National Parks and Preserves of Eurth

Site Image Location Type of Park Area
ha (acre)
Established Description
Vanawar Nature and Wildlife Preserve The Depths of Vanawarl  Rihan Nature and Wildlife Preserve 27,100 TBD The Republic's largest nature and wildlife preserve, located on the outskirts of the city of Dinalla.
Eryr National Park Mt Gwrddfa  PyeMcGowan National Park TBD 1910 The nation’s largest national parks, located along the Fault line going through the nation.
Royal National Park Sandy Beach Headland  Gallambria National Park 37,291 1892 The Royal National Park was established in 1892, making it the oldest national park in the world. Its original name was Cambrian National Park, but was renamed in 1945 after King George III, passed through the National Park during his 1945 National Tour, declaring the National Park to be of national significance and a natural beauty.