Corpo dei Dragòni
Active1642 (1642)
Country Montecara
RolePolice force, military provost, border guard
Size2,439 active
Motto(s)Legem servimus
(Latin, “We serve the law”)
Commander in chiefColegio
Secretary of Defense and SecurityTulio Brucàt

The Corpo dei Dragòni (Montecaran, Corps of Dragoons), commonly referred to simply as the Dragòni, is the gendarmerie branch of the Military of Montecara.


Captain of the Dragòni, 1765

There had long been a need for patrols in Montecara's hinterland to combat tax evasion and common crime. The Dragòni were established by Doxe Coràdo Muràca in 1642 to fulfill these needs. They were intended as a form of mounted infantry that would use their mounts to reach distant villages that would otherwise be beyond the routine reach of the state. Unfortunately for the citizens they patrolled, the Dragòni quickly earned a reputation for heavy-handed policing and for engaging in criminal behavior themselves, helping themselves to wine and liquor from inns and farms and abusing isolated women. Efforts by the Doxe and state apparatus to instill discipline were only occasionally successful, but their dread reputation had its positive side as well. The most unruly members of the corps found themselves shipped off to the outlands of the Stado Ultramarìn on colonial duty, where their fearsome ways proved useful for keeping locals in check.

The Dragòni have long had a reputation for exercising a reactionary political influence and for being one of the most scandal-plagued organs of the Montecaran state. Nevertheless, they remain an integral component of the state security apparatus which few have challenged successfully.


The Dragòni are approximately equal to a small brigade or large regiment in size; their designation as a corps is for reasons of tradition and history. The overall commander is a colonel with pay grade O-6.

Scuadròn di Coraçièri

Troops of the Coraçièri on parade

The elite bodyguard unit of the Dragòni is the Scuadròn di Coraçièri (Montecaran, Squadron of Cuirassiers). It consists of approximately 300 elite dragoons tasked with protecting the most important people and buildings in Montecara. They are known for their brass helmets and breastplates as well as their strength and height, and can be seen in the background at most major state events.


A dragoon in ceremonial uniform




Small arms

Model Image Origin Type Caliber Notes
Handguns and submachine guns
FN5701.jpg  Ainin Pistol 5.7×28mm Standard-issue pistol
ARL P.220
Heckler & Koch MP5-1.jpg  Ainin Submachine gun 9×19mm
HK416.jpg  Sjealand Assault rifle 5.56×45mm
Bc61c53abd17bff6667d191c73bcd56e.jpg Sjealand Sjealand Carbine 5.56×45mm Carbine version of the ARS-STORM
Diegennis M/02
Benelli m4 2.jpg Jorland and Lothican Jorland and Lothican Shotgun 12 gauge
Sniper rifle
CheyTacIntervention.jpg  Sjealand Sniper rifle 8.6×70mm or 8.58×70mm


Name Image Origin Type Quantity Notes
Patrol boats
Langskibet-class landing craft G113 Turku 3.JPG  Sjealand Light patrol boat 4 Produced locally under license