Entente of Oriental States

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Entente of Oriental States
Flag of the Entente of Oriental States
Flag of the Entente
Member States of EOS
Member States of EOS
MottoEx Oriente, Securitas
Founded atAlaghon, Tamurin
TypeMilitary Alliance
PurposeDefensive Alliance, Economic and Scientific Cooperation
HeadquartersEOS Island, Orioni

The Entente of Oriental States or EOS is a major multinational alliance consisting of Eastern Europan States. Founded in June 2006 [1], the main purpose of the organization is the ensured protection of its membership in the case of aggression from a non-member, considering such an act to be an attack upon all. It is also an economic and scientific cooperation umbrella for the overall geographic area.


Headquarters of EOS

The Charter of the Entente of Oriental States is the founding treaty of the Entente of Oriental States.[2] Adopted in 2006, it stipulates that the alliance is "open to all nations of Eastern Europa." Initially, in 2006, there were six founding members. There was a continual increase in membership during the first half of the 21st century.

Observer status is a privilege granted to non-members to give them an ability to participate in the organization's activities. Observer status is granted to states bordering the Oriental Ocean that have an interest in the EOS's activities. Observers generally have a limited ability to participate in the EOS, lacking the ability to vote or propose resolutions. Five countries have observer status that entitles them to express their opinion and give advice but denies them voting rights. Mantella was suspended following the start of the Civil War and the use of military force against civilians of Cristina.

Nation Permanent EOS Representative Notes
 Emakera Name Founding member
 Italgria Name Founding member
 Miiros Name Founding member
 Niederoestereich Name Founding member
 Orioni Mrs Anna Hackney Founding member and headquarters host country
 Tamurin Name Founding member
 Bainbridge Islands Name Joined (Aug 2006)
 Nan Gorgwaith Name Joined (Aug 2006)
 Novanya Name Joined (Aug 2006)
 Deltannia Name Joined (Sep 2006)
 Argenland Name Joined (Mar 2007)
 Cristina Name Observer (Dec 2017)
 Kipan Name Observer (Dec 2018)
 Lysian Republic Name Observer (Dec 2017)
 Magnaeus Name Observer (Dec 2017)
 Sunset Sea Islands Name Observer (Dec 2017), Member (Feb 2019)
 Mantella Name Observer; suspended

Prospective members

There are several prospective candidates for future membership of the Entente of Oriental States. None of these have started accession negotiations nor formally submitted an application for membership.

States not on the agenda

Certain states have chosen, for various reasons, not to become full members or observer of EOS. Some have integrated with it to different extents according to their circumstances. Some participate directly in the single market, some do so via bilateral treaties and others have specific agreements with EOS and neighbouring countries.


Several programmes have been established, based on individual bilateral relations between each partner nation and EOS. Each member may choose the extent of its participation. Other third nations may also be contacted for participation in some activities of the Entente.