Media of Montecara

Montecara is home to an array of public and private companies producing original content across a variety of media.

Ownership and regulation

Public media entities in Montecara are state-owned enterprises. This does not mean, however, that they are under the direct control of the Colegio or bureaucracy; like all domestic corporations, they are each governed independently by a board of directors. Their public status, however, means that they are bound to exercise additional social responsibility. For instance, they are required to be politically even-handed and give equal time and space to opposing views when discussing national issues. Otherwise, their editorial independence is complete, and the state exercises no censorship.

Cable internet and television services are provided by Infotel de Montecara, which carries domestic and foreign channels. Broadcasting is regulated by the Secretariat of Education and Culture.

State broadcasting

The state broadcasting network in Montecara is Telèradio Montecara. It is supported by state funds and a small license fee that is assessed on monthly cable television, Internet service, and cellular data bills. All public broadcasting in Montecara is advertising-free.

Television channels

Channel Logo Programming Availability
Flagship channel; dramas, comedies, sport, news, live programs Over-the-air, cable, satellite
Life and style, travel, home and garden, cuisine, history, documentaries, feature films Over-the-air, cable, satellite
Telè Banbìn
Children's and teen programming Cable, satellite

Some of the best-known programming on Montecaran state television includes:

  • Opera à nòte - Opera performances by premier companies in Montecara and across Esquarium. Premieres are always broadcast live.
  • I Craxi - A period drama about the Craxi political dynasty set in the 15th and 16th centuries.
  • Storia sotterànea - A nonfiction program that delves into Montecaran history through archaeology and architecture.

Radio channels

Channel Logo Programming Availability
Radio Montecara 1 Popular music FM, streaming, satellite
Radio Montecara 2 News, talk, sport, classical music, opera FM, streaming, satellite


A newsstand in Montecara offering a variety of periodicals

Montecara has a very strong tradition of publishing and reading. It was one of the few places in the Euclea world that did not censor literature following the introduction of the printing press, leading to a thriving and lucrative local publishing industry.

One form of periodical unique to Montecara is the gazéta, originally a satirical magazine with scandalous illustrations which was first published in the eighteenth century. Some ran for decades, while others were published a single time, and they ranged in size from a single folded sheet of paper to full-length magazines with dozens of pages. This tradition is still alive in the form of informal self-produced publications.

The country has four domestic newspapers: La Cara, the major general-interest newspaper of record; Il Posto, the more conservative daily; Il Finansiér; which provides daily in-depth financial news; and Gazéta Susta, a weekly sport paper.

Il Finansiér has by far the largest circulation thanks to its international edition, which enjoys a readership far beyond the borders of Montecara.

Name Logo Content Format Frequency Circulation (2017)
La Cara LaCara.png General-interest Broadsheet Daily 320,000
Il Posto IlPosto.png General-interest Broadsheet Daily 60,000
Il Finansiér IlFinan.png Financial news Broadsheet Daily 950,000
Gazéta Susta GazetaSusta.png Sport Tabloid Weekly 180,000