Units of measurement in Eurth

Nation Traditional units of measurement Uses metric? Notes
 Derthalen The Imperial System No The Empire has a huge number of competing systems of measurement in use on the local basis, but has used a standardised system for taxation and government affairs since its founding, with minor changes being made over time.
 PyeMcGowan Gold Unit Yes Metricated in 1870, the Gold Unit is still used in traditional gold traders.
 Limonaia Sistema Stanereza Yes Introduced in 1836, fully adopted by 1862.
 Faramount Sistema Stanereza Yes Enforced by Limonaia beginning in 1862.
 Republic of Dniester mietr Yes Metricated at the beginning of its existance, as it is the Dniestrian word for "meter"
 Tikva Cubit Yes Converted at the turn of the 20th century.
 Oyus Oyusard Natural System Yes Adopted fully by 1890.
 Orioni Cubit Yes Introduced in 1920, fully enforced in 1935.