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Capital punishment in Astyria

     Capital punishment has been formally abolished by statute or constitution
     Capital punishment is only permitted for exceptional scenarios (such as crimes committed in wartime)
     Capital punishment is legal and is used for ordinary offences

Key Country Year implemented Year of last execution Year abolished Notes
 Aquitayne 1368 1740 (civilian)
1923 (military)
1741 Capital punishment for civilians is constitutionally illegal. However, under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, military personnel can be sentenced to death for various offenses. Likewise, Trial by Combat is still a valid form of arbitration within Aquitaynian Royalty.
 Arimathea 1612 1866 1871
 Aswick Antiquity 1989 Capital punishment is only used in severe cases of treason. When a judge wants to use this sentence, he will have to seek approval from the monarch, as well as both houses of Parliament.
 Blackhelm Confederacy Antiquity 2016
 Cadenza 1795 Formally abolished under the Third Constitution in 1795, but never a constitutional punishment during the Republic.
 Fyngaria 1925 1990 Capital punishment in Fyngaria is only used in exceptional scenarios, and generally it is nearly always avoided as an option. Last execution happened in 1990, when a person was executed because of attempted assassination of Fyngarian president.
Template:Country data Glisandia Unknown 2015 While pre-Northern Lorecian War, capital punishment had not occurred since 1974 for a serial killer, during and after the war, the practice was brought back as Glisandia was fighting the insurgency against the GGA. Several moles were discovered within the ranks of Government and the military and executed after rapid trials. Capital punishment has not been abolished yet.
 Great Nortend Time immemorial In felonies, capital punishment is an option open to the judge who is empowered to request that the Sovereign issue a writ of præcipimus patiatur pœnam mortis ( “We order that [he] suffer the penalty of death” ). Only after all appeals are exhausted will the writ be issued.
 Hysera / / / Never formally existed, although pre-annexation (811 AD) ritual suicide was expected in certain honour situations.
 Khyragus 1945 2004 Only legal for homicide, serial homicide, terrorism, and treason
 Isles of Velar No data 1725 Elcmar IV attempted to reintroduce capital punishment in 1773, after the War of the Velaran Succession, but vigorous nationwide protests dissuaded him.
 Kur'zhet 1410 1410 1411 They just really didn't like this one guy
 Kyashi Antiquity 2016
 Nikolia 1763 1989 Capital punishment in Nikolia is performed only against persons that did crimes against the Royal Family, committed act of terrorism, mass homicide, manslaughter, rape of an underage person. Also, during wartime, capital punishment is performed on deserters, spies, and war criminals.
 Romberg 2016 Either for the crime Indignité nationale, i.e. "national unworthiness", levied on top of existing crimes depending on severity and circumstances. If found guilty, and with victims' or their families' consent, decapitation by guillotine.

Or for treason and gross military misconduct, with mandatory death penalty by shooting squad (seen as more honourable). Indignité nationale can be added on which would instead result in guillotine.

Kaiser or grand council (parliament) can always issue pardons, which override death sentence. Execution solemn, quick affair in seclusion, aimed and preserving dignity. Electronic release for guillotine and firing squad - multiple buttons pushed.

 Trellin 1903 1904
 Woodstead 1865 2015 (explicitly) No capital punishment was recognised as law or officially as punishment for any crime. Capital punishment has now been explicitly abolished as of the new Woodsteasian Federation constitution. However, the closest case recorded was the one-off execution of Military Governors after Empress Olavea took the throne and urged the Erlenic Empire to curtail the ruthless slaughter of indigenous tribes in Astyria and Nyasott.
Template:Country data Yellow Star Republic Antiquity 2016
 Zitru 935 1946 1946