check, and have their luggage handled by porters. They have sole access to a private boarding lounge, which offers luxury hotel-quality amenities such as complimentary food and drink and concierge service. Private guests board the aircraft directly from the lounge through a dedicated jet bridge, never coming into contact with other passengers.

On board, Private guests enjoy a suite of rooms that includes a bedroom, dining room with dedicated galley, full bath, and lounge. The bedroom is located on the upper deck directly above the cockpit and offers panoramic views to the front and sides. The lounge can be configured prior to boarding to meet each traveler's needs, for example by adding a customizable office suite with a personal assistant or private bar with an on-duty bartender. Private suites are served by a dedicated butler and service staff.

At their final destination, travelers exit the aircraft via dedicated jet bridge and are offered lounge service before being driven to their final destination via private luxury car. Prices for Private class service are not publicly disclosed, but are rumored to cost at least Ł200,000 for a round-trip ticket on longer routes.


The First-class cabin on a long-haul flight

First class (clàse Prima) is available on all long-haul and medium-haul routes, as well as some short-haul services. Aeracara prides itself on offering the finest first-class service in the industry, with impeccable service from arrival at the departure airport to travelers' final destination. First-class passengers have access to the Vìla Aeracara lounge at their points of departure and arrival, berths with lie-flat seats, and complimentary chef-quality food and drink en route. The baggage allowance is four, either checked, carry-on, or a combination.

An in-flight second-class dinner menu from 2019

First-class round-trip airfare on long-haul routes typically starts at approximately Ł25,000.


Second class on a long-haul flight

Second class (clàse Secónd) is available on all flights. Second-class travelers have access to the Vìla Aeracara lounge and enjoy spacious seating and complimentary premium food and drink en route. Second-class seats always come equipped with power ports and a personal entertainment system, and on long-haul flights are configured as semi-private berths with lie-flat beds and privacy partitions. The baggage allowance is two, either checked, carry-on, or a combination.

Third Plus

Third Plus (clàse Tèrço Più) offers flyers additional legroom and priority boarding. Its availability varies according to the equipment flown.


Third class (clàse Tèrço) offers economy passengers a superior flying experience. Complimentary food and non-alcoholic drinks are provided on all flights, a snack on short-haul routes and at least one full meal, with choice of entrée, on flights lasting longer than two hours. Travelers may choose to either check or carry on a first bag for free, and are allowed a carry-on personal item as well. Long-haul aircraft are equipped with personal entertainment systems in Third class.

Vìla Aeracara lounge

The reception desk at the lounge in Jindao

The airline's lounge, Vìla Aeracara, provides travelers with the highest standard of comfort and convenience before and after flight. It has locations at Astoria, Jindao, Keisi, Samistopol, and the flagship lounge at Montecara. All locations are equipped with a full bar, chef-catered buffet and seated restaurant, massage rooms, conference rooms and communications facilities, a smoking room, and private bath and nap suites. The flagship lounge additionally has a gymnasium and indoor swimming pool and full-service spa. Entry to lounges is limited to and First-class passengers and Élite brilànt members and qualifying companions traveling on that day only; Second-class passengers and Élite brilànt members and qualifying companions may purchase lounge access on the day of travel at a cost of Ł2,500 per traveler.

Aeracara Élite

Aeracara's frequent-flyer program is Aeracara Élite. It is free to sign up, and travelers earn points on all journeys (except for award travel), as well as for various other purchases such as those made with a branded credit card. Points earned are multiplied based on the following scale:

  • Private/First class: 200% of kilometers traveled
  • Second: 120%
  • Third/Third Plus: 100%

Travelers meeting certain travel and spending criteria are enrolled in a status tier. Both the points and spending criteria must be met in a qualifying 18-month period to achieve status. The tiers are Élite arxènt (Elite Silver), Élite oro (Elite Gold), and Élite briliànt (Elite Diamond).

Aeracara Élite status tiers
Élite arxènt Élite oro Élite briliànt
Qualifying points 25,000 50,000 100,000
Qualifying spending Ł5,000 Ł15,000 Ł50,000
Dedicated service hotline Yes Yes Yes
Priority check-in Second Second First
Priority security Second Second First
Priority boarding Yes, after Second Yes, with Second Yes, with First
Seat selection Yes, in Third Yes, free upgrade to Third Plus Yes, free upgrade to Third Plus and priority selection
Advance booking Third guaranteed with 72 hours' notice Second or third guaranteed with 24 hours' notice
Priority waitlist Yes Yes, additional priority
Extra baggage 1 extra checked or carry-on 2 extra checked or carry-on
Priority baggage handling Yes Yes, additional priority
Lounge access Vìla Aeracara access available for purchase Vìla Aeracara and partner lounges + 1 companion
Rescheduling fees 50% discount Waived
Upgrades Automatically requested to Second Automatically requested to First, then Second

There is one status tier above Élite briliànt: Élite invitàda (Elite Invited). As the name implies, it is an invitation-only tier intended for Aeracara's highest-value customers. Very little about the program is publicly disclosed, but it is widely believed that, in addition to all the privileges of lower tiers, flyers are provided many of the benefits of Private-class travel, including private car service to and from the airport, private check-in, security, and boarding, and private lounge access.


