List of conflicts in Gaia

This is a list of conflicts in Gaia ordered chronologically, including wars between Gaian states, civil wars within Gaian states, wars between a Gaian state and a not fully acknowledged state, and global conflicts in which Gaia was engulfed.

20th century

Date Name Belligerents Result
1910–1916 Continental War  Dulebia


1914–1918 Dulebian Civil War  Socialist Federal Republic of Dulebia
White Movement
Balkaro-Mursk Republic
1914–1917 Crethian Civil War Crethia Crethian Free State
Kingdom of Crethia
  • Crethian republicans take control over Crethia
  • Formation of an independent Crethian state
1916–1918 Hallanic Wars Hallania
1923–1924 Mascyllary Revolution MascyllaFlagII.png Mascyllary Kingdom
MascyllaFlagI.png Crowned Republic of Mascylla
MaskkII.png Proletarian Republic of Mascylla

People's State flag.png Hytekojuznia

  • Overthrow of the imperial monarchy and introduction of a weaker version
  • Establishment of the Crowned Republic of Mascylla
  • Further suppression of leftist uprisings
1986–1989 Hytekojuznik Civil War People's State flag.png Hytekojuznia
Juznia Juznik Liberation Army
1991–1993 First Grobina War  Hytekia
  • Grobina split between Juznia (northern sector) and Hytekia (southern sector)
1998–2001 Second Grobina War  Dulebia
  • Grobina split between Juznia (northern sector) and Mascylla (southern sector)
  • Communism finally toppled in Hytekia, interim republic established
  • Hytek occupation of the Erdaran Pact for six months
  • Hytek nuclear weapons seized

21st century