Natural Wonders of Eurth

Site Image Location Description
Karethvek View of Karethvek  Rihan One of Rihan's most active volcanoes and most important tourist attractions. The Firefalls of Gath Gal'thong can be witnessed year-round where lava flows over the northern side of the volcano in a constant stream of magma. Some of the magma spreads out and cools at the base but most oozes back through cracks in the ground and deep into the planet, only to return to the surface through the crest of Karethvek.
Great Reef of Korrin View of the Great Reef  Rihan Aurelia's largest corral reef, located off the coast of Rihan.
Valley of Chula Valley of Chula, the Tor'ren River running through  Rihan The Valley lies to the north of the agricultural breadbasket of the Aihai and the capital, Dartha. Though there are some farms in the valley, much of the land is protected. This is either by the Praetor who by virtue of his office owns land in the region or the numerous tourist resorts that lie along the cliffsides on either side of the river far below. The sunsets in the Valley are some of the best in the world for their variable colors. Many a Rihannsu artist has painted landscapes of this geographic area, but none compare to the masterpiece by Raban Parthok.
Jokultitbjarg Jokultitbjarg  Derthalen Rising in the centre of Derthalen's Apf Kadirn mountain range, Jokultitbjarg is the tallest mountain in the empire, with a height of some 29,030 feet about sea level. It is permanently covered in layers of ice and snow at the top, with few venturing up atop it.
Kemper Stones Kemper Stones  Derthalen An outcropping of stones in the south of Derthalen with a long history, as it is commonly believed that the first of the Derthaler camped around them when they originally arrived. Paintings upon them and archaeological evidence also shows that lesser peoples also spent time around them dating back to at least around M20 B.T.E. These rocks are also interesting, as they appear to be deeply embedded into the hill and surrounding areas where they are found.
Ettiny Pass Ettiny Pass  Derthalen One of the most treacherous routes into the Kingdom of Derthalen, the Ettiny Pass is unique as due to its shape and geography, it has been filled with thick fog constantly for all of recorded history. Largely considered too dangerous for armies to march through due to the risk of avalanches and ambushes, it has only ever seen small scale settlement and travel through it by those very familiar with its characteristics.
Mt Gwyrddfa Mt Gwyrddfa  PyeMcGowan Mt Gwyrddfa is PyeMcGowan’s tallest mountain, standing at 4,810 meters. It is located in the Eryr National Park, home to the PyeMcGowian Eagle, and PyeMcGowan’s largest national park. The Mountain was first climbed by Sir William Mabdyfed.
Tekatvosk Falls Tekatvosk Falls  Bulgenstaz Tekatvosk Falls, traditionally Tekatsko, is the waterfall headwaters of the Bulga River. It is geographically important as the heart of the Bulga, which is a crucial part of the inner region of Bulgenstaz. It also has important customs surrounding it, elevating the location to near-mythical standings with the indigenous Kozak.
Mount Silesto National Park Mount Silesto Lava  Orioni Mount Silesto is an active volcano in the northeast of Orioni. It last erupted in February 2016. The park was created in conjunction with the establishment of the Entente of Oriental States.
Mount Makapu Mount Makapu dominating in the distance from Miyako's suburbs  Kipan Kipan's most well-known volcano that sits within the shadow of Miyako. It is a volcano which hasn’t erupted since the 1300s, leaving many to believe that it is permanently dormant but there have been reports from volcanists that such an event should occur soon. President Yakazami isn't taking any chances and has begun investing in mitigation efforts to protect both the capital and communities near the cone.
Galon Mountains The Galon Mountain range  Tikva A mountain range that is adjacent the disputed Samarran Valley. Its summits are some of the highest points in the entire country and the views are simply stunning at sunset.