Andrew Pipkin

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Andrew Pipkin

Andrew Pipkin.jpg
Councillor of Foreign Affairs
In office
MonarchJoni I
Prime MinisterChandra Pristo
Councillor of Foreign Affairs
In office
Prime MinisterChandra Pristo
Succeeded byAnna Hackney
Personal details
Andrew James Pipkin

(1974-03-05) March 5, 1974 (age 49)
Political partyBlueropa
Domestic partnerLouis Todd
FatherJerimo Pipkin
RelativesMargreth "Maggy" Pipkin
Alma materVega Military Academy
Military service
Branch/serviceImperial Orinese Army
CommandsChief Signal Officer
Battles/warsGreat Pot War

Sri Andrew Pipkin, KBE, a prominent character in global affairs since his first appointment as Councillor of Foreign Affairs on April 5, 2006, remains to this day the face in many minds when Orioni is mentioned. Covering Sri Pipkin’s many contributions over the past decade would span an entire novel. During the last lade decade alone, Sri Pipkin has been spotlighted in several major events, the most important of which being the Empire's re-emergence in foreign affairs following a period of relative isolationism and a shift in the political weathervane. This was followed by a series of events which once again propelled the eastern island nation to the forefront of international attention; the Eurth Group of 7 summit in O'polis, the EOS 20 Year Action Plan for Antargis, and other bilateral diplomatic meetings with other foreign affairs leaders.

Military career

Sri Pipkin was educated at Vega Military Academy (1992-1998), as a member of the IODF signal corps. These studies included languages, communication studies and diplomatic relations. Pipkin served as Chief Signal Officer during the Great Pot War. His convoy was driving through the SSSS, when the vehicle carrying Lt. Pipkin hit a landmine. The vehicle flipped, and the resulting crash irreversibly injured his spine. Pipkin described the incident in an interview for Rhyme Magazine.[1]

Photograph taken in 2004 of then Lt. Pipkin and Prince Toren during the Great Pot Wars © IODF Archives

After graduating from the Vega Military Academy, my active duty took me to several foreign posts, testing and improving our communications infrastructure. It was the late 1990s and technology was evolving at a rapid pace. Not to mention the overblown fear of a Y2K bug. But I digress. So there I was, probably 30 years old, when we go to war with the SSSS. At the time, I held the rank of Lieutenant and served as Chief Signal Officer. Making sure our command and control system works, without any glitches. If you ask me, an effective flow of communication and intelligence was part of what helped us win the conflict. The war was actually almost over when I had my accident. That day we had tested the second antenna in our FOB. So in the evening, when our convoy was driving back to our MOB, we hit a landmine. The vehicle flipped, and the resulting crash irreversibly injured my spine. Doctors tried some experimental surgery, but nothing that actually worked. I was put on the next flight back to Orioni. One month later, we watched the SSSS-regime collapse and that was the end of it. I would have enjoyed being part of the peace-keeping and reconstruction effort. But I still had to get used to my training wheels.

Political career

As councillor of foreign affairs, Sri Andrew Pipkin led the diplomatic efforts of the Orioni. Chairlady Chandra Pristo, in agreement with Empress Orioni, appointed Sir Pipkin in April 2006. The appointment received great support throughout the Empire. Although confined to his a wheelchair since the Great Pot Wars of 2004, the former ambassador to Vanarambaion proved with confidence how his disability does not prevent him from doing his job, thanks in part to his aide and lifelong friend Lou Todd. One of his first major achievements was the establishment of the Entente of Oriental States (EOS) in June 2006. The following is an excerpt from the speech he gave on that day.

"I am honoured to be here with you at the official signing of this grandest alliance. It is the sincere wish of the Orinese peoples that the founding of EOS will bring peace and prosperity to the entire region in general, and the eastern part of Europa in particular. [...] This entente serves not only a military purpose. True, one of the strongest pillars of EOS will be its aim for better security, but I know that's something we all wish and strive for. There are so many other benefits besides security. Think, for example, of the benefits people will have when they no longer have to wait for hours to get their passport checked when travelling abroad. And the research into outer space will also receive a major boost, with the allied funding of our very own space program. [...] Let us rejoice here and today about this great achievement. [...] Long live peace! Long live prosperity! Long live EOS!"

— Andrew Pipkin

Personal life

Sister Maggy, father Jerimo and mother Dina Pipkin.
Sri Pipkin (right) and his life-partner Mr Todd.
Sri Pipkin after his retirement in 2019.

Andrew James Pipkin was born in 1974 as the only son of Dina and Jerimo Pipkin. He has one sister, Maggy Pipkin, who still lives in Andro. His life-partner is Mr Louis Todd, of which little is known. Andrew has no children. Andrew has a long friendship with Chairlady Chandra Pristo, who appointed him in 2006. He is also quite friendly with Prince Toren, the defence councillor. His protégé is Mrs Anna Hackney, the EOS delegate, who is being groomed as a potential successor. Internationally, he gets along quite well with Ms Ana Codrianu, the minister of Foreign Affairs of Suverina.

Cultural and political image

Sri Pipkin was knighted in 2006, receiving the title of Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the Beautiful Empire. His friendship with Prince Toren Nabérrie, brother of the Empress, probably had something to do with it.[citation needed] But publicly, it was a reward for his peacekeeping efforts in Europa. The award was presented by the sovereign on 8 December 2006. In December 2021, Pipkin gave an exclusive interview with Roiters News to promote his book Diplomacy of Orioni. During the interview, he made several unofficial statements regarding Orinese foreign policy, future prospects for the Entente of Oriental States, and his opinion on the ongoing 2021 Anglian War.[2]