Units of measurement in Eurth

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Nation Traditional units of measurement Uses metric? Notes
 United Republic of Aurelia Federal Metric Yes Metricated since 1786
 Cristina Ancient Aroman units Yes Metric system was introduced in 1864 and fully adopted by 1870.
 Republic of Dniester Mietr Yes Metricated at the beginning of its existance, as it is the Dniestrian word for "meter"
 Gallambria Imperial units Yes Introduced in 1895, fully adopted by 1900.
 Ionio Ionio customary units Yes Metricated since 1764
 Orioni Cubit Yes Introduced in 1920, fully enforced in 1935.
 Poja Various units Yes Kingdoms of Poja adopted between 1880 - 1895, formalized in 1900.
 Zaxar No Standard Unit Yes Adopted in 1904.