Focus city
City Country Airport
Montecara  Montecara Montecara–Enrico Dulio International Airport
Arciluco  Amathia Arciluco International Airport
Cluzia  Amathia Cluzia International Airport
Aalmsted  Azmara Aalmsted International Airport
Dunhelm  Buckland Dunhelm International Airport
Gaunt  Buckland Gaunt International Airport
Garrafrauns  Caldia Garrafrauns International Airport
Spálgleann  Caldia Spálgleann International Airport
Andade  Cassier Andade International Airport
Barnier  Cassier Barnier International Airport
Nouevelle-Rayenne  Cassier Nouevelle-Rayenne International Airport
Saint-Marie  Cassier Saint-Marie International Airport
Hammarvik  Eldmark King Frederick I International Airport
Åndalvern  Eldmark Åndalvern International Airport
Ashcombe  Estmere Ashcombe International Airport
Catherby  Estmere Catherby International Airport
Morton  Estmere Morton International Airport
Warminster  Estmere Warminster International Airport
Accadia  Etruria Accadia International Airport
Dubovica  Etruria Dubovica International Airport
Fauglia  Etruria Fauglia International Airport
San Alessandro  Etruria San Alessandro International Airport
San Francesco  Etruria San Francesco International Airport
Solaria  Etruria Solaria International Airport
Turania  Etruria Turania International Airport
Vicalvi  Etruria Pietramontecorvino International Airport
Lavelle  Gaullica Lavelle International Airport
Monroial  Gaullica Monroial International Airport
Rayenne  Gaullica Rayenne International Airport
Verlois  Gaullica Verlois-Fayolle Giraud International Airport
Astoria  Halland Astoria International Airport
Avelon  Halland Avelon International Airport
Ealaghleann  Halland Ealaghleann International Airport
s'Holle  Hennehouwe s'Holle International Airport
Zilverzee  Hennehouwe Zilverzee International Airport
Kesselbourg City  Kesselbourg Kesselbourg City International Airport
Aquinas  Marirana Aquinas International Airport
Monticello  Marirana Monticello International Airport
Ospeletto  Marirana Ospeletto International Airport
Santa Maria  Marirana Santa Maria International Airport
Soriano  Marirana Soriano International Airport
Turania  Marirana Turania International Airport
Venzano  Marirana Venzano International Airport
Patovatra  Narozalica Patovatra International Airport
Samistopol  Narozalica Samistopol International Airport
Svobinsk City  Narozalica Tokarev Yakovich International Airport
Carútagua  Nuxica Carútagua International Airport
Sant Picano  Nuxica Sant Picano International Airport
Alikianos  Piraea Alikianos International Airport
Mousouroi  Piraea Mousouroi International Airport
Port Fitzhubert  Rwizikuru Samhuri Ngonidzashe International Airport
Découverte  Sanslumiere Découverte International Airport
Arac  Satucin Arac International Airport
Claudeville  Satucin Claudeville International Airport
Enot  Satucin Enot International Airport
Gatôn  Satucin Gatôn International Airport
Pasau  Satucin Pasau International Airport
Satau  Satucin Satau International Airport
Hisakawa  Senria Hisakawa International Airport
Isikawa  Senria Isikawa Katori International Airport
Keisi  Senria Keisi Tatikawa International Airport
Koriyama  Senria Koriyama International Airport
Nisiyama  Senria Nisiyama Sannomiya International Airport
Nobeoka  Senria Nobeoka International Airport
Sakata  Senria Sakata International Airport
Tosei  Senria Tosei International Airport
Ueda  Senria Ueda International Airport
Ukyou  Senria Ukyou Kitamati International Airport
Ostapils-Baihaven  Swetania Ostapils-Baihaven International Airport
Swetapolis  Swetania Swetapolis International Airport
Adunis  Tsabara Adunis International Airport
Rosenborg  Varienland Kongsø International Airport
Tsivebi  Vedmed Tsivebi International Airport
Kapitaalhaven  Vlissingemond Kapitaalhaven International Airport
Kolreuth  Werania Kolreuth International Airport
Wiesstadt  Werania Wiesstadt International Airport
Westbrücken  Werania Westbrücken International Airport
Baiqiao  Xiaodong Baiqiao Nanbian International Airport
Jindao  Xiaodong Jindao International Airport
Kuoqing  Xiaodong Sun Yuting Aiport Kuoqing
Rongzhuo  Xiaodong Lu Keqian International Airport
Shenkong  Xiaodong Xiyong International Shenkong Airport
Bandar-e Parvadeh  Zorasan Bandar-e Parvadeh International Airport
Faidah  Zorasan Faidah International Airport
Javanrud  Zorasan Javanrud International Airport
Mazdavand  Zorasan Mazdavand International Airport
Zahedan  Zorasan Zahedan International Airport


Aeracara currently operates equipment manufactured by Azimut exclusively.

Aircraft In fleet Orders Passengers In service Notes
R F J S Y Total
Azimut A-44/R Saturne 6 12 16 30 102 160 2008
Azimut A-44/R-EXT Saturne 8 4 8 32 100 140 2012
Azimut A-44XP Saturne Mini 1 52 52 2017 Special Second class-only configuration
6 12 90 102
Azimut A-73/E Invidia 12 16 42 240 298 2008
Azimut A-91 Apollo 1 4 86 36 245 371 2017 The only aircraft offering Private Class service
2 4 60 36 333 433
2 16 60 36 333 433
Total 38 